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real time leads

Real Time Leads: The Straightforward Approach

Real Time Leads are, hands down, one of the hottest home based business leads that you can get. MLM Lead companies prequalify their MLM leads to determine how interested a lead is and then the lead enters their contact information. When they enter their contacted information they are requesting that someone contact them with information about a work at home or MLM business.

That means that these network marketing leads are already interested in the possibility that a home based business may be the answer to their unique situation. All you have to do is help them determine whether your business opportunity is right for your lead.

Here are some tips on how to make Real Time Leads work for you:

1. Buy your Real Time MLM leads online through a MLM Lead Company. There are a variety of leads that you can choose from but if you are looking for high quality MLM leads I would recommend Real Time Leads.

Calling a Real Time Lead as soon as their contact information comes to you means that they may still be on your web page when you make the call. This can have an immense impact on your enrollment rate – an increase of up to 10 times the enrollment rate compared to standard leads.

There are many different MLM lead types – be sure to find the one that works for you.

2. Make your downline your priority. As a MLM distributor your focus needs to be your downline. Your downline doing well means that you do well. Call them bi-weekly to see how things are going for them both in their lives and their work at home business.

By keeping in contact with your downline you let them know that you are there to be supportive. You will find that you are able to deal with inconveniences before they become problems, and when a problem rises you are already on top of it.

3. Help your downline be successful with their downline. Not all uplines will have the answer to ever question or situation that comes up – that includes you. When you don’t know the answer you should find someone who does.

If your downline follows this guideline they are likely to turn to you first. When you don’t know the answer you should continue to go up the chain until you find someone who does.

All of these tips are designed to help you run a smoother, more profitable MLM business. Real Time Leads are an extremely high quality lead that can definitely be a great asset to growing your downline. I hope that this helps you understand how Real Time Leads are different than other MLM leads, and how you can put them to use for you.

If you feel that you can improve these tips in any way for you or your downline then I suggest doing so. Using other work at home leads in a similar fashion will also help you have bigger successes more often.

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Real time leads

Real Time Leads – The 100% Growth Factor Again and Again

The aged old expression ‘you get what you paid for’ is true for many things including cars, business shirts, and MLM leads.  This is why you might find that Real Time Leads are one of the more expensive leads listed on your MLM Company’s website.  There is a reason for that.

Real Time Leads have the ability to change your MLM business.

A Real Time Lead is a form of MLM leads that allows you to know when someone has shown interest in learning about a home based business opportunity – in real time.  The moment that they provide their contact information and request that someone contact them with information about a home based business you are sent their MLM lead information.

This can cause a drastic change in your response ratio compared to standard MLM leads that you might purchase.  A real time lead is up to 100 times more likely to enroll in your opportunity if you call them right when they request information.  This is when their interest in a home based business is the highest that it will ever be, and they are already in ‘buying mode.’

“So, how does this differ from other fresh leads?”

A warm MLM lead that is fresh off the press may still be viewing your content and have your opportunity in their mind, but that is unlikely.  Most of the time your work at home leads file takes up to 24 hours to get to you and every second that your lead is aging is a strike against you.

Every second represents another moment where the lead has taken interest into something else.  Their ‘buying mode’ is fading; they have moved off of your site and became distracted by another thought.  The rest of their life reared its head and they had to run off to do an errand to cook a meal for their children.  All of these things place your opportunity on the ‘back burner’ in their mind.

Letting your opportunity lose focus also means that it loses importance in the mind of your MLM lead.

No matter how fresh your lead is it isn’t going to be able to provide the instant response that a Real Time Lead can provide.  Your response time can make all the difference when dealing with your home based business leads, and that is where Real Time Leads have the advantage.

Another advantage is that most MLM Lead Companies allow you to ‘pause’ your Real Time Lead campaign when you go away for a weekend or need to catch up with your downline.  You don’t end up paying for MLM leads that have aged into standard leads.

If you have never used the power of a Real Time Lead to accelerate your business I would recommend that you give it a try.  When it comes to MLM leads there really isn’t anything more powerful than a home business lead provided in real time.

