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Yes “leads” such a simple word but such a diverse and complex industry.  There are pretty much leads for every industry and niche on the planet.  Somewhere, somebody is selling something and generates leads or buys leads to contact and make sales.

Leads have been around forever.

leads-direct-marketing-ad-xray-glassesBack in the olden days, before the internet, plenty of direct marketing companies ran ads on the back pages of magazines and comic books to generate leads.  You may remember them.  I grew up in Australia and used to buy a lot of comics from the local news agency.  I loved the ads, probably more than the comics, although I still read comics.

Some guys never grow up.  I loved the ones advertising BB guns which we could not get in Australia, also the ones with X-ray glasses.  They always showed some kid looking at the bones in his hand.  I had other plans for them.

Never did get a pair because the ads for them were all in the USA.

leads-direct-marketing-phantom-ringI used to buy Phantom rings so I could leave a skull mark on bad guys chins. They were made of rubber and you needed a stamp pad to leave the skull mark.

Once I bought some real Occupation Currency.  It was printed by the Imperial Japanese Government as part of their plans to occupy Australia during the second world war.  They came mighty close until a raw, poorly trained and badly armed Aussie army became the first to defeat the Japanese in a WW2 battle.

Leads!  While reminiscing I almost forget we were talking about leads.  These ads were what are called lead magnets.  It’s a real thing, we still use them today.  A lead magnet is an offer designed to attract someone into becoming a prospect.  If we think of the ad for the x-ray glasses, it’s also a self-liquidating offer.  That means it is designed to pay for itself by not only generating leads but making sales.  Clever right?

Once someone has filled out the form and sent in the $1 they have become a qualified customer.  Now the company can send them more offers with the confidence of knowing they are a great lead as they already made a purchase.

As I said earlier every industry uses leads.  Most companies use outside consultants and professional leads companies to generate the leads for them.  The reason for this is the internet has taken over as the main platform for lead generation.  Of course there are many methods and sites which can produce traffic which can be turned into prospects.

The big names are Facebook, Google Adwords and Bing.  There are hundreds of others as well, they are just lesser known to most people.  I’m not going to go into it anymore than that in this post as that’s not the point.

The point of this page is to speak about the different types of leads.  

Being an MLM Leads Company since 2003 we focus on the MLM niche.  Even in our niche there is a whole big wide range of types of leads.  This can be very confusing for new people.

everything_you_ever_wanted_to_know_about_leads_pdfBeing MLM there are always new people coming into the MLM business.  In an attempt to make it easier for new people and even those more advanced and experienced we have produced a comprehensive guide.

It’s called Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Leads. You can get it for free by clicking on the image and entering your email address on the next page.  We promise not to spam you or share your address.  We also promise to send you more useful business building tips and advice.

Don Reid has been a success in MLM since 1992 and the owner of Apache Leads since 2003 when he founded it.  At the time he was at the Diamond level in a company called Life Force and founded this site to provide leads for his own downline.  That expanded quickly to provide quality mlm leads for everyone.

Because of his extensive experience Don has provided a lot of Free MLM Training which can also be found by clicking the book image.

The book covers every type of mlm lead.  Definitely worth a quick read if you are interested in building a home business fast and easily.

Generating your own leads is definitely possible but has a couple of drawbacks; it’s expensive, it’s difficult and it’s not your core business.  It’s better and much more profitable to work on your business rather than in your business.

If you would like to receive discount coupons, tips, tricks and advice on mlm home business building and on the numerous other methods of getting awesome leads then please do subscribe to our email list.  You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

We Call Your Leads

Back in 2014 we started a new service where we would supply the leads and call them for you.  This has proven to be a very popular service.  The main reason for it’s popularity is that the first call to leads is the hardest call.  After they have been qualified and warmed up the second call to them is very easy.

It also is aligned with the best practices idea of outsourcing menial tasks as much as possible in order to leverage time and grow your mlm home business faster.  The service is amazingly affordable starting at only $49

To discover more information, no obligation, no cost, click the image below

we call your leads


We certainly hope that we have helped your understanding and also hope you have decided to join our email list.  If you have any questions or difficulties building your network marketing business, please comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.  You might also notice we have a live chat system down there in the bottom right hand corner,  feel free to chat with one of our very attractive and helpful staff

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Apacheleads winning mlm phone scripts

Professionals Use MLM Phone Scripts, Amateurs Don’t, They Fail and Quit.

