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MLM Lead Providers Are The #1 Culprit In The MLM Industry

MLM Lead Companies have been crucial in many MLM success stories. They provide high quality home business opportunity leads that can help your downline explode with new business. Most MLM Lead Companies offer a wide range of work at home lead types – from Real Time Leads and Auto-responder Leads, to Aged Leads.

When you are looking for the fastest way to acquire high quality warm leads who have been asked to be contacted about a home based business opportunity your best bet is to contact a MLM Leads Provider.

So if all of this is true and MLM Lead Companies provide the fastest way to start expanding your downline, quality warm leads who want to be contacted with your home based business opportunity then why is it that MLM Lead Companies have been cited as the number one reason for

MLM Distributors to fail at their business? The reason is simple.

MLM Distributors aren’t dealing with reputable MLM Lead Companies.

Whenever you deal with a MLM Lead Company you need to realize that you are paying for valuable information. This information is normally non-refundable so you want to be sure that you are getting quality leads from a reputable company.

First if all you need to know the signs when the lead generation company that you are looking at using may be providing you with less than quality leads. Here are some guidelines to help you determine whether the MLM Leads Company that you are looking at is worth dealing with.

  • Do not buy MLM Leads that have been enticed into becoming a lead. Many MLM lead companies will offer an incentive to take their questionnaire and gather the contact information of the lead. This reduces the quality of the lead because they may not be interested in your opportunity at all – they were merely looking to win a new iPod, or other incentive.
  • Ethical and Legal methods of gaining MLM leads.Take a look at the company’s website and FAQ. Find out how they gather their leads – don’t be too timid to call them and ask for a direct answer if the information is not on their website.
  • How long have they been in business?A company that provides business opportunity leads needs to be prepared to stand behind their product. If the company has not been in business for very long you won’t have a way to determine whether they are a ‘fly by night’ operation. Give them a little time to gain some credibility before you invest your money into them.
  • Does the company have a guarantee? It is a good sign when the MLM Leads Company that you are dealing with provides a guarantee on their product or services. This shows that the company is ready to stand behind their product, even at their own cost.

The best way to see if a company is providing you quality leads is to visit their website. Check their policies and procedures and look for any signs that you may be getting MLM leads that are not top quality. If they offer Real Time Leads then be sure you know exactly what they consider ‘real time’ to be. How long does a lead sit before it is considered an ‘Aged Lead?’

If you take the time to research the MLM Leads Company that you are about to do business with and you find them to be a quality company, you should do business with them. A quality MLM Company can give you the opportunity to launch your downline faster than any other lead generating method.

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The Straightforward Approach to MLM

The Straightforward Approach to MLM

The Straightforward Approach to MLM

There are a lot of MLM distributors out there who are floundering like a fish on land when it comes to their home based business opportunity.  Whether or not you are one of them I wanted to take a moment to show you a straightforward approach to building your work at home career.  Even if this is a hobby business for you I’m sure you will find value in these words.

Here is a step by step guide to quick rewards with your home business opportunity.  If you are already enrolled in a MLM or home based business you can skip step…

Search online for a survey or guidebook to help you determine which home based opportunity is right for you.

These surveys are used as qualifying agents to help you determine whether enrolling in an opportunity is a good move for you at this point in your life.  They help you understand what resources you can truly dedicate to your new work at home business. The second thing they do is point you in the direction of an opportunity that meets your criteria based on the survey that you just completed. You are set on the fast track of being contacted by someone who may offer you an opportunity to join their MLM which is suited to your needs.

Buy MLM leads online through a MLM Lead Company.

MLM Lead Companies offer leads who have already warmed to the idea of becoming a home based business owner.  They have asked for someone to call them so they can learn more about operating a home based business.

There are a variety of leads that you can choose from.  If you are looking for rapid growth then I recommend buying a bulk lot of auto-responder leads.  Using auto-responder MLM leads allows you to contact thousands of warm work at home leads who have asked to be contacted.  You can then use your email drip and turn any interested parties into double opt-in leads.

Try different MLM lead types and find the home business opportunity lead that works for you.

 The Straightforward Approach to MLM

Make your downline your priority.

