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MLM Leads That Let You Get 10X The Enrollments – If You Know How

No that’s not a misprint, there really is a way to get a response rate up to 10 times the enrollments than you would get from your standard leads.  I’d like to tell you that this is a special new network marketing lead that is just being introduced.  I’d also like to tell you that this is a limited run of MLM leads that are sure to rock the world of MLM.

But the truth is that in this case that isn’t what you want to hear.  What a truly successful MLM distributor wants to hear is ‘these home based business leads are going to EXPLODE your downline, and there are more where they came from!’  Lucky for you that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you.

First you will need to know what a ‘pre-enrollee’ is.  A pre-enrollee is a home business lead that has been qualified by a questionnaire or another qualifying method.  They have shown interest in learning about a business opportunity and their responses indicate which home business they would be a good MLM lead for.

The profile of the pre-enrollee is turned into a work at home lead and matched to a business that suits their needs.  Let’s say for a moment that this is your MLM home business opportunity.  The MLM lead is sent to your website and directed to a ‘Free Membership Tour’ or a similar process.  They are asked to provide their contact information before they start the tour and this information is sent immediately to you.

The lead is considered a pre-enrollee once they have provided your website with their contact information to state that they are interested in learning about your home business opportunity.  It is at this moment when they are the hottest lead they will ever be – this is the time when you want to tell them about your MLM opportunity.

Although the pre-enrollee program is designed that you don’t have to lift a finger to get enrollments this is a bad idea.  If you leave the pre-enrollee lead to browse at their leisure you will only get a sign-up rate of approximately 1%.  There is nothing to keep them on your site or prompt them to sign up except their own curiosity, and we all know where that gets us.

The greatest advantage of this system is that your network marketing leads have always qualified themselves.  If they were not interested in your home business opportunity they would not have taken the steps to sign up.  This means that contacting them to determine what their immediate needs are, and explaining how your home based business opportunity can help them can be critical.

The difference between leaving your MLM leads to sign up themselves and calling them to answer any questions and show them the benefits of your opportunity can drastically change your results.  By simply making a phone call you can talk to your pre-enrollee MLM lead while they are still on your website and increase your response rate to as much as a 10% conversion!

As with any form of leads that you buy from a lead generation service you will want to ensure that your pre-enrollee leads are quality leads.  Make sure that you deal with a company that does not offer incentives to people just because they request information.

A quality pre-enrollee MLM lead is someone who has signed up to get information about your business who was not bribed with an incentive.  You need to be sure that they are contacting you with the right intentions.

Pre-enrollee MLM leads are considered to be one of the highest quality home business lead you can buy.  They are people who are interested in building a home based business and have qualified themselves to be looking for an opportunity like yours.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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Handling Abusive MLM Leads and Ways to Avoid Them

Handling Abusive MLM Leads and Ways to Avoid Them

MLM Leads

In the world of today every person that you contact has been marketed to over two thousand times a day. This barrage of marketing can lead to resentment toward marketers, or anyone who comes across with an ‘offer.’ At times this resentment can lead to abusive behavior from a MLM leads that you have been provided.

When you offer your home business opportunity to a lead and they become abusive the first person that you need to think of is them. This can be hard when they are yelling at you, or calling you names but your integrity is important in this business. Lashing out at an abusive lead only makes them more abusive and they will not have any hesitations about telling their friends about the rude ‘telemarketer’ they got a call from last night. In fact sometimes when you consider them you can turn an abusive MLM leads into an interested and productive member of your team.

Try to realize that everyone has a bad day and while that is not a good reason to be abusive or abrasive to others they are not angry at you. After all, how could they be? They don’t even know you. What they do know is that they have been called day after day by telemarketers, marketed to by the media all day, and now you have another offer for them…. Sometimes they forget that they asked to be contacted to learn about your home business opportunity.

Here are some ways that you can avoid a call becoming abusive:

  • Ask to speak with the person who requested the contact. When you call most households to speak with your friend the beginning of the call usually starts with “Hello, may I speak with Don please?” There is no reason to change this or become more formal when you are trying to identify who your contact name is. A strict or business tone to your conversation will raise red flags to whoever is on the other end of the line.
  • Introduce yourself right away. There is a reason that telemarketers do this – it works. As children we are told that we should never talk to strangers and that stays with us for the rest of our lives. We automatically suspect people we don’t know as someone who are going to try to take advantage of us.
  • Explain that you were asked to call. Let your MLM lead know that you are calling to follow up with their request for more information on home based businesses.

Combining these three tips on how to avoid escalating a lead that has had a bad day leaves you with an introduction something like “Hello, may I speak with Kevin please? Good afternoon Kevin, my name is Don. I’m calling you about Home Based Business Opportunities; it is my understanding that you have requested more information and I’m here to answer any questions you have.”

This introduction lets him know who you are and the reason for the call while you keep the interest of the call on your MLM lead. Your call should be about helping your home based business lead find a solution to their interests in running a business at home. This will position you as someone who is being helpful instead of intrusive.

When your contact is clearly not interested and has resorted to being rude or abusive in response to your call you should withdraw from the call in a polite and reasonable manner. If your lead came from a quality source then you know that your lead asked to be contacted – you haven’t done anything wrong by contacting them. However there is the possibility that your network marketing leads company is a fly by night operation that does not provide quality leads.

If this is the case and you have been given poorly qualified leads try to remove yourself from the conversation in a professional manner.

  • Apologize for contacting the lead. Apologize for disrupting their day, and taking up their time.
  • Explain that you will remove their name from your contact list. In many countries it is illegal to continue to contact someone after they have requested that you remove their name from your contact list. Explain to the MLM lead that you will remove their information from your contact list, and that they will not have to worry about you calling them again. This may seem obvious because of the way they have behaved, but you are offering them a little peace of mind.

Bear in mind that once a contact has become abusive there is not much that you can do except be professional, polite, and end the call. They already believe that everything you have to say is a sales pitch and attempting to convince them otherwise will likely make things worse.

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