Professionals Use MLM Phone Scripts, Amateurs Don’t, They Fail and Quit.

 Harsh words kids but I can’t sugar coat this lesson, it’s just too important to your future.

Let me say it another way, to make sure it’s super clear:  If you are not using a professional phone script to call leads, you are going to fail and quit, I can guarantee that 100%!

How the hell would I know that you might ask and that would be a reasonable question.  I began in MLM in February 1992, before the internet and before MLM Leads.  I had to do my own prospecting and my own calls.  I made thousands of calls and became very good at making calls.  I could get a meeting with anyone, which was not as good as it sounds.  I sometimes forgot the primary reason to be calling a lead, but I’ll cover that later.

The important thing is I used a script which was killer and I very rarely needed to go “off script”.  I had used the same script so many times I didn’t need it to be written down in front of me anymore, it was pretty much tattooed onto my brain.

Why Use Scripts?

Some people are skeptical of scripts. They recommend you be “natural”, that you simply shoot from the hip, say whatever comes to mind, and let things just be conversational.  That is, quite possibly, the worst advice in the history of giving advice.

Using a script allows you to test new things and to measure its success.  Random conversations are not measurable and just as importantly, they are not something your downline can duplicate.

Eventually the script you find works best for you, will be memorized and it will flow easily.  You will even find yourself modifying it as you go along.  All that is good and as it should be.

Injecting your own personality and modifying the script to meet the circumstances of the call are good things.

The bottom line is to use one because it’s a major difference between professional networkers and those who remain amateurs.

Professionals use scripts, amateurs don’t.

As I mentioned earlier, I first started in MLM in 1992 since then I have, through my networking and my leads business, spoken to thousands of network marketers and those who achieved success quickly, all had one thing in common.

They practiced making calls.

They would practice with their upline and with their downline.  Picking up tips and sharing them downline.  Making practice calls helps to memorize the script and helps you learn to say it naturally instead of sounding like you are reading it.

Amateurs do not have a script and they do not practice calls, instead they just blame the prospects.

Lastly, keep the following in mind: calling a prospect is about qualifying them or disqualifying them.  What I mean by that is you need to decide if this prospect even qualifies to learn anything about your business.   Your primary objective in the first call is NOT to try and coerce some poor unqualified prospect to watch your presentation.  That just leads to wasted time and frustration.  Qualify your leads.

Pick a script and stick to it.

You can grab plenty of Kindle books full of amazing scripts on Amazon  and you can also download all my free books when you join our Insiders Club for FREE

apache leads winning mlm phone scripts

If this was helpful at all please like it and share it on your favorite social media.  Also, please comment and tell me any challenges you are having with scripts or any fun experiences you have had, we love hearing from you

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Apache Leads Jason Lee MLM Recruiting

MLM Recruiting with Jason Lee

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jason Lee, a true super star in network marketing.  Jason is a really dynamic guy with a ton of experience when it comes to growing big MLM businesses fast and even more importantly, efficiently.

Jason Lee Apache MLM Leads

Jason Lee Network Marketing Coach

Really, why do things the hard way when you can use all the tools available to everyone these days and make the task so much easier and faster.  Jason is a Network Marketing Coach with plenty of runs on the board.  Check out the Jason Lee Facebook page and the JasonLeeHQ blog

Jason recently wrote one of the very best posts I’ve ever seen

It’s about the different tools and methods of generating leads and converting them into awesome team members.  While I was devouring his article I was wishing I had written it.  If you want to learn more about MLM Recruiting , do yourself a favor and check out his post.

He really tore into the paid mlm leads industry but fortunately was very kind to Apache Leads (phew!)

Jason’s team have been testing Apache Leads and other leads companies (We were unaware of this) for a while now and we were very pleased to be selected by Jasons team to partner up and provide MLM Leads for his team.   If you have a growing team of 100 or more and would like to learn more about a team support system, please do contact us via the usual channels. We can offer you and your team a range of benefits which can definitely help get your team closer to their dreams faster.

Meanwhile, if you want to discover some very cool ways to attract and generate leads, please do go over and check out the really great article Jason posted, he clearly put a ton of effort into this and could charge hundreds of dollars for this very valuable training.  Let him know you came from Apache Leads by leaving a comment at the bottom of his post. He might buy me a gin tonic for that!

As a partner to Jasons team and yours, Apache Leads has a lot of leads and services designed specifically to support you and we stand behind every product on our site.  Currently I’m in the Philippines adding more customer support staff to our team.  Pretty soon we will be available 24 hours a day.

