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MLM Lead Definitions

MLM Lead Definitions – Getting to Know The MLM Industry

MLM Lead Definitions:

 There are quite a few different leads that a MLM Distributor may come across during their attempt to expand their downline.  I thought that I would put together a list of the more common lead types for newer MLM distributors or those who are in the market to explode their downlines into success.

Here are a few definitions to clarify the MLM and Lead Generation industry.

Cold Leads.

A cold lead occurs when you receive someone’s contact information through a referral or third party and the MLM lead has not requested contact.  They are generally not interested in running a work at home business.  Cold leads spend most of the time that you are with them wondering how they can tell you that they are not interested without causing a reaction.

Warm Leads

A warm lead occurs when someone has decided that they would like to learn more about work at home opportunities.  These leads have usually qualified themselves as being interested in learning more about a MLM or home business opportunity through a survey or weeding process such as a MLM lead generation website.

The easiest way to get warm leads is through a MLM Lead Company that focuses on offering high quality leads for you to grow your downline.

Hot Leads

A hot lead is a form of warm lead that has hit it’s crucial contact period. This is when the lead has convinced themselves that they are going to sign up to a home based business opportunity – now they just need to decide on which one.

Some work at home leads that are offered by MLM Lead Companies have a higher chance of producing a Hot Lead such as when Real Time Leads are used effectively.

Area Code/Region Leads

These home based business leads are defined by their physical location.  This can be any area but are normally a country, state, region, city or area code.  TWhen you purchase leads with targeting that is this specific you know exactly what part of the country your leads are going to be in.  This is great for targeting specific cities within or outside of your country.

Double Opt-In Leads.

A Double Opt-In Lead is a qualification format that is used for superior results.  The lead fills in a survey or a MLM lead generation form to signifiy that they want to be contacted by someone with a home based business opportunity.  They are then contacted via phone or email and must indicated that they really do want to be contacted with an opportunity.  This verification process makes these network marketing leads to a cut above.

When you are looking to place an order with your trusted MLM Leads Company be sure to add some Double Opt-In leads to your shopping cart and experience the difference!

Auto-responder Leads.

An auto-responder lead has completed an online form or survey to qualify themselves as a genuine MLM lead.  The lead is asked to provide a detailed list of information regarding what type of opportunity they are looking at being involved with.

Auto-responder Leads are used in conjunction with an email drip to build the lead’s desires to be a member of a successful home based business opportunity.  They are designed to submit hundreds or thousands of business teasers or contacts within minutes.  This is a very powerful way to grow your downline.

Phone Interviewed Leads.

This extremely hot bundle of leads was called to verify the quality and intention of the leads involved.  Although normally a little more expensive than other leads a Phone Interviewed Lead provides a very high rate of success.  Answers to all interview questions should be available for you to review before you contact your work at home lead.

Real Time Leads.

Real Time Leads are the fastest response MLM leads in the industry.  The moment that someone fills out their qualifying lead form their information is sent to you.  At this point you have the ability to contact the interested lead while they are still browsing your site.  This can add a tremendous return rate to your marketing attempts.

If any type of these MLM leads interest you be sure to check with your MLM Lead Generation Company to see if they are offered.

MLM Lead Definitions

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if you know how

MLM Leads That Let You Get 10X The Enrollments – If You Know How

No that’s not a misprint, there really is a way to get a response rate up to 10 times the enrollments than you would get from your standard leads.  I’d like to tell you that this is a special new network marketing lead that is just being introduced.  I’d also like to tell you that this is a limited run of MLM leads that are sure to rock the world of MLM.

But the truth is that in this case that isn’t what you want to hear.  What a truly successful MLM distributor wants to hear is ‘these home based business leads are going to EXPLODE your downline, and there are more where they came from!’  Lucky for you that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you.

First you will need to know what a ‘pre-enrollee’ is.  A pre-enrollee is a home business lead that has been qualified by a questionnaire or another qualifying method.  They have shown interest in learning about a business opportunity and their responses indicate which home business they would be a good MLM lead for.