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company you can trust

Finding A MLM Leads Company You Can Trust

It is pretty common for those new to MLM to mistrust the idea of paying for leads that your Upline tells you are ‘easy to get if you just follow the directions in your starter kit.’ From a MLM Distributor’s point of view this makes sense – after all, if you were supposed to buy your business opportunity leads wouldn’t it be in the manual? Unfortunately in this case the manual forgot to tell you something very important about MLM Leads…

Not all MLM leads are created equal.

The difference is whether or not you are working with a cold lead or a warm lead. A cold lead is someone who is not interested in a home based business opportunity but you were given their contact information from a friend or relative – just like you were told to do in your manual.

A warm lead is someone who is looking forward to learning more about a home based business opportunity to see if it will help them achieve their goals. They have contacted a MLM Leads Company and left their contact information along with a request to have someone contact them. They have already warmed up to the idea of running their own home based business and they want someone to show them how.

Do you see the difference? A cold work at home lead views you as an inconvenience and they need to be convinced to join while a warm home based business lead has convinced them self that they want to learn more about what you have to offer. All you have to do it see if your MLM business opportunity fits their needs.

Now that you know the difference you need to find a way to get a hold of lots of warm home based leads so you can EXPLODE your down line – and that’s where MLM Lead Companies come in! Unfortunately not all MLM Lead Companies are created equal either so I have put together a guide to let you know when you’re getting good quality MLM leads, or the other kind.

Stay away from leads that have been enticed into becoming a lead.

Many MLM lead companies will offer an incentive to take their questionnaire and gather the contact information of the lead. This reduces the quality of the lead because they may not be interested in your opportunity at all – they were merely looking to win a new iPod, or other incentive.

Make sure they are being both legal and ethical in their lead generation approach.

There are very strict laws in most countries about how you can market to the populace. Check their website or, if necessary, ask them directly how they gather information on their leads. If they are not following the legal guidelines or you feel they are being unethical then this is a sign that something is wrong.

How long have they been in business? A company that provides business opportunity leadsneeds to be prepared to stand behind their product. If the company has not been in business for very long you have no way to determine whether or not they are a ‘fly by night’ operation. Give them a little time to gain some credibility before you invest your money into them. If they have come highly recommended from a trusted source, then wait for a sale or promotion so your investment is less.

Does the company offer a guarantee on their service?

It is always a good sign when the MLM Leads Company that you want to do business with guarantees their service. This shows that the company is ready to stand behind their product – even at their own cost.

Of course a guarantee doesn’t help if the company ends up being a fly by night operation because they will have closed down with your money long before they have to worry about supporting their guarantee.

The best way to see if a company is providing you quality leads is to visit their website. Check their policies and procedures, and look for any signs that you may be getting home business opportunity leads that are not gathered in legal or ethical ways. Check to see if they explain exactly how they get each and every home business lead that they offer.

If they offer Real Time Leads then be sure you know exactly what they consider ‘real time’ to be. How long does a lead sit before it is considered an ‘Aged Lead?’

Knowing what kind of company you are buying from can make the process a lot easier and certainly help with any skepticism that you may have. If after you have visited their website you still don’t feel that you know enough then give them a call and get your answers directly from them.

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Ways to Succeed at Building Your Downline

Building Your Downline – Ways to Succeed at Building Your Downline

There are quite a few methods that are used to provide home business leads in today’s modern world and I’m sure that there are even more than what I’m about to cover here.  Let’s take a look at each of the methods and how they may work for you.

Ask your friends and family to join your business, and provide additional leads.

This method may have been successful at the conception of MLM and it is still being marketed as ‘the way to do it’ by most MLM companies – perhaps even all of them.

MLM distributers who try to do it by the book and use this as their only way to generate work at home leads end up running out of people to approach rather quickly.  And without leads you do not have the opportunity to expand your downline and be successful.

Build a blogsite and market yourself as a guru online.

This method can be successful, but ultimately it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  Your goal in running your MLM business is to make money and be successful.  This method takes a lot of time and retraining as a marketing savant before you are able to get a constant stream of MLM leads.

The ‘guru’ is marketed as a way to generate leads and save money, but you have to know how to build a website or pay someone to build it for you.  Then there is the cost of hosting a web site complete with a qualifying format to ensure that you have quality leads.  All of this takes money that you could be investing in immediate quality leads to grow your business today.

Buying your qualified leads from a trusted MLM lead company.