As a MLM distributor your focus needs to be your downline.  Your downline doing well means that you do well.  Call them bi-weekly to see how things are going for them both in their lives and their work at home business. By keeping in contact with your downline you let them know that you are there to be supportive. You will find that you are able to deal with inconveniences before they become problems, and when a problem rises you are already on top of it.

Help your downline be successful with their downline.

The Straightforward Approach to MLMNot all uplines will have the answer to ever question or situation that comes up – that includes you.  When you don’t know the answer you should find someone who does.  If your downline follows this guideline they are likely to turn to you first.  When you don’t know the answer you should continue to go up the chain until you find someone who does.This also means helping your downline find leads to build their downline.  Point them in the direction of the MLM Company that provided you with quality MLM leads.  Show them how to be successful with these leads, and turn their opportunity in a success.

Members of your downline could always use more home based business leads because they are also looking to achieve the success that you have reached.  Referring them to the same MLM Leads Company that you have used to become so successful means that they have the opportunity to become just as successful as you.  And when your downline makes money you make money.

Of course once you have reached your personal capacity in your downline you could still buy business opportunity leads from your trusted MLM Leads Company and pre-qualify them for your downline.  This is a double qualifying method and builds interest in your downline’s opportunity.

You make the call to the home business leads that you purchased and find the ones who are truly interested.  Then you can offer these to your downline at double the price that you paid for it because you know that the lead is busting at the seams to get involved.

This turns into immediate income for you and then additional income down the road when your downline builds their own empire.

It really can’t get any easier than that.

The Straightforward Approach to MLM

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Build a Sizzling Downline

Build a Sizzling Downline and Make It Soar

Build a Sizzling Downline

To be truly successful in the home based business or MLM industry you need to have a successful downline.  It would be wonderful to start and then make your downline successful right away but before you do that you have to build your downline.

Build a Sizzling Downline

And of course once you build your downline just how do you make them successful?  Here are a few tips to set you off in the right direction.

Keep building your downline!

People learn best by example, and if you can show your existing downline that you are able to make network marketing leads into enrolments then you are showing them that they can do it too.

Coach your downline.

Not everyone is going to be as proficient as you in finding leads and once they have leads looking to work at home they may not be proficient at turning them into members of their team.  If your downline is having problems then take the time with them to try to find a solution.

Share the wealth

If your downline is big enough that you don’t have time to dedicate to new network marketing leads, then turn them over to your downline.  Many successful MLM distributors sell their quality leads to their downline and even though you are making money good quality leads help your downline succeed.

Share your secrets.

It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that the more home business leads you have means more opportunities to grow your downline.  Share your methods of finding quality business opportunity leads with the members of your downline to help them become successful.

Something else that you should never forget…

Show that you are successful by investing in your downline’s success.

Nothing makes people interested in your opportunity more than seeing that you are successful at it.  When you take the time to show your downline that you really are in this with their best interest at heart you also show them that you are successful.  Your downline is your business so the more successful they are means the more successful you are.

For those of you who have newly set up your work from home business you may want to take a look at your options for generating MLM leads quickly.  One of the fastest ways for you to generate home business leads is to buy quality leads from a MLM Leads Company.  The reasons for this are simple:

The more work from home leads you have the greater opportunity you have of building your downline.

The numbers don’t lie.  Whether you are attempting create quality home based business leadsyourself, or paying a company to do it for you – you still want as many leads as you can get your hands on.

Purchased MLM leads have been pre-qualified to be interested in your opportunity.

Never have to chase down an old friend again just so you can see if they may be one of the few to be looking for a home based business opportunity.  MLM Lead companies provide thousands of work from home leads that have shown interest in developing their own home based business opportunity.

These network marketing leads are expecting your call – AND want to hear from you.

You could continue to surprise friends and family as you bring up your home business opportunity and try to sell them on the idea, or you can call home based business leads that have been qualified to be interested, and asked for someone to contact them with more information.

The choice is clear that when it comes to acquiring a list of MLM leads who are interested in your opportunity and the fastest way to get them is from a MLM leads company.  Then you can show your downline how successful they can be!