Some of the services apart from leads which are proving to be winners in fast MLM business building are the We Call Your Leads service, the Targeted MLM Traffic and our beautiful MLM Leads Capture Pages. The key is to have a bunch of strategies all working together to get the momentum and growth you need in your network marketing business.  Have you ever thought about getting your own videos ranked on YouTube?  Here’s our Cheatsheet on getting ranked on YouTube

A super popular modern method is the Ringless Voicemail Drop.  This allows you to contact thousands of prospects at the touch of a button and have them call you!!  Training for the Ringless Voicemail Drop System is available here.

OK guys thanks for reading and as always please like and comment if you got anything from this post

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MLM Leads Are NOT Magic Beans

MLM LEADS are a great tool but they are not magic beans.  Like any tool it’s up to the person using the tool to learn the skills required to get the best from the tool.

Carpenters spend years learning how to use the tools of their trade, Doctors, Pilots, Lawyers, Bus Drivers, Taxi Drivers, Sales People, everyone needs to learn the skills of their trade.

MLm or Network Marketing is no diffierent yet every single day I speak to new people on live chat and they come across as way too  know it all to be teachable.  The irony of them being on live chat asking for help escapes them totally.   Got to laugh.

Here’s two tips that I mentioned in the video above which bear repeating here.

Tip 1: The absolute BEST MLM Leads are the Premium MLM Leads.  There is simply no question about that.  They are the best because they had to spend some time completing a comprehensive survey form.  The questions they gave are included with the lead so you can really establish a solid trusting relationship.  In the case of the Australian Premium MLM Leads we even went a step further and phone interviewed them.  No one else on this planet is going the extra yards like Apache Leads does.

Tip 2: Your skill level is tied exactly to your success level.  If you only want a little success then great, don’t bother getting any training.  If you truly want to grow a busienss which can support the life style you and your family deserve then YOU NEED TO CHANGE.  What?!?!?

YES you need to change because the knowledge and skill levels you already possess got you this far in life.

Are you happy with where your lifestyle is right now this very moment?


Good that’s the first step to improving.  I know it’s an old saying and you might have heard it before but it’s deadset true and you might as well accept that and start applying it to yourself.


We are all a sum of the books we have read and the people we hang out with.  That’s why we are all at where we are today.

Apache Leads has invested a great deal of time and money for you.  We have provided you with some top class training manuals for free.  Did you read them….did you?  Downloading them (sadly) does not magically transfer the information to your brain.  You need to dust those books off and crack them open and devour the information and then practice practice practice.

You’re maybe thinking I’m harping on and being a bit tough in the post, it’s because I give a shit and want you to achieve the success you deserve. I see thousands of networkers come and go, it’s a 90 day cycle.  More quit than make it big.  You know this right?

Which side of the ledger will you be on …. the quitters or the winners?

Please do comment below with your toughest struggle right now and I will do my best to help out.

If this post was of use, please do like it and share it with your business associates and friends.

Links to Information Mentioned In The Video

US Premium MLM Leads

Australian Premium MLM Leads

The Insiders Club (Free Membership)

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Elevator Pitch

Do you have a winning "elevator pitch"?

An elevator pitch is what you should be saying anytime someone asks you:

What do you do?”

You need a quick succinct response which fully answers the question in a positive confident manner. Your response should just roll off your tongue and sound interesting.  Under 5 seconds is best.

Here’s an example, For Apache Leads it could be:

“I help business owners get closer to their dreams by helping them expand their businesses by matching them with business opportunity seekers.”

Maybe your business is about saving money on travel, you could say:

“I help people save money on their travel.”

That statement is short and to the point and takes about 2 to 3 seconds to say. It gives enough information to allow them to decide whether they want more information or not. If they want more information, they’ll ask:

“How does that work?”

You could answer with something like this:

“Well you know how people love to travel but to do it right usually is very expensive? Our company helps people save on their travel bills with lower rates. People love saving money, so they start telling others about it. When you do this enough times, the company starts sending you checks in the mail as their way of saying ‘thanks’.

“So imagine that you helped your friends save on their travel bills. Well, the best part is that every time your travel, you make money!”

Easy peasy right? It was short and to the point.

The result is they will either want more information or they won’t.  If they don’t that’s ok, they were not the person you were looking for.

In either case, you simply and succinctly presented your business in just a few seconds. Nobody is upset, nobody is saying no, nobody is getting rejected.

