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MLM Lead Definitions

MLM Lead Definitions – Getting to Know The MLM Industry

MLM Lead Definitions:

 There are quite a few different leads that a MLM Distributor may come across during their attempt to expand their downline.  I thought that I would put together a list of the more common lead types for newer MLM distributors or those who are in the market to explode their downlines into success.

Here are a few definitions to clarify the MLM and Lead Generation industry.

Cold Leads.

A cold lead occurs when you receive someone’s contact information through a referral or third party and the MLM lead has not requested contact.  They are generally not interested in running a work at home business.  Cold leads spend most of the time that you are with them wondering how they can tell you that they are not interested without causing a reaction.

Warm Leads

A warm lead occurs when someone has decided that they would like to learn more about work at home opportunities.  These leads have usually qualified themselves as being interested in learning more about a MLM or home business opportunity through a survey or weeding process such as a MLM lead generation website.

The easiest way to get warm leads is through a MLM Lead Company that focuses on offering high quality leads for you to grow your downline.

Hot Leads

A hot lead is a form of warm lead that has hit it’s crucial contact period. This is when the lead has convinced themselves that they are going to sign up to a home based business opportunity – now they just need to decide on which one.

Some work at home leads that are offered by MLM Lead Companies have a higher chance of producing a Hot Lead such as when Real Time Leads are used effectively.

Area Code/Region Leads

These home based business leads are defined by their physical location.  This can be any area but are normally a country, state, region, city or area code.  TWhen you purchase leads with targeting that is this specific you know exactly what part of the country your leads are going to be in.  This is great for targeting specific cities within or outside of your country.

Double Opt-In Leads.

A Double Opt-In Lead is a qualification format that is used for superior results.  The lead fills in a survey or a MLM lead generation form to signifiy that they want to be contacted by someone with a home based business opportunity.  They are then contacted via phone or email and must indicated that they really do want to be contacted with an opportunity.  This verification process makes these network marketing leads to a cut above.

When you are looking to place an order with your trusted MLM Leads Company be sure to add some Double Opt-In leads to your shopping cart and experience the difference!

Auto-responder Leads.

An auto-responder lead has completed an online form or survey to qualify themselves as a genuine MLM lead.  The lead is asked to provide a detailed list of information regarding what type of opportunity they are looking at being involved with.

Auto-responder Leads are used in conjunction with an email drip to build the lead’s desires to be a member of a successful home based business opportunity.  They are designed to submit hundreds or thousands of business teasers or contacts within minutes.  This is a very powerful way to grow your downline.

Phone Interviewed Leads.

This extremely hot bundle of leads was called to verify the quality and intention of the leads involved.  Although normally a little more expensive than other leads a Phone Interviewed Lead provides a very high rate of success.  Answers to all interview questions should be available for you to review before you contact your work at home lead.

Real Time Leads.

Real Time Leads are the fastest response MLM leads in the industry.  The moment that someone fills out their qualifying lead form their information is sent to you.  At this point you have the ability to contact the interested lead while they are still browsing your site.  This can add a tremendous return rate to your marketing attempts.

If any type of these MLM leads interest you be sure to check with your MLM Lead Generation Company to see if they are offered.

MLM Lead Definitions

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Building Leads With Your MLM Experience – Simple Steps to Success

Building Leads With Your MLM Experience – Simple Steps to Success

Home Business Leads

Whether or not you are new to Home Based Business or not does not disqualify you from tapping into the wealth of knowledge that you have about MLM opportunities.  The starter kit that you received likely comes with pointers on how you can develop your own leads in your new home business, and you probably know a friend or two who have been involved with one MLM or another over the years.  There are valuable lessons to be learned here that can help your business grow.

First of all, be sure to read your starter kit to learn everything your upline has to offer you about MLM leads.  Talk to your friends who are, or were involved with an MLM opportunity and discuss what worked for them and what didn’t.  Find out what frustrated them about getting new home business leads so you don’t waste your time on methods that don’t work.

Please note that this is different than recruiting your friends and family into your new business opportunity.  The most profitable people in your MLM Company didn’t become rich by asking their parents to join their venture.  They found a way to target those people who were already looking for a home business opportunity.

Ask your upline specifically how many people they have in their downline.  If they are successful then ask them what works for them – you may be surprised at what they tell you.

If I was to guess I’d say that they tell you that it takes money to earn money.  That they know that quality is worth paying for, and this doesn’t change when it comes to MLM leads.  Whether you are paying to create a streamlined network marketing lead generation website, or paying a home based business lead company to supply your quality leads you are still paying to build your business.

This doesn’t really change no matter how you look at it.  Free advertisements and marketing will get you so far, and you may get a break that significantly increases your income on the short term.  Consistent results from advertising means that you need to advertise around the clock.  Whether you are using conventional advertising or you have specifically created your own lead generating website it all costs money on a consistent level, and there is no guarantee that these methods will work.

Another approach is to look online for free home based business leads.  The benefit here is that these leads are free, but there is a lot of risk here too.  You should check to see that the list is fresh as stale lists that are not updated have probably been called dozens of times by other people looking for network marketing leads.

You also need to worry about the quality of the lead.  Since you are being provided a list of free leads that are open to anyone on the internet you have no idea how these home business leads were generated.  Calling a lead that has not been asked to be contacted about your offer can make for a stressful call, and that can ruin your momentum to call your other leads.  This can make for an unproductive afternoon as you recover from the emotional stress the poor lead has caused.

If you are ready and willing to pay for quality MLM leads that will expand your business you could look into buying your home business opportunity leads.  I can tell you from experience that this is how the major players do it.  You’re paying for MLM leads by people who have asked to be contacted about your home business opportunity.

You can’t get much better than that.  Don’t take my word for it, take a look around and see what works for you.

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