Build a Sizzling Downline

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Making Money With Your MLM or Home Based Business

Making Money With Your MLM or Home Based Business

Making Money With Your MLM or Home Based Business

Making Money With Your MLM or Home Based Business:  Whether or not you got into your home based business to make money or become successful can alter the way that you treat your business.  Whether you want to run your work at home opportunity like a business, a hobby business or something to take up your time between projects will determine how successful you are.

Here are a few tips to help you be truly successful at Making Money With Your MLM or Home Based Business:

Do something to improve your business every day.

If your MLM lead signs up with you and you are lax at getting back to them, or don’t have any invested interest in succeeding, this will affect your downline.  You need to work on your business every day if you want it to succeed.

Write a business plan.

A business plan is your road map to success.  Failure to plan is a plan to fail.  You should be planning to succeed and there is no better way to do this than writing a business plan.  Another way to look at it is this: if you don’t know where your business is going then how can you tell your downline what they should do, or where their business is going?

Follow up with your downline.

Successful MLM distributors know that taking care of their downline means continuing success for themselves.  Don’t be afraid to call your downline to see how they are doing.  Make sure they are being successful, and if they are having problems show them a solution.  Your downline is your business, and when it does poorly so do you.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Making Money With Your MLM or Home Based BusinessThe business world is always changing and you are in business.  Brick and mortal is giving away to online sales, yahoo gave way to google, then tried to take it back again, first websites were all the rage, then it was SEO, and now that too has evolved.  If your current way of doing business is working, don’t fix what isn’t broken.  However while you are reaping the rewards of good business you can try to make it better by doing something new without affecting what is working for you.

Keep up with the times.

The world is constantly changing and if you want to make money you’re going to have to change with it.  Placing your distributor order with a mail-in form used to be the norm but it is slow compared to the newer ordering methods such as over the phone or via the internet.  Don’t be afraid to let someone else test the waters but it if seems to be working for everyone else then missing the boat could mean lost revenue for you.

Do some market research and become a guru.

Becoming a master of your product or field will help you earn credibility and that will turn into selling your home business opportunity if you market yourself properly.  If you are well known as ‘the person to talk to’ about your product or service then people who are interested in what you have to offer are going to only want to deal with you.  That means more sales for you, and more qualified MLM leads that have used your product or service.

Make things easier for you when you can.

Why do you track down MLM leads the hard way when you could have someone else do it for you?  Sometimes paying for a service will end up being well worth it when you compare the cost to the sweat, tears, and frustration that you will feel trying to do it yourself.  Give it a try, I bet you will be pleasantly surprised.

If you take these basic principals in mind then it is easy to become a genius at MLM and home based businesses.  And the best thing about it is that once you have done all of these things your leads will want to be a part of your opportunity because they can see that you are organized.

Once you get a system down your confidence will grow become a strong motivator to you and your downline.

Making Money With Your MLM or Home Based Business

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MLM Leads – Avoiding the Scam

MLM Leads – Avoiding the Scam

MLM Leads – Avoiding the Scam:  If you have never ordered MLM lead online before you are probably skeptical about the whole process. It’s hard not to be with all of the marketing to suggest that you might be scammed, or that the leads aren’t going to do you any good.

MLM Leads – Avoiding the Scam

Truly successful MLM Distributors know that the negative hype isn’t true.  Vast MLM empires have been built using MLM leads as their primary way to build their downline.  These successful distributors then teach their downline how to be successful buying home based business leads online.  All of this turns into an enormous success.

So how do you know what to do?  While I can’t answer that for you what I can do it tell you some of the signs watch for which may indicate that you are being taken advantage of by your MLM leads company.

See how long they have been in business.

MLM Leads – Avoiding the ScamA fly-by-night operation is usually not in business for very long because they don’t want to take the heat from their unhappy clients for selling bad leads.  You want to work with an established company that has been in the MLM Leads industry for a while.

Check to see if they guarantee their leads.

A company that won’t stand behind their product or services isn’t worth doing business with.  If they offer a no hassle guarantee on their home based business leads, and the guarantee seems reasonable, then they are more than likely willing to stand behind their services.  Be careful because some fly-by-night operations will still quote a guarantee and then close their doors with your money in hand.