But one thing is for sure, the more people you present to in this way, the more people are going to be in your business and the closer you will be to your dreams

See what I did there, told you I bring people closer to their dreams <img class=” />

Interested in a way to automate getting to deliver your elevator pitch?

It’s nice and easy to automate and we have everything you need.  We have home Business Seeking Traffic (visitors) which we can send to your MLM Leads Capture Page.  If you don’t have one we can provide that for you as well.

Prospects who are interested in your elevator pitch will sign up on your lead capture page and will leave you their contact information.

Then they will be redirected to your business presentation.

You follow up with them after the presentation.  Either they will want more information about the business or they will not.  Either they will want to get started or they will not.

It doesn’t matter, you will have achieved your goal of presenting your business to more people, which is the only way your business can grow.

Why? Because that’s the only way you can sponsor new people into your business.

I truly hope this has been helpful.  If it has please share it and like it as that is pretty much paying it forward.

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Apacheleads - What is mlm leads

Aged MLM Leads – What The Heck Are They?

Aged MLM Leads – What The Heck Are They?

It’s a term I coined for leads that are not so fresh anymore.

How they came about was one day I got a call from a visitor to my site and he asked did I have any old leads for sale. I had tons of them but had never offered them for sale as it never occurred to me that anyone would want them.

We struck a deal and he bought 500.

A few days later he called back and wanted another 2,000. I must admit, I was really surprised and asked him how come he wanted so many. He said he had great success calling these old leads because “half of them had never been contacted before”

What a wake up call that was.

Since then I have had many top MLM builders tell me exactly the same thing. This is a secret that the big time network marketers use and never tell. They use what we call “Aged Leads” because they are so inexpensive compared to fresh leads and the response rate is just about as good.

A good friend of mine with a huge downline of over 15,000 uses aged leads and even teaches many of his new members to do the same.

Of course, he has a very good phone technique that has been honed by following the teachings of a well known MLM trainer who specializes in teaching how to contact leads. I recommend that anyone serious about building a MLM business do the same.

Aged leads are also terrific value for beginners to practice telephone calls on. Because the aged leads are so cheap it’s not a wrist slashing thing if the newbie screws up a few calls, which they will for sure.

You never know, the next biggest networker ever could be in your aged leads, just waiting to be called.

Using aged leads in email contact is also a very viable proposition as they all come with full contact information including time/date stamps and IP addresses. This is good proof that they opted in and gave permission to be contacted by any method, including by email.

If you are going to contact leads by email, make sure you do not overpower them with a bunch of sales talk. Take it slow and build a relationship based on providing good value content and being trustworthy. In no time at all you will have a heap of interested prospects very willing to join you in your home business.

I hope this is helpful information to assist you succeeding with lower overheads

If you found this article useful, please share by clicking the social media buttons below.  Also if you have any questions, please ask away and I will do my best to answer you.

Grab a bunch of Aged MLM Leads today, get a BIG bang for your buck

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The U.S. Invades Australia – MLM Lead Companies To Blame

It seems like everyone wants a piece of Australia these days. MLM Distributors from around the world are ordering MLM leads targeted at the Australian market – especially in the United States. I think they have caught on about Australian secret.

Australia has some of the friendliest and easy going people in the world. This makes our MLM leads very easy to talk to. Just take it easy and have a great conversation and I’m sure that things will go well. I will warn you however that Aussies don’t like to be pushed around. It is pretty common for anyone in Australia to give you a fair chance and see what you’re all about, but you will likely find that any strong arm tactics aren’t too likely to work.

Business opportunity leads that are generated from Australia are much like anywhere else. Quality MLM Lead Services ensure that their leads are already interested in the idea of running a work at home business. The rules are the same when you are contacting your work at home leads – keep the conversation focused on the goals and ambitions of your lead.

The other secret that no one seems to want to let out of the bad is that the Aussie market is very hot! MLM leads are so interested in a home based business opportunity that they often come back and fill out a second survey to ensure that they get a quicker response. These are the kind of leads that you want to call!

When you expand your downline into a new area there are always things that you are going to want to look out for. For and foremost you want to ensure that your MLM Leads Company is a quality source of home based opportunity leads.

