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Hot MLM Leads That Make Your Downline Sizzle

There are MLM leads, and then there are MLM leads!  There are many types of qualified MLM leads, and they will all help your home based business grow – some are just going to do it better than others.  There are warm leads and then there are leads that make your downline explode!  These are sizzling hot leads!

What could be better than a lead that has asked to be contacted about your MLM opportunity?  A lead that has asked to be contacted TWICE!  When you buy a pre-enrollee lead the interested party goes through a qualifying survey to see how interested they are in a home based business.  Those who are not interested generally do not complete the survey.

Then at the end of the survey they are directed to a website – your website, and asked if they want to take a free tour as a member.  They are promoted to give their contact information before they can take the tour and are asked again if their contact information can be used to contact them about a home based business opportunity.  You are in the position to be the solution that your home based business leads are looking for.

The longer you wait the more your home business lead cools off.  They get distracted by the needs of the rest of their life and the thought of your business opportunity gets put on the ‘back burner’ of their brain.  No one wants to see that happen – not even the pre-enrolled network marketing lead that is browsing your website right now.  They are browsing your website because they want results – they are looking for change in their life which is why they are looking for a work at home opportunity to provide that change.

The strength in a real time lead system is contacting your MLM lead right away.  Don’t wait!  You may think that you want to give them some time to take a look at your website, learn your products, or whatever your reason is but that creates an opportunity of loss.

Most people would rather talk to another person rather than read a website.  We naturally want to trust others and are more prone to do so.  What we don’t like are talking to people that are trying to sell us something or take advantage of us.  The simple solution is to not be one of those pushy sales people looking to take advantage of others.  What they want is a solution NOW – all you have to do is listen to what they are looking for and see if your opportunity will help them achieve it.

That is the greatest benefit of real time MLM leads! You have the opportunity to contact your home business lead as soon as they visit your site and that means the reason they are looking for a home based business is fresh on their minds.  Talk to them about it and show them how your opportunity can help.

Real Time Leads are the key to higher rewards more often in any home based business.

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Don Reid, an experienced MLM builder and Entrepreneur, he founded Apache Leads in 2003. Born in Australia, Don currently lives in Cambodia, when he is not traveling on his many adventures around the world

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