Do not buy leads that have been given an incentive.

A lead that has been offered a bribe is no lead at all.  Home based business lead companies use a variety of methods to gather your leads, and when there is an incentive present you can guarantee that a majority of their sign ups did it for the bribe at the end of the survey.  You want quality network marketing leads of people who are interested in a work at home business opportunity, not someone who signed up to win a free iPod.

Check the internet for credibility and complaints.

This is one of the sure fire ways to check whether or not a company has ripped off someone else.  If you do an internet search on a company and find pages and pages of complaints then you know something is wrong.  Take a look at the complaints that were given, and read them with an open mind.  It is possible that someone is merely complaining to get attention or they are being unreasonable, but when there are pages of complaints against a company then it can’t just be one bad apple.

If you are going to visit their website to make your purchase, you might as well look around and ensure that you are getting your money’s worth in quality gold leads.

Buying work at home leads doesn’t have to be a scary endeavor if you take a little time to look into the company you’re buying MLM leads from.  You wouldn’t hand your money to someone you didn’t know and expect to return in an hour with them waiting for you – why would you give your money to a MLM leads company that you didn’t know?

MLM Leads – Avoiding the Scam

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MLM Lead Definitions

MLM Lead Definitions – Getting to Know The MLM Industry

MLM Lead Definitions:

 There are quite a few different leads that a MLM Distributor may come across during their attempt to expand their downline.  I thought that I would put together a list of the more common lead types for newer MLM distributors or those who are in the market to explode their downlines into success.

Here are a few definitions to clarify the MLM and Lead Generation industry.

Cold Leads.

A cold lead occurs when you receive someone’s contact information through a referral or third party and the MLM lead has not requested contact.  They are generally not interested in running a work at home business.  Cold leads spend most of the time that you are with them wondering how they can tell you that they are not interested without causing a reaction.

Warm Leads

A warm lead occurs when someone has decided that they would like to learn more about work at home opportunities.  These leads have usually qualified themselves as being interested in learning more about a MLM or home business opportunity through a survey or weeding process such as a MLM lead generation website.

The easiest way to get warm leads is through a MLM Lead Company that focuses on offering high quality leads for you to grow your downline.

Hot Leads

A hot lead is a form of warm lead that has hit it’s crucial contact period. This is when the lead has convinced themselves that they are going to sign up to a home based business opportunity – now they just need to decide on which one.

Some work at home leads that are offered by MLM Lead Companies have a higher chance of producing a Hot Lead such as when Real Time Leads are used effectively.

Area Code/Region Leads

These home based business leads are defined by their physical location.  This can be any area but are normally a country, state, region, city or area code.  TWhen you purchase leads with targeting that is this specific you know exactly what part of the country your leads are going to be in.  This is great for targeting specific cities within or outside of your country.

Double Opt-In Leads.

A Double Opt-In Lead is a qualification format that is used for superior results.  The lead fills in a survey or a MLM lead generation form to signifiy that they want to be contacted by someone with a home based business opportunity.  They are then contacted via phone or email and must indicated that they really do want to be contacted with an opportunity.  This verification process makes these network marketing leads to a cut above.

When you are looking to place an order with your trusted MLM Leads Company be sure to add some Double Opt-In leads to your shopping cart and experience the difference!

Auto-responder Leads.

An auto-responder lead has completed an online form or survey to qualify themselves as a genuine MLM lead.  The lead is asked to provide a detailed list of information regarding what type of opportunity they are looking at being involved with.

Auto-responder Leads are used in conjunction with an email drip to build the lead’s desires to be a member of a successful home based business opportunity.  They are designed to submit hundreds or thousands of business teasers or contacts within minutes.  This is a very powerful way to grow your downline.

Phone Interviewed Leads.

This extremely hot bundle of leads was called to verify the quality and intention of the leads involved.  Although normally a little more expensive than other leads a Phone Interviewed Lead provides a very high rate of success.  Answers to all interview questions should be available for you to review before you contact your work at home lead.

Real Time Leads.

