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Top MLM Companies

Top MLM Companies – Are They Right For You

If you are one of the few who knows that they want to be an MLM Distributor before you were approached by someone with an opportunity I would like to commend you.  It isn’t always to see where the opportunity lies until someone else shows you the way and you are at an advantage.

For those of you who knew that you wanted something extra but didn’t get involved in MLM until someone else showed you the opportunity I would like to commend you as well.  You had the vision to see a great opportunity before you and the courage to give it a shot.

The top MLM companies will change over the years but one thing always stays the same – the core of the business.  The core of all MLM companies is the concept of offering your opportunity to others and building your downline.  If a company seems reliable, and offers a good product line then it appears as if it will be easy to extend your offer to everyone you meet, after all who wouldn’t want in on this amazing opportunity!

Well, if you follow the standard marketing techniques that you are given in your starter kit then you will probably be surprised at how many people that can be.

The marketing method that most MLM companies show their distributors and claim that it will work generates what is known as ‘cold leads’ – even top MLM companies.  This is when you contact a referral MLM lead that you were given from a friend or a friend of a friend, or family.  The contact has often not been warned that you were going to call and has no desire to be involved in a work at home business.  Of course you have no way of knowing this because this lead was never prequalified.

You would figure that after 10 or more years in the industry they would know better.

If you really want to grow your business you need to grow your downline.  I don’t mean getting a few people under you; I mean EXPLODE your downline so your business is not selling your product line.  Your business become helping your downline explore their downline.

And the only way to do that quickly is to generate warm MLM leads that are looking for an opportunity to run a work at home business.  The good news is that finding these leads is pretty easy – you just go to the experts.

Find yourself a good quality, trusted MLM Leads Company and purchase your leads from them.

This idea is often met with skepticism but nothing could make more sense.  The job of an MLM Leads Company is to find leads that are looking for a home based business opportunity.  They use extensive surveys to qualify the wants and needs of their work at home leads so they can determine how serious they are about enrolling in home based business.

Getting a list of quality MLM leads as fast as possible is crucial to anyone starting as a MLM Distributor.  While other methods can take months to get you your first lead a MLM Leads Company can deliver an order of prequalified leads within 24 hours.  This lets you get started on making your business successful right away!

Visit the website of a few MLM Lead Companies and see what promotions they have going.  If your business is failing or you are having problems get it off the ground then you have nothing else to lose.  Place and order and get ready to smile as you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference between a cold work at home lead and a qualified warm MLM lead.

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The Illness that Plagues the MLM Industry and How You Can Avoid It

The Illness that Plagues the MLM Industry and How You Can Avoid It

If you are involved in the MLM industry then you are likely already aware of the illness that plagues it.  The worst part about it all is that you are rarely aware that there is a problem until it’s already too late.

The work from home MLM industry is founded on the principal that people want to work less and make more; some are even willing to work more to make more.  MLM leads that are brought into the industry want to leave their day to day jobs, find a way to retire early, buy a bigger house to make room for the new baby, or just have some extra spending money.

Usually it’s not a complicated matter.  People want to be happier, take control of their schedule, and be able to decide what a priority is for them instead of being told what their priority should be.  When it comes right down it all home based business leads want the same thing – a solution.  Something that will allow them to achieve the goals they have set for themselves.  If you are involved in the MLM industry I can guarantee that you were the same once too, and perhaps you still are.

Unfortunately this is where infection can set in.

When you contact your business opportunity leads you may be blinded by the visions of your dream and think to yourself ‘if only this person would sign up then I am one step closer to my goal!’  You begin to mentally salivate over your home business lead with the thoughts of your success.  A lot like when a dog slobbers all over its food when it’s hungry.  Now picture your lead being slobbered on in the same way when a big hound can’t wait to get at its food.  Not a pretty picture is it?  No one likes to be drooled on like a piece of meat.

And that is the infection that I am talking about.

There is nothing wrong with being successful, and having a batch of quality work at home leads can certain make that a reality, but the infection of desire for personal gain can cause you to become oblivious to what will make you truly successful.  When you contact your MLM lead they want to hear about your opportunity, but if you want true success you need to learn to use your ears.

Didn’t someone say “you were given two ears and only one mouth so you can listen twice as much as you speak?”  Well whoever said that must have been an MLM genius!  And it is the MLM genius that can take their network marketing leads and become a true success story in the MLM industry.

The truth is it’s not that hard to become a genius in the MLM industry.

Every person has a story and the home based business lead that you contact wants to know that your MLM opportunity is going to make their story better; make their lives better.  If you want to get the most out of your MLM leads you need to be willing to make their goals your priority.  When you do that you reach your goals almost effortless.

Think about it, if I gave you a call right now and told you all about how my business was great and that the only way to make it successful was to work around the clock – would that be interesting if you were looking for a home business opportunity because you just had a new baby?  Of course not because you are going to want to spend time raising your new child – that’s probably why you wanted this opportunity to begin with.

The simple solution is to talk with your home business lead and see what they have in mind.  If your opportunity can be the solution to their desires then you have a winner!  If you find that their desires aren’t compatible to your business then signing them up will only make them jaded against you and your company because you failed to meet their expectations.

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The Give and Take of a Shared Lead

The Give and Take of a Shared Lead

Simply put shared home business leads are home based business leads that you have paid for that you share with someone else who has also paid for them. There are a few up and downs with shared leads, but they are something that you can definitely make work for you.

Shared leads usually cost less.When you buy shared leads you can get more for your money. This means more prospective MLM leads that have been asked to be contacted by you to hear about your home based business opportunity.

Many purchased MLM leads are never contacted.This sounds crazy but it’s true! Many network marketing leads that have been asked for someone to provide a solution to their desire to work at home have never been contacted.



If you take these two facts and put them together you have a winning combination. You can pay less for your MLM leads, and still be the first and only person to ever provide an opportunity to these leads. Of course there is another option that the other person who purchased these work at home leads has already contacted them, but that’s okay too.

There is nothing that says you can’t make an offer as well. If your lead is only ever contacted by one person to show them how to fulfill their desires to work at home then they are only ever given one option and they will likely take it. If you provide another option there is a good chance that they will be more interested in your MLM opportunity if you present yourself in a better way than anyone else.

How you present yourself and your opportunity plays a large part in where or not your home business leads will be interested in your opportunity. All in all this makes shared leads a hidden gemstone in the MLM lead industry.

If you are new the MLM industry or purchasing your leads from MLM lead companies you may want to start off by buying shared leads. Everyone gets a little nervous the first few times they call their home business leads because the experience is new to them. It will take you some time to adjust and find your secure footing on this new ground. There really is no reason for you to pay prime rates on MLM leads while you’re becoming acquainted with the process.

If you are looking for other ways to save money while you are learning how to present yourself to your home based business leads there are other ways that you can save money. See if your MLM lead provider has aged leads, and don’t forget to take a look at any promotions that they may have going on.

Please be careful that your MLM Lead Company is providing quality leads for you to follow up on. Saving money on your leads is a great way to expand your downline, but if your MLM leads are not properly qualified then you will be wasting both your time and money. Even your shared or discounted MLM leads should always be qualified so that you know these prospects have asked to be contacted with a small business opportunity.

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