This MLM lead generating method is used by extremely successful MLM distributors worldwide.   You are offered prequalified leads that are usually delivered within 24 hours.  You can contact these MLM leads immediately because they have asked to be called to learn more about your work at home opportunity.

No more hassling your family for additional leads.  No more waiting months at a time before you get a quality lead while you pay for hundreds of uninterested parties to visit your website.  Secure, immediate, and virtually unlimited qualified MLM leads so you can start growing your home based business today.

It doesn’t get any better than that.

I am sure that each new way that you try to generate leads has its place – even if it is only to show you what works and doesn’t work.  All you need to do is weight then pros vs. the cons to see which method makes the most sense to you.  I don’t think it can be clearer than that.

Each MLM distributor is going to find a method that works for them and sometimes this will take time.  Unfortunately most people want to see their home business grow within 3 – 6 months, and it is very hard to do that without a constant supply of qualified leads.

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MLM Leads

Bad MLM Uplines – Who Needs Them Anyway?

Even though it is your Upline’s job to show you the road map to success that is not always the way it happens. There are many horror stories about bad MLM Uplines that sign you onto their home business opportunity and then leave you flailing, without direction. This causes a lot of MLM Distributors to fail, or give up – they feel lost and out of control which leads to poor moral and ultimately failure.

That doesn’t have to be the route you take.

Simply put a bad Upline is someone who does not show you how to succeed at your MLM business. It’s bad enough when they don’t have the experience to show you how to generate your own leads to grow you business, but even worse is when they avoid you like you’re a disease. Uplines that don’t return your calls, or reply to your emails and always seem to be ‘busy’ when you do get a hold of them. Of course they promise to call you right back, and always seem to be ‘getting around to it’ when you speak to them next.

Who needs an Upline like that? You deserve better and that is why I’m going to give you a road map to success right here and now.

I’m not promising that this is going to be exceedingly detailed, but it will give you a push in the right direction. Just follow these directions and then get creative from there and I’m sure you will do well with or without an Upline that calls you back.

Get to know your product

Read all of the material that you have been given on your products, and then dig around some more. Any MLM leads that you speak with may have questions about your products and it always pays to be knowledgeable in your business. Read as many consumer reviews online, but be wary about those who are just trying to write a smear campaign. They may be upset MLM Distributors who have failed and are looking for a way to get back at your company.

Learn as much as you can about your opportunity.

Ultimately you are selling your work at home business to your MLM leads. They are likely to have a few questions and they will be looking to you to be an expert in the field. This will also help you discuss your home based business opportunity with confidence which will be perceived by your lead.

Never lie to your MLM lead.

This is crucial – no one likes to be lied to. Your intention is to have your business opportunity lead join your downline which means that you will be working with them for a while. Any lies that you tell them to get them on your team will eventually come out and once it does you will lose credibility and more than likely a member of your downline. This can create a chain reaction once the members of your downline realize that you have been lying to them.

Make your opportunity all about your marketing network lead.

MLM Leads

MLM Leads

When you have a MLM lead and you are preparing to contact them remember one crucial thing – this isn’t about you. If you contact your lead and the conversation is all about how fast they can sign up then you won’t ever close a deal. Your downline will never grow.

You need to realize that this opportunity is all about your lead, and what it can do for them. They have a reason that they are interested. Find out what it is and see if your home business opportunity is a solution for them. If it isn’t, don’t press the issue. There are other leads that will see your opportunity as the solution they have been looking for.

Growing your downline is the key to your success.

The faster that you get quality leads for your home business opportunity the greater chance you have to launch your business. Your major product in MLM is the business opportunity that you offer to your MLM leads. Signing them on turns them into your downline, which makes their success your success.

The fastest way to generate quality MLM leads of people looking for a home based business opportunity is to buy them. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ couldn’t be more true. Purchasing quality MLM leads gives you a list of prequalified contacts who have requested that you contact them with your home business opportunity. It doesn’t get much better than that.

If you have a tight budget then look into buying Aged Leads; they are usually sold at a discount but they are still contacts that have been prequalified and have requested information about a home business opportunity.

Don’t be a horrible Upline.

Your downline are counting on you to show them how to be successful in the industry that you have convinced them to join. If one of your downline is having problems getting their own MLM leads then give them some suggestions. Point them to the MLM lead company that you used when you were looking to fill out the ranks of your downline.

