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Below is an email we send out to new people on our email list.  It’s a great welcoming offer and is to prove Apache Leads drives you faster toward your goals.

MLM Leads are the fuel for your vehicle, your vehicle is your business, so fuel up your vehicle and drive it toward your goals.

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The other day you snagged a free copy of my Overcoming Objections and my free Winning Phone Scripts

If you have had a chance to read them you will be prepared to begin sponsoring a ton of new folks into your business.

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Of course, to do that you need two things.

You know what they are?

Yep, you got it; you need some leads and you need to take some action.

You took the big step of getting into a business and that’s fantastic. Now to flip the start button on your money making journey you need to first get some leads.

To help you get started we have included a 20% discount off ALL leads in our huge range.

Here is your 20% discount coupon info.

After you select the leads you want you press the Buy Button our shopping cart will popup.

In the shopping cart is a Coupon Box. Enter 20OFF into the coupon box and press the APPLY button.

Instantly you will see your order total REDUCED by 20%!

How cool is that 🙂

Here is a screenshot of the coupon box

If you need any assistance you can always contact us here

or… just reply to this email

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kindest regards

Don Reid

There really is no time like the present to make a pwer move toward achieving your goals and dreams.

We are the gas station that powers you!

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