Real Time Leads are the fastest response MLM leads in the industry.  The moment that someone fills out their qualifying lead form their information is sent to you.  At this point you have the ability to contact the interested lead while they are still browsing your site.  This can add a tremendous return rate to your marketing attempts.

If any type of these MLM leads interest you be sure to check with your MLM Lead Generation Company to see if they are offered.

MLM Lead Definitions

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get higher returns

Get Higher Returns For Your MLM Investment

For years MLM distributors have been told the same things over and over to ‘help’ them get their home based business off the ground.  They have been told that the business is all about their product line, and how it can change their lives.  And then, after they have been pumped about the product line and everything that it can do for them, they are told the truth about the MLM industry.  What is the truth? I thought you would never ask…

The way to be truly successful in the MLM industry is to build your downline, and the faster you do it the more successful you will be.

The good news is that they are not wrong.  The bad news is that they arm with a marketing plan that is about as effective as a BB gun shooting a tank.  You are asked to approach your friends and family to get involved into your work at home opportunity, bring them to meetings, and use the 3 foot rule… the list goes on.

If this doesn’t work you are left to your own devices as to how you can earn customers find someone interested in joining your downline.  I can tell you from experience that the list of possible leads dries up pretty fast.

From there many turn to conventional advertising which is costly and vastly ineffective.  You are marketing to people who haven’t shown any interest in running a home based business and hoping that one of them will give you a call.

These efforts are backed up by the slogans ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ and ‘you can’t get something from nothing.’  While these slogans definitely have their place in business no one says that you can’t be smart about where you are investing your advertising dollars.

If you want to advertise to the masses who by and large are not interested in home based opportunities then you can do that for free fairly easily.  There are websites that are dedicated to free promotional information, press releases, and advertisements.  A quick online search will net you dozens of places that you can advertise in this fashion.

MLM Leads Qualified mlm leads

MLM Leads

On the other hand spending your money on advertisements to those who have asked for information about your home business opportunity is like money in the bank.  It only makes sense that your returns ratio is higher when you market to MLM leads that have asked for someone to contact them with more information about running a home based business.  .  When you are looking for the best leads in the MLM business you should look at purchasing MLM leads from a quality MLM lead company.

For the costs of an ad you would put into the paper for a few weeks you can get a dozen MLM leads who are interested in building a home based business.  And not just any leads – warm leads who have requested that someone contact them with information about a home based business opportunity.

With most advertising you need to convince your prospect that they want to join your opportunity.  With leads from a MLM Leads Company they have already convinced themselves that this could be the solution that they are looking for.  You can’t ask for better MLM leads than that!

If you want to get higher returns with your advertising dollars you need to focus your attention on MLM leads who have already warmed up to the idea of running a home based business.

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failing your businuess

Are Failing At Your MLM Business Doing What They Told You To Do

Most MLM distributors are given some sort of startup package when they sign on to their new business opportunity.  If you read the materials inside you are told everything that your MLM Company feels that you should know about your new business.  What they fail to sell you is how to make it work – how to actually succeed at your business.

Many Uplines follow the same routine that you find in your startup kits and they all pretty much use the same formula.  You should start with your friends and family because you know these people and it will help you to get comfortable with promoting your MLM opportunity to others.

What they imply but don’t say outright is that you’re going to make mistakes during your presentation and they want your family to feel guilty about not supporting your new venture.  So, in their minds your family should sign on because they don’t want you to feel alone and then they feel guilty if they don’t sign up right away.

The next step is to ask your friends and family if they can provide leads to anyone who may want to work at home.  What is happening here is that you are asking your friends and family to provide you contact information for someone you have never met.  You are asking them to use their relationship with this mystery person as your way ‘in’ so you can try to sell your opportunity.

If this goes well, good for you!  Unfortunately what you have created is a cold lead so there isn’t a lot of chance that it will go well.  A cold lead is someone who hasn’t shown any interest in becoming a distributor of a home based business, or MLM Company.  The chances of someone like this being interested are very little.  They may take the appointment because their friend asks them to but what you have managed to do it put a strain on the relationship between your cold lead and your relative.