  • Avoid MLM Lead Companies that entice people into becoming a MLM lead. Many MLM lead companies will offer an incentive to take their questionnaire and gather their contact information. This reduces the quality of the lead because they may not be interested in your opportunity at all – they were merely looking to win a new iPod, or other incentive.
  • Research how they obtained their home based business leads..Some lead companies have been accused of gathering their leads by taking names out of phone books, retrieving information from website spiders that are designed to collect names and email addresses, or other less than ethical practices. Be sure that the company that you deal with only uses legal and ethical practices to gather their MLM leads.
  • How long has the MLM Lead Company been in business? A company that provides business opportunity leads needs to be prepared to stand behind their product. If the company has not been in business for very long you will have no way of determining whether they are a ‘fly by night’ operation or not. Give them a little time to gain some credibility before you invest your money into them. If they have come highly recommended from a trusted source, then wait for a sale or promotion so you invest less the first time.
  • Does the MLM Lead Company have a guarantee? MLM Lead Companies that won’t guarantee their service are giving you a warning flag. A guarantee shows that the company providing you your work at home leads is ready to stand behind their product – even at their own cost.
  • Be prepared for some culture shock This goes for both you and your work from home lead. You will be calling MLM leads from another culture which can work for you if you do it properly. They will be interested to know how things are different where you live, and be curious about your country or area. On the flip side they will want to be reassured that they will get your full support even if they are in another country. They will also want to know how that support will be effective.

Using a quality MLM Lead Company means that they have done most of the work for you. Now you just need to contact your new MLM leads and start recruiting! In this case you want to be sure that you don’t miss the boat because this feeding frenzy of interest will eventually fade.

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lead providers

MLM Lead Providers Are The #1 Culprit In The MLM Industry

MLM Lead Companies have been crucial in many MLM success stories. They provide high quality home business opportunity leads that can help your downline explode with new business. Most MLM Lead Companies offer a wide range of work at home lead types – from Real Time Leads and Auto-responder Leads, to Aged Leads.

When you are looking for the fastest way to acquire high quality warm leads who have been asked to be contacted about a home based business opportunity your best bet is to contact a MLM Leads Provider.

So if all of this is true and MLM Lead Companies provide the fastest way to start expanding your downline, quality warm leads who want to be contacted with your home based business opportunity then why is it that MLM Lead Companies have been cited as the number one reason for

MLM Distributors to fail at their business? The reason is simple.

MLM Distributors aren’t dealing with reputable MLM Lead Companies.

Whenever you deal with a MLM Lead Company you need to realize that you are paying for valuable information. This information is normally non-refundable so you want to be sure that you are getting quality leads from a reputable company.

First if all you need to know the signs when the lead generation company that you are looking at using may be providing you with less than quality leads. Here are some guidelines to help you determine whether the MLM Leads Company that you are looking at is worth dealing with.

  • Do not buy MLM Leads that have been enticed into becoming a lead. Many MLM lead companies will offer an incentive to take their questionnaire and gather the contact information of the lead. This reduces the quality of the lead because they may not be interested in your opportunity at all – they were merely looking to win a new iPod, or other incentive.
  • Ethical and Legal methods of gaining MLM leads.Take a look at the company’s website and FAQ. Find out how they gather their leads – don’t be too timid to call them and ask for a direct answer if the information is not on their website.
  • How long have they been in business?A company that provides business opportunity leads needs to be prepared to stand behind their product. If the company has not been in business for very long you won’t have a way to determine whether they are a ‘fly by night’ operation. Give them a little time to gain some credibility before you invest your money into them.
  • Does the company have a guarantee? It is a good sign when the MLM Leads Company that you are dealing with provides a guarantee on their product or services. This shows that the company is ready to stand behind their product, even at their own cost.

The best way to see if a company is providing you quality leads is to visit their website. Check their policies and procedures and look for any signs that you may be getting MLM leads that are not top quality. If they offer Real Time Leads then be sure you know exactly what they consider ‘real time’ to be. How long does a lead sit before it is considered an ‘Aged Lead?’

If you take the time to research the MLM Leads Company that you are about to do business with and you find them to be a quality company, you should do business with them. A quality MLM Company can give you the opportunity to launch your downline faster than any other lead generating method.

More Info Available Visit Our Homepage https://apacheleads.com/

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real time leads

Real Time Leads: The Straightforward Approach

Real Time Leads are, hands down, one of the hottest home based business leads that you can get. MLM Lead companies prequalify their MLM leads to determine how interested a lead is and then the lead enters their contact information. When they enter their contacted information they are requesting that someone contact them with information about a work at home or MLM business.