The profile of the pre-enrollee is turned into a work at home lead and matched to a business that suits their needs.  Let’s say for a moment that this is your MLM home business opportunity.  The MLM lead is sent to your website and directed to a ‘Free Membership Tour’ or a similar process.  They are asked to provide their contact information before they start the tour and this information is sent immediately to you.

The lead is considered a pre-enrollee once they have provided your website with their contact information to state that they are interested in learning about your home business opportunity.  It is at this moment when they are the hottest lead they will ever be – this is the time when you want to tell them about your MLM opportunity.

Although the pre-enrollee program is designed that you don’t have to lift a finger to get enrollments this is a bad idea.  If you leave the pre-enrollee lead to browse at their leisure you will only get a sign-up rate of approximately 1%.  There is nothing to keep them on your site or prompt them to sign up except their own curiosity, and we all know where that gets us.

The greatest advantage of this system is that your network marketing leads have always qualified themselves.  If they were not interested in your home business opportunity they would not have taken the steps to sign up.  This means that contacting them to determine what their immediate needs are, and explaining how your home based business opportunity can help them can be critical.

The difference between leaving your MLM leads to sign up themselves and calling them to answer any questions and show them the benefits of your opportunity can drastically change your results.  By simply making a phone call you can talk to your pre-enrollee MLM lead while they are still on your website and increase your response rate to as much as a 10% conversion!

As with any form of leads that you buy from a lead generation service you will want to ensure that your pre-enrollee leads are quality leads.  Make sure that you deal with a company that does not offer incentives to people just because they request information.

A quality pre-enrollee MLM lead is someone who has signed up to get information about your business who was not bribed with an incentive.  You need to be sure that they are contacting you with the right intentions.

Pre-enrollee MLM leads are considered to be one of the highest quality home business lead you can buy.  They are people who are interested in building a home based business and have qualified themselves to be looking for an opportunity like yours.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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Aged MLM Leads - Secret Weapon

Aged MLM Leads – A Low Budget Secret Weapon

Aged MLM Leads – A Low Budget Secret Weapon For Your MLM Business

‘Newer is better’ seems to be a common theme when it comes to many things including MLM leads. Even I have written articles advising that a lead is hottest the moment that they sign up and ask to be contacted. But let me tell you about how I invented the title “aged mlm leads”.

All of this is true but Aged Leads have something going for them.  This can make aged mlm leads a powerful asset in your efforts to grow your home business.  I will get to that in a minute but for now let me share with you what turned me on to this powerful secret about Aged Leads.

how to mlmMany years ago now,  I was contacted by a client who asked me if I had any older leads; he said that he wanted to buy 500 of them.  I thought he was nuts because these leads are past their prime – people generally don’t want to buy anything but the hottest leads.  But he was sure that he wanted them so we struck a deal and I gave him some aged leads that had been deemed ‘too old to sell.’

Boy was I wrong.

A few days later he called me back and asked if I had any more Aged Leads that he could buy.  I was sure that he would have learned his lesson the first time, and here he was asking for more!

I asked him why he wanted more aged leads and what he told me put me into a state of shock.  I knew at that moment that it was my turn to learn something new about the MLM Leads industry.

His brilliant insight was…

More than half of the leads he called had never been contacted by anyone.

Not only did he do extremely well with the first 500 Aged Leads, but he wanted to buy the rest of my Aged Lead stock – whatever I had.  I sold him over 2000 home based business leads, and he was more than happy to take them.

That may have been due to the other killer weapon going for Ages Leads – their price.  This is what I was waiting to tell you.

Aged Leads are sold at a huge discount!

Most MLM Lead Companies sell Aged Leads at a discount because they are considered less valuable than newly created leads.  This means that Aged Leads are an excellent way for someone who just established their home based business to buy their MLM leads at a discount and still get a valuable way to grow their business!