Whether or not you sign anyone into your downline won’t always stop you from getting more referrals.  Often when you ask someone for the sale and they aren’t interested they look for another way out without saying ‘no’ directly.  When you ask them for leads to anyone they know that may be looking for a home based business opportunity they jump at this ‘out’ so they can decline without feeling like they have wasted your time.

This cycle might repeat for a while but ultimately, and usually quickly, you run out of leads.  When that happens you are told to go over your old leads again and again to see if anyone has changed their mind.  Unfortunately all that does is strain your relationship with your friends and family further.  They know what you’re doing and if they are interested they know where to find you.

What you really need is a long list of network marketing leads that have shown interest in a home based business opportunity.  People who have signed up and said ‘please contact me with information about your company – I’m really looking for a way to reach my goals.’

You need warm leads that have been prequalified as interested parties to what you have to offer.  Better yet you need HOT leads that are waiting by the phone for you to call!  But where would you find these warm or HOT leads?

The solution is simple.

For a long list of prequalified leads that are looking for someone to give them more information about a home business opportunity you need to contact a MLM Leads Company.  They can provide quality warm MLM leads who have asked to be contacted by you to share with them your opportunity.

Even better, most MLM Lead Companies provide a variety of MLM lead types that will give you a range of leads from warm to HOT HOT HOT!  It really doesn’t get any easier than this.  Prequalified leads that are sent to your inbox and all you have to do is call.

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Tips To Turning Around a Failing Home Based Business

Tips To Turning Around a Failing Home Based Business

Home Based Business

Running a successful home based business isn’t always easy.  It takes a considerable amount of discipline, at least a token amount of time, and some genuine persistency.  Unfortunately when you don’t have a clue as to what it takes to run a work at home business discipline, time, and persistency don’t help much.  There comes a time when you need help to get you back on track.

Every MLM company offers a different product line with different benefits so I can’t address each MLM business without writing a novel on the subject.  What I can do is address the core of your MLM business – your downline.

The fundamental success of any MLM business opportunity built upon the idea of having a strong, successful downline.  If you don’t already have this in place then you need to take steps to generate MLM leads and begin action immediately.

The fastest way to generate a list of network marketing leads is to purchase them from trusted MLM Lead Companies.  These companies tend to be met with skepticism, but I can tell you from experience that many MLM Distributors have become rich off of the home business opportunity leads that they purchased from MLM Lead Companies.

Once you have anyone in your downline you need to begin the process of duplicating your success in their business.  If you are able to acquire just one person in your downline then you have built a system that has been successful.  You may need to improve your system to give you better results, but in the very least you can show your new downline what you did to recruit them.

Discuss your business tactics with your downline and see what you come up with as a team.  Don’t be afraid to try new things – they can’t hurt you any more than your previously failing business did.  If you need to generate another list of MLM leads quickly then place another order with your MLM Lead Company.  They can be a great tool to keeping you afloat when you’re other soft lead methods aren’t working as planned.

The benefits to ordering your network marketing leads from a MLM Lead Company means you are placed in a position to grow your downline immediately.

Get high quality MLM leads that have asked to be contacted by you.

The purpose of a MLM lead company is to do the qualifying for you.  They market home based business opportunities on the internet and provide a qualifying survey or focus method to determine the leads who are serious about running a work at home business.  These MLM leads have requested that someone contact them with more information about an opportunity to see if it is right for them.

Your leads are delivered to you within 24 hours.

Get your leads when you are ready to take action – not weeks or months after you become disheartened with your lack of success.  The timeline for delivery may change between various MLM Lead Companies but many will deliver your leads file within 24 hours.

There may be times when you can afford to find your own leads and see what other methods work for you, but when your home based business is in trouble there is no faster, easier way to get qualified MLM leads who want to hear from you.

Of course if your business has been suffering from a lack of quality leads you may not have the money to invest very much into buying leads interested in a home based business opportunity.  This is the best time to take a look at MLM Lead Companies.  Most companies offer a variety of lead packages at different prices.  Be sure to take a look at Aged Leads, and lead packages that are on sale.

Aged leads are MLM leads that have been qualified but they are considered past their ‘prime’ marketing time.  Many successful MLM Distributors have recruited their downlines from Aged Leads, and they are often sold at a fraction of the cost of regular or Real Time Leads.