That means that these network marketing leads are already interested in the possibility that a home based business may be the answer to their unique situation. All you have to do is help them determine whether your business opportunity is right for your lead.

Here are some tips on how to make Real Time Leads work for you:

1. Buy your Real Time MLM leads online through a MLM Lead Company. There are a variety of leads that you can choose from but if you are looking for high quality MLM leads I would recommend Real Time Leads.

Calling a Real Time Lead as soon as their contact information comes to you means that they may still be on your web page when you make the call. This can have an immense impact on your enrollment rate – an increase of up to 10 times the enrollment rate compared to standard leads.

There are many different MLM lead types – be sure to find the one that works for you.

2. Make your downline your priority. As a MLM distributor your focus needs to be your downline. Your downline doing well means that you do well. Call them bi-weekly to see how things are going for them both in their lives and their work at home business.

By keeping in contact with your downline you let them know that you are there to be supportive. You will find that you are able to deal with inconveniences before they become problems, and when a problem rises you are already on top of it.

3. Help your downline be successful with their downline. Not all uplines will have the answer to ever question or situation that comes up – that includes you. When you don’t know the answer you should find someone who does.

If your downline follows this guideline they are likely to turn to you first. When you don’t know the answer you should continue to go up the chain until you find someone who does.

All of these tips are designed to help you run a smoother, more profitable MLM business. Real Time Leads are an extremely high quality lead that can definitely be a great asset to growing your downline. I hope that this helps you understand how Real Time Leads are different than other MLM leads, and how you can put them to use for you.

If you feel that you can improve these tips in any way for you or your downline then I suggest doing so. Using other work at home leads in a similar fashion will also help you have bigger successes more often.

MLM Success tips visit us https://apacheleads.com/

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buying mlm leads

Buying MLM Leads Is Crazy Then I’m Going Insane – And So Should You!

The idea of buying MLM leads is often met with skepticism but nothing could make more sense. The job of an MLM Leads Company is to find leads that are looking for a home based business opportunity. They use extensive surveys to qualify the wants and needs of their work at home leads so they can determine how serious they are about enrolling in home based business.

Getting a list of quality MLM leads as fast as possible is crucial to anyone starting as a MLM Distributor. While other methods can take months to get you your first lead a MLM Leads Company can deliver an order of prequalified leads within 24 hours. This lets you get started on making your business successful right away.

Buying MLM Leads

Buying just any lead is not a solution to build your downline; you need to be sure that you are buying quality MLM leads that have already warmed to the idea of building a work at home business. Here is a list of a few things to watch for:

  • Do you know enough about your home business opportunity to answer the questions your leads will ask you? This is not to say that you need to know everything about your business. Most of the time you merely need to read over the information that has been provided to you by your MLM Upline.
    Most MLM’s provide a starter package for you if you are new to the business, and you are likely to find the answers to any questions you may be asked in there.
    I would suggest that you read all of your business information at least once before making contact with your leads because if they are interested in your opportunity they will likely have questions for you.
  • Do you have the time to dedicate to contacting your leads? While this may seem like a no brainer you might be surprised. Many people sign up for an MLM opportunity and then don’t make the time to properly run their business.
    If you are not dedicated to succeeding in your company then now is not the time to invest money into network marketing leads, even if that investment may be the best thing you could do for your home based business.
  • Can you afford to be buying mlm leads? In your excitement to get your home based business off the ground you may think things like ‘If I buy my leads now I’ll be rich in days! I can put off paying that bill until I’m rolling in the money….’ While it is true that quality leads provide a large amount of contacts interested in a home business opportunity, it is still unwise to invest money into MLM leads that you can’t afford.
    Quality MLM Lead and Home Business Lead Companies are able to generate thousands of leads per month and they will be able to provide you quality leads when you have the money to invest. Don’t go hungry today for the hope of tomorrow.

Read all of the material that you have been given in your starter kit, and any additional information your Upline is able to give you about your MLM Company. Then schedule some time to dedicate to contacting your recently purchased MLM leads.

Buying MLM leads the day before you intend on making your calls. Most MLM Lead Companies take up to 24 hours to send you a leads file and you want to be sure that you have your list before you need to make your calls

All of these preparations come across when you contact your work at home leads because you will be more relaxed, knowledgeable, and confident in your home based business opportunity. Your excitement and confidence will infect them to be excited with you.

Without being prepared your MLM leads will feel that you are only there to take their money and fear that you will not be a supportive upline when they need you most.

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