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MLM Leads Special Offer: 30% Extra For $50

MLM Leads Special Offer:   Email Subscribers Only Offer

Right now I’m vacationing on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.  This is a very rare event for me as I’m hardly ever even in Australia.

To celebrate we have activated a very popular offer.  It’s called 30% extra for $50.  Basically; as long as your order is over $50 we will add 30% extra to your order.  For example if you ordered 100 leads we would supply 130 leads for no extra cost.  Totally free.  Sweet? You betcha!

LIMITED TIME OFFER:  We are not kidding when we say this is a limited time offer.  We will be closing this very very soon, so do not miss out, take action right now.

in the Toowoomba park

Toowoomba Queens Park Gardens – Click For More Information

You can order ANY leads as well as the We Call Your Leads Service and as long as you follow the simple rules below we will add 30% Extra Leads to your order

Go here for U.S. MLM Leads

Go here for Aussie MLM Leads

Go here for We Call Your Leads Packages

The last time we ran this offer we had such a big take up response we had to close it down pretty fast without warning.

It’s a really great way to get more people into your business this week with a whole lot less money needed.

stage coach in toowoomba

Stage Coach in the Cobb & Co Museum. Click Image for more information

You Snooze – You Lose!

Take the action right now, select the leads you want, order the leads and reply to our email to get the extra 30%

  1. You need to make a minimum purchase of $50 to qualify for the offer.  There are no maximum limits, you can order as much as you want

  2. You need to reply to the email you received from Apache Leads notifying you of this special offer.  The subject line we used was “30 for 50 offer”

  3. In the reply to us please say; “give me the 30% extra”  I know it might sound a bit silly to need to do that but there are 2 reasons.  It helps to improve our email deliverability and it also is the only way we can know you qualified for the offer.  PLUS this offer is only for our email subscribers

    Go here for U.S. MLM Leads

    Go here for Aussie MLM Leads

    Go here for We Call Your Leads Packages

    NOTE:  No limits, order as many as you want and we will add 50% extra for free!  Hurry, time is running out already.  This offer is onyl for our email subscribers.

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