When you don’t have a lot to spend you won’t just buy the first package you see because it’s fast and easy.  Take the time to see what lead package works best for you.

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MLM Leads

Bad MLM Uplines – Who Needs Them Anyway?

Even though it is your Upline’s job to show you the road map to success that is not always the way it happens. There are many horror stories about bad MLM Uplines that sign you onto their home business opportunity and then leave you flailing, without direction. This causes a lot of MLM Distributors to fail, or give up – they feel lost and out of control which leads to poor moral and ultimately failure.

That doesn’t have to be the route you take.

Simply put a bad Upline is someone who does not show you how to succeed at your MLM business. It’s bad enough when they don’t have the experience to show you how to generate your own leads to grow you business, but even worse is when they avoid you like you’re a disease. Uplines that don’t return your calls, or reply to your emails and always seem to be ‘busy’ when you do get a hold of them. Of course they promise to call you right back, and always seem to be ‘getting around to it’ when you speak to them next.

Who needs an Upline like that? You deserve better and that is why I’m going to give you a road map to success right here and now.

I’m not promising that this is going to be exceedingly detailed, but it will give you a push in the right direction. Just follow these directions and then get creative from there and I’m sure you will do well with or without an Upline that calls you back.

Get to know your product

Read all of the material that you have been given on your products, and then dig around some more. Any MLM leads that you speak with may have questions about your products and it always pays to be knowledgeable in your business. Read as many consumer reviews online, but be wary about those who are just trying to write a smear campaign. They may be upset MLM Distributors who have failed and are looking for a way to get back at your company.

Learn as much as you can about your opportunity.

Ultimately you are selling your work at home business to your MLM leads. They are likely to have a few questions and they will be looking to you to be an expert in the field. This will also help you discuss your home based business opportunity with confidence which will be perceived by your lead.

Never lie to your MLM lead.

This is crucial – no one likes to be lied to. Your intention is to have your business opportunity lead join your downline which means that you will be working with them for a while. Any lies that you tell them to get them on your team will eventually come out and once it does you will lose credibility and more than likely a member of your downline. This can create a chain reaction once the members of your downline realize that you have been lying to them.

Make your opportunity all about your marketing network lead.

MLM Leads

MLM Leads

When you have a MLM lead and you are preparing to contact them remember one crucial thing – this isn’t about you. If you contact your lead and the conversation is all about how fast they can sign up then you won’t ever close a deal. Your downline will never grow.

You need to realize that this opportunity is all about your lead, and what it can do for them. They have a reason that they are interested. Find out what it is and see if your home business opportunity is a solution for them. If it isn’t, don’t press the issue. There are other leads that will see your opportunity as the solution they have been looking for.

Growing your downline is the key to your success.

The faster that you get quality leads for your home business opportunity the greater chance you have to launch your business. Your major product in MLM is the business opportunity that you offer to your MLM leads. Signing them on turns them into your downline, which makes their success your success.

The fastest way to generate quality MLM leads of people looking for a home based business opportunity is to buy them. The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ couldn’t be more true. Purchasing quality MLM leads gives you a list of prequalified contacts who have requested that you contact them with your home business opportunity. It doesn’t get much better than that.

If you have a tight budget then look into buying Aged Leads; they are usually sold at a discount but they are still contacts that have been prequalified and have requested information about a home business opportunity.

Don’t be a horrible Upline.

Your downline are counting on you to show them how to be successful in the industry that you have convinced them to join. If one of your downline is having problems getting their own MLM leads then give them some suggestions. Point them to the MLM lead company that you used when you were looking to fill out the ranks of your downline.

Don’t only call your downline when they are having problems.

 It is great that you are willing to be there when your downline are having problems, but being a good Upline is about more than that.

If you only contact your downline when they are having business problems then you give the impression that you only care when the flow of money has been interrupted. Your downline are people too – treat them as such. You may not end up being friends with all of them but staying in touch can make a big difference in their continued success.

I hope that this helps some of you who are suffering with a bad Upline. I wish you continued success in all of your endeavors.

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