Those of you who are looking for quality work at home leads can use Aged Leads to help your downline as well.  By giving these leads a preliminary call to reignite their enthusiasm in an opportunity to run a work at home business you can open them up to being contacted with more information from one of your downline Distributors.

As you can see there is a definite benefit to using Aged Leads in your home based business.  You can’t go wrong with quality MLM leads at a fraction of the price especially when they have been waiting for someone to show them how to get started in their own work at home business.

UPDATE:  I wrote this article about 11 or 12 years ago and decided to use it again because it’s still relevant and tells a true story. Of course, at the time of writing, aged leads, was a new thing.  I had not even invented the name yet.  It’s unlikely you would get a batch of aged leads that over half had not been contacted, however, aged leads are still excellent value.  Many smart marketers use them to train their downline in live calls.

The other thing to remember is the majority of leads DO NOT GET SPONSORED in the first few weeks.  This happens, not because of the lead quality but because of the calling quality of most net-workers.  They simply do not develop the skills required to sponsor leads.   So, here are a bunch of people who signed up for information about making money at home, they have all been called and no one has bothered to build a relationship with them.

This is your big opportunity to swoop in and sponsor a big bunch of people.

Right now all our Aged Leads are priced at super competitive prices and here’s an extra sweetener for you; join our newsletter and get an instant 20% discount coupon which can be used to make them even more affordable.

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aged mlm leads

 Next time you are looking for training or to recruit some new people at a fraction of the regular cost, remember; Aged MLM Leads, invented by Apache Leads. Yes they are aged mlm leads but they do contain real diamonds, just waiting to be found by a professional networker.

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Pre-enrollee Secrets You Should Know about MLM Leads

Pre-enrollee Secrets You Should Know about MLM Leads

Pre-enrollee home business leads are dynamite when it comes to building your business, but only if you know how to use them properly.  Whether or not you are capitalizing on the strengths of a pre-enrollee program you are still going to benefit from using this form of work at home lead generation.  The system brings people to your website who are looking for a home based business opportunity – it can’t get much better than that can it?

Yes, it can.

To get better results from your business opportunity leads you need to know the strengths of your MLM lead system.  When you are working with a pre-enrollee lead generation system you are getting the hottest leads today – and that is the key!  These are real time leads and your newest opportunity is probably still browsing your website when you get their contact information.  You need to take advantage of that!

Your pre-enrollee MLM lead has already been qualified as someone who wants to learn more about your business.  When they visit your website they are excited by the idea that your business opportunity could be the one that makes them rich, lets them retire, or helps them move into a bigger house for their baby on the way.  You are in the position to be the solution that your home based business leads are looking for.

The longer you wait the more your home business leads cools off.  They get distracted by the needs of the rest of their life and the thought of your business opportunity gets put on the ‘back burner’ of their brain.  No one wants to see that happen – not even the pre-enrolled network marketing lead that is browsing your website right now.  Much like you they want results; they want change in their life, which is why they are looking for an opportunity to provide that chance.

The strength in a real time lead system is contacting your MLM lead right away.  Don’t wait!  You may think that you want to give them some time to take a look at your website, learn your products, or whatever the reason is but that creates an opportunity of loss.

Most people would rather talk to another person rather than read a website any day of the week.  What we don’t like are talking to people that are trying to sell us something, or take advantage of us.  The simple solution is to not be one of those pushy sales people looking to take advantage of others.  What they want is a solution NOW – all you have to do is listen to what they are looking for and see if your opportunity will help them achieve it.

That is the greatest benefit of pre-enrollee MLM leads! You have the opportunity to contact your home business lead as soon as they visit your site, and that means that the reason they are looking for a home based business is fresh on their minds.  Talk to them about it, and show them how your opportunity can help.

If the opportunity is about the needs and desires of your MLM lead, and not about increasing your downline, then you are on your way to money in the bank.

Want more information on the article read more here…


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