Best Wishes for 2017

Best Wishes for 2017

We hope you had a good year!  As we get close to saying goodbye to 2016, most people begin looking toward the next year, 2017. My thoughts at this time of year is that no matter how I use my time, time keeps marching relentlessly on.  Given time, 2017, will make way for 2018 and so on ad infinitum.

The things we do now at this time of the year, have quite a profound effect on how we will fare in the next year.  Those who choose not to think about where they want to be this time next year are doomed to be exactly where they are now, or even in a worse position.

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

Look ahead 6 months.  I say 6 months because we can all imagine that.  Think about what your business should look like at that time.  How many ACTIVE distributors are in it?  How many legs have a solid leader in there duplicating you? How much volume is your business doing?  What level on the compensation plan are you at?  How much profit are you making?

If you write down the answers of what you would like your business to be looking like, you now have your goal right?

When you also write down the answers to the same questions but this time as to where your business is today you will have 2 sets of answers.  One from today and one for 6 months or to make it easy, say the 30th June, 2017.

Now you can fill in where the business needs to be in January, February, etc in order to reach your June goals.  From there you can quite easily figure out what needs to happen each month to hit the goals.  For example you will know, how many new prospects or leads you need to contact, how many people need to see your proposal/video/meeting and how many need to become distributors.

Teach this same method to your group, help them visualize what size they want their business and how to get it.  Teach them all the steps needed.  Remember to show them more than tell them.  For example, make calls with them, do followups with them, show them how to use products. Rinse and repeat!

Duplication and Momentum are what is needed to get the magic growth you need to be financially free this time next year.  That would be great right?

Make it both your DREAM and your GOAL.

If you would like to learn a bit more about using this time of the year to achieve your goals next year you can watch a video I made for you here.  Nothing to buy, it’s just good, helpful content. Enjoy it here


Best Wishes for 2017 from Apache Leads


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