Don’t only call your downline when they are having problems.

 It is great that you are willing to be there when your downline are having problems, but being a good Upline is about more than that.

If you only contact your downline when they are having business problems then you give the impression that you only care when the flow of money has been interrupted. Your downline are people too – treat them as such. You may not end up being friends with all of them but staying in touch can make a big difference in their continued success.

I hope that this helps some of you who are suffering with a bad Upline. I wish you continued success in all of your endeavors.

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real time leads can change business

How Real Time Leads Can Change Your Business

If you have ever looked into buying MLM leads online you have probably heard of ‘Real Time Leads.  You have probably also noticed that they are more expensive than many of the other types of leads out there.  There is a reason for that.

Real Time Leads have the ability to change your MLM business.

A Real Time Lead is a form of MLM leads that allows you to know when someone has shown interest in learning about a home based business opportunity – in real time.  The moment that they provide their contact information and request that someone contact them with information about a home based business you are sent their MLM lead information.

I know what you’re thinking… “So What? Why is this so important?”

A real time lead is up to 100 times more likely to enroll in your opportunity if you call them right when they request information.  This is when their interest in a home based business is the highest that it will ever be, and they are already in ‘buying mode.’

By calling your Real Time Lead right away you may even get in touch with them while they are still on your website.  They get the feeling that they are involved and important enough for you to call them right away rather than being put off until later.

“So, how does this differ from other fresh leads?”

Simply put ‘the early bird gets the worm.’  No matter how early you get to your MLM lead you are always second to the person who got there before you.  In the case of home based business leads you are on the clock.  For every second that passed between the time when your Real Time Lead requested to be contacted and the time that you made the call you have lost a portion of their interest.

They have moved off of your site and became distracted by another thought.  The rest of their life reared its head and they had to run off to do an errand to cook a meal for their children.  All of these things place your opportunity on the ‘back burner’ in their mind.

Letting your opportunity lose focus also means that it loses importance in the mind of your MLM lead.

No matter how fresh your lead is it isn’t going to be able to provide the instant response that a Real Time Lead can provide.  Your response time can make all the difference when dealing with your home based business leads, and that is where Real Time Leads have the advantage.

“What if I go away for a weekend – will I lose the leads that I paid for during that time?”

This depends on the MLM Leads Company that you are dealing with but many MLM Companies allow you to ‘pause’ your leads until you reactivate your service.  When you are looking for a company that provides Real Time Leads you should always look for a company that only charges you for the leads that you actually get.  If your MLM leads campaign is paused you shouldn’t be billed because leads aren’t being sent to you.

If you have never used the power of a Real Time Lead to accelerate your business I would recommend that you give it a try.  When it comes to MLM leads there really isn’t anything more powerful than a home business lead provided in real time.

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The Illness that Plagues the MLM Industry and How You Can Avoid It

The Illness that Plagues the MLM Industry and How You Can Avoid It

If you are involved in the MLM industry then you are likely already aware of the illness that plagues it.  The worst part about it all is that you are rarely aware that there is a problem until it’s already too late.

The work from home MLM industry is founded on the principal that people want to work less and make more; some are even willing to work more to make more.  MLM leads that are brought into the industry want to leave their day to day jobs, find a way to retire early, buy a bigger house to make room for the new baby, or just have some extra spending money.

Usually it’s not a complicated matter.  People want to be happier, take control of their schedule, and be able to decide what a priority is for them instead of being told what their priority should be.  When it comes right down it all home based business leads want the same thing – a solution.  Something that will allow them to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.  If you are involved in the MLM industry I can guarantee that you were the same once too, and perhaps you still are.

Unfortunately this is where infection can set in.

When you contact your business opportunity leads you may be blinded by the visions of your dream and think to yourself ‘if only this person would sign up then I am one step closer to my goal!’  You begin to mentally salivate over your home business lead with the thoughts of your success.  A lot like when a dog slobbers all over its food when it’s hungry.  Now picture your lead being slobbered on in the same way when a big hound can’t wait to get at its food.  Not a pretty picture is it?  No one likes to be drooled on like a piece of meat.

And that is the infection that I am talking about.

