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MLM Lead Definitions

MLM Lead Definitions – Getting to Know The MLM Industry

MLM Lead Definitions:

 There are quite a few different leads that a MLM Distributor may come across during their attempt to expand their downline.  I thought that I would put together a list of the more common lead types for newer MLM distributors or those who are in the market to explode their downlines into success.

Here are a few definitions to clarify the MLM and Lead Generation industry.

Cold Leads.

A cold lead occurs when you receive someone’s contact information through a referral or third party and the MLM lead has not requested contact.  They are generally not interested in running a work at home business.  Cold leads spend most of the time that you are with them wondering how they can tell you that they are not interested without causing a reaction.

Warm Leads

A warm lead occurs when someone has decided that they would like to learn more about work at home opportunities.  These leads have usually qualified themselves as being interested in learning more about a MLM or home business opportunity through a survey or weeding process such as a MLM lead generation website.

The easiest way to get warm leads is through a MLM Lead Company that focuses on offering high quality leads for you to grow your downline.

Hot Leads

A hot lead is a form of warm lead that has hit it’s crucial contact period. This is when the lead has convinced themselves that they are going to sign up to a home based business opportunity – now they just need to decide on which one.

Some work at home leads that are offered by MLM Lead Companies have a higher chance of producing a Hot Lead such as when Real Time Leads are used effectively.

Area Code/Region Leads

These home based business leads are defined by their physical location.  This can be any area but are normally a country, state, region, city or area code.  TWhen you purchase leads with targeting that is this specific you know exactly what part of the country your leads are going to be in.  This is great for targeting specific cities within or outside of your country.

Double Opt-In Leads.

A Double Opt-In Lead is a qualification format that is used for superior results.  The lead fills in a survey or a MLM lead generation form to signifiy that they want to be contacted by someone with a home based business opportunity.  They are then contacted via phone or email and must indicated that they really do want to be contacted with an opportunity.  This verification process makes these network marketing leads to a cut above.

When you are looking to place an order with your trusted MLM Leads Company be sure to add some Double Opt-In leads to your shopping cart and experience the difference!

Auto-responder Leads.

An auto-responder lead has completed an online form or survey to qualify themselves as a genuine MLM lead.  The lead is asked to provide a detailed list of information regarding what type of opportunity they are looking at being involved with.

Auto-responder Leads are used in conjunction with an email drip to build the lead’s desires to be a member of a successful home based business opportunity.  They are designed to submit hundreds or thousands of business teasers or contacts within minutes.  This is a very powerful way to grow your downline.

Phone Interviewed Leads.

This extremely hot bundle of leads was called to verify the quality and intention of the leads involved.  Although normally a little more expensive than other leads a Phone Interviewed Lead provides a very high rate of success.  Answers to all interview questions should be available for you to review before you contact your work at home lead.

Real Time Leads.

Real Time Leads are the fastest response MLM leads in the industry.  The moment that someone fills out their qualifying lead form their information is sent to you.  At this point you have the ability to contact the interested lead while they are still browsing your site.  This can add a tremendous return rate to your marketing attempts.

If any type of these MLM leads interest you be sure to check with your MLM Lead Generation Company to see if they are offered.

MLM Lead Definitions

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Top MLM Companies

Top MLM Companies – Are They Right For You

If you are one of the few who knows that they want to be an MLM Distributor before you were approached by someone with an opportunity I would like to commend you.  It isn’t always to see where the opportunity lies until someone else shows you the way and you are at an advantage.

For those of you who knew that you wanted something extra but didn’t get involved in MLM until someone else showed you the opportunity I would like to commend you as well.  You had the vision to see a great opportunity before you and the courage to give it a shot.

The top MLM companies will change over the years but one thing always stays the same – the core of the business.  The core of all MLM companies is the concept of offering your opportunity to others and building your downline.  If a company seems reliable, and offers a good product line then it appears as if it will be easy to extend your offer to everyone you meet, after all who wouldn’t want in on this amazing opportunity!

Well, if you follow the standard marketing techniques that you are given in your starter kit then you will probably be surprised at how many people that can be.

The marketing method that most MLM companies show their distributors and claim that it will work generates what is known as ‘cold leads’ – even top MLM companies.  This is when you contact a referral MLM lead that you were given from a friend or a friend of a friend, or family.  The contact has often not been warned that you were going to call and has no desire to be involved in a work at home business.  Of course you have no way of knowing this because this lead was never prequalified.

You would figure that after 10 or more years in the industry they would know better.

If you really want to grow your business you need to grow your downline.  I don’t mean getting a few people under you; I mean EXPLODE your downline so your business is not selling your product line.  Your business become helping your downline explore their downline.

And the only way to do that quickly is to generate warm MLM leads that are looking for an opportunity to run a work at home business.  The good news is that finding these leads is pretty easy – you just go to the experts.

Find yourself a good quality, trusted MLM Leads Company and purchase your leads from them.

This idea is often met with skepticism but nothing could make more sense.  The job of an MLM Leads Company is to find leads that are looking for a home based business opportunity.  They use extensive surveys to qualify the wants and needs of their work at home leads so they can determine how serious they are about enrolling in home based business.

Getting a list of quality MLM leads as fast as possible is crucial to anyone starting as a MLM Distributor.  While other methods can take months to get you your first lead a MLM Leads Company can deliver an order of prequalified leads within 24 hours.  This lets you get started on making your business successful right away!

Visit the website of a few MLM Lead Companies and see what promotions they have going.  If your business is failing or you are having problems get it off the ground then you have nothing else to lose.  Place and order and get ready to smile as you will be pleasantly surprised at the difference between a cold work at home lead and a qualified warm MLM lead.

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