There is nothing wrong with being successful, and having a batch of quality work at home leads can certain make that a reality, but the infection of desire for personal gain can cause you to become oblivious to what will make you truly successful.  When you contact your MLM lead they want to hear about your opportunity, but if you want true success you need to learn to use your ears.

Didn’t someone say “you were given two ears and only one mouth so you can listen twice as much as you speak?”  Well whoever said that must have been an MLM genius!  And it is the MLM genius that can take their network marketing leads and become a true success story in the MLM industry.

The truth is it’s not that hard to become a genius in the MLM industry.

Every person has a story and the home based business lead that you contact wants to know that your MLM opportunity is going to make their story better; make their lives better.  If you want to get the most out of your MLM leads you need to be willing to make their goals your priority.  When you do that you reach your goals almost effortless.

Think about it, if I gave you a call right now and told you all about how my business was great and that the only way to make it successful was to work around the clock – would that be interesting if you were looking for a home business opportunity because you just had a new baby?  Of course not because you are going to want to spend time raising your new child – that’s probably why you wanted this opportunity to begin with.

The simple solution is to talk with your home business lead and see what they have in mind.  If your opportunity can be the solution to their desires then you have a winner!  If you find that their desires aren’t compatible to your business then signing them up will only make them jaded against you and your company because you failed to meet their expectations.

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Select and Buy Quality Network Marketing Leads

MLM Leads – How to Select and Buy Quality Network Marketing Leads

A common setback for the first time buyer of network marketing leads is experience in knowing when a good time to buy your leads is, and how to spot a quality lead to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

There are two major things that you should be looking at when you are determining whether this is a good time for you to buy your business opportunity leads.  The first one is ‘are you ready?’  Being ready to purchase a lead is a little more involved than being frustrated with every other attempt to generate work at home leads and having the money to spend.

You are paying for these network marketing leads so you want to be sure that you are as prepared as possible when you contact them.  I highly recommend going over the information in your starting package whether or not you are a beginner to MLM.  Refreshing your mind on every aspect of your business will help when you are asked questions by someone interested in your opportunity.  If you don’t have the answers for them and you don’t invoke confidence in your ability to get the answers then you are going to lose valuable leads.

Your next step is to do a little research on the MLM leads that you will be provided.  Determining what is going to be a quality lead isn’t hard, but you will want to do the work before you put your hard cold cash on the line.  Check for things like whether the business has been around for a while, and whether they guarantee their leads.  You don’t want to work with just any fly by night operation that is going to pack up with your money at any time and it may not happen often, but bad leads do slip into everyone’s system every now and again.  You’re going to want to be sure that the company that you deal with has a way of handling this, or any other complications that you can foresee.

Once you have these important steps taken care of you are ready to make your home based business leads purchase.  Now it’s time to have some fun!

Take a few minutes to get to know the company that you are about to buy from.  Read some blog posts, and take a look for any deals that they may have going at the time.  There is no sense in throwing your money away so why pay full price when you can your MLM leads for less?

MLM Leads

MLM Leads

Be careful here however.  I am not suggesting that you ‘save money’ by purchasing low quality business opportunity leads.  This can lead you away from the land of milk and honey, and into the land of frustrated and broke.  Buying bad leads is like burning the money in your pockets to try and stay warm – it doesn’t make sense.

On the flip side if you have done your research and have found a quality MLM lead provider that is having a sale then take advantage of their offer!  If you have budgeted your purchase and you can get more leads for the same amount of money then that is value in the making.  All you need to do with all those extra home business leads is make sure you have the time to properly follow up with them.

For more information on MLM Leads click here

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Growing Your Home Business Without Ever Picking Up The Phone

Growing Your Home Business Without Ever Picking Up The Phone

Qualified Home Business Leads Opportunities

This may sound unbelievable, but I can show you how this is done.  First you will need to know what a ‘pre-enrollee’ is.  A pre-enrollee is a home business lead that has been qualified by a questionnaire or another qualifying method.  They have shown interest in learning about a business opportunity and their responses indicate which home business leads they would be for.

The lead profile of the pre-enrollee is matched to a business that suits their needs and if that is your company they are directed to your website.  The lead is considered a pre-enrollee once they have provided your website with their contact information to state that they are interested in learning about your home business opportunity.

This method brings MLM leads directly to your website so they can get information about the opportunity they are about to join.  The lead information for the pre-enrollee is immediately delivered to you so you can contact them to make the offer personally if you wish.

If you would prefer not to call the pre-enrollee you can have an enrollment page with suitable copy to promote your opportunity.  From there your home business lead can decide to enroll, or not, and you didn’t even have to pick up the phone.  It’s like business growth on autopilot!

The greatest advantage of this system is that your network marketing leads have always qualified themselves.  If they were not interested in your home business opportunity they would not have taken the steps to sign up.  This means that contacting them to determine what their immediate needs are, and explaining how your home based business opportunity can help with their needs can be critical.

As mentioned above, you can acquire leads automatically without having to contact anyone.  However you should know that the difference in turn around can be as much as 10% when you call your MLM lead while they are still browsing your website.

As with any form of leads that you buy from a lead generation service you will want to ensure that your pre-enrollee leads are quality leads.  Make sure that you deal with a company that does not offer incentives to people just for requesting information.

A quality pre-enrollee MLM lead is someone who has signed up to get information about your business who was not bribed with an incentive.  You need to be sure that they are contacting you with the right intentions.  Those that requested additional information because they were offered an incentive are not interested in your home business opportunity – they are interested in their ‘free gift.’

You should also look for a lead guarantee when you are looking for a company to purchase your MLM leads from.  It just doesn’t make sense to pay for traffic being directed to your site that has not been converted into a pre-enrollee lead.

Pre-enrollee MLM leads are considered by some to be the highest quality home business lead you can buy.  These people who are interested in building a home based business and have qualified themselves to be looking for an opportunity like yours.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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Can Make or Break You

Home Business Leads and MLM Leads Can Make or Break You

As a home business owner you need to be sure that money you invest into your home business is worth its weight in salt. In business it is said that ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ but sometimes you can’t afford to venture anything that doesn’t provide gain. This is why you need to know when buying MLM Leads is right for you.

Many MLM Lead services and customers would tell you that there is no wrong time to buy your business opportunity leads, which isn’t wrong. However there are a few factors that you will want to take into consideration before you take the step into spending money on home based business leads.

Do you know enough about your home business opportunity to answer the questions your leads will ask you?

This is not to say that you need to know everything about your business. Most of the time you merely need to read over the information that has been provided to you by your MLM or Home Based Business upline. Most MLM’s provide a starter package for you if you are new to the business, and you are likely to find the answers to any questions you may be asked in there. I would suggest that you read all of your business information at least once before making contact with your leads because if they are interested in your opportunity they will likely have questions for you.

Do you have the time to dedicate to contacting your leads?

While this may seem like a no brainer you might be surprised. Many people sign up for an MLM opportunity and then don’t make the time to properly run their business. If you are not dedicated to succeeding in your company then now is not the time to invest money into network marketing leads, even if that investment may be the best thing you could do for your home based business.

Can you afford to buy your home based business leads?

In your excitement to get your home based business off the ground you may think things like ‘If I buy my leads now I’ll be rich in days! I can put off paying that bill until I’m rolling in the money….’ While it is true that quality leads provide a large amount of contacts interested in a home business opportunity, it is still unwise to invest money into MLM leads that you can’t afford. Quality MLM Lead and Home Business Leads Companies are able to generate thousands of leads per month and they will be able to provide you quality leads when you have the money to invest. Don’t go hungry today for the hope of tomorrow.

The best time to place an order for your MLM leads is when you have read all of the material that your Upline has provided you, and you have planned to spend the time and money to properly address your network marketing leads. Without being prepared your MLM leads will feel that you are only there to take their money, and fear that you will not be a supportive upline when they need you most.

Once you have taken the time to get to know your home business opportunity you will have the confidence to address any questions that your MLM leads may ask. You have made the time to properly address your leads using the phone, or a well written email which lets your business opportunity leads know that they are important enough for you to address personally. And finally you have ensured that you have the money to invest in quality home business leads which lets you relax knowing that the bills are paid and you’re not going to starve this month.

All of these preparations come across when you contact your work at home leads because you will be more relaxed, knowledgeable, and confident in your home based business opportunity. Your excitement and confidence will infect them to be excited with you.

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