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Aged MLM Leads – What The Heck Are They?

Aged MLM Leads – What The Heck Are They?

It’s a term I coined for leads that are not so fresh anymore.

How they came about was one day I got a call from a visitor to my site and he asked did I have any old leads for sale. I had tons of them but had never offered them for sale as it never occurred to me that anyone would want them.

We struck a deal and he bought 500.

A few days later he called back and wanted another 2,000. I must admit, I was really surprised and asked him how come he wanted so many. He said he had great success calling these old leads because “half of them had never been contacted before”

What a wake up call that was.

Since then I have had many top MLM builders tell me exactly the same thing. This is a secret that the big time network marketers use and never tell. They use what we call “Aged Leads” because they are so inexpensive compared to fresh leads and the response rate is just about as good.

A good friend of mine with a huge downline of over 15,000 uses aged leads and even teaches many of his new members to do the same.

Of course, he has a very good phone technique that has been honed by following the teachings of a well known MLM trainer who specializes in teaching how to contact leads. I recommend that anyone serious about building a MLM business do the same.

Aged leads are also terrific value for beginners to practice telephone calls on. Because the aged leads are so cheap it’s not a wrist slashing thing if the newbie screws up a few calls, which they will for sure.

You never know, the next biggest networker ever could be in your aged leads, just waiting to be called.

Using aged leads in email contact is also a very viable proposition as they all come with full contact information including time/date stamps and IP addresses. This is good proof that they opted in and gave permission to be contacted by any method, including by email.

If you are going to contact leads by email, make sure you do not overpower them with a bunch of sales talk. Take it slow and build a relationship based on providing good value content and being trustworthy. In no time at all you will have a heap of interested prospects very willing to join you in your home business.

I hope this is helpful information to assist you succeeding with lower overheads

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if you know how

MLM Leads That Let You Get 10X The Enrollments – If You Know How

No that’s not a misprint, there really is a way to get a response rate up to 10 times the enrollments than you would get from your standard leads.  I’d like to tell you that this is a special new network marketing lead that is just being introduced.  I’d also like to tell you that this is a limited run of MLM leads that are sure to rock the world of MLM.

But the truth is that in this case that isn’t what you want to hear.  What a truly successful MLM distributor wants to hear is ‘these home based business leads are going to EXPLODE your downline, and there are more where they came from!’  Lucky for you that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you.

First you will need to know what a ‘pre-enrollee’ is.  A pre-enrollee is a home business lead that has been qualified by a questionnaire or another qualifying method.  They have shown interest in learning about a business opportunity and their responses indicate which home business they would be a good MLM lead for.

The profile of the pre-enrollee is turned into a work at home lead and matched to a business that suits their needs.  Let’s say for a moment that this is your MLM home business opportunity.  The MLM lead is sent to your website and directed to a ‘Free Membership Tour’ or a similar process.  They are asked to provide their contact information before they start the tour and this information is sent immediately to you.

The lead is considered a pre-enrollee once they have provided your website with their contact information to state that they are interested in learning about your home business opportunity.  It is at this moment when they are the hottest lead they will ever be – this is the time when you want to tell them about your MLM opportunity.

Although the pre-enrollee program is designed that you don’t have to lift a finger to get enrollments this is a bad idea.  If you leave the pre-enrollee lead to browse at their leisure you will only get a sign-up rate of approximately 1%.  There is nothing to keep them on your site or prompt them to sign up except their own curiosity, and we all know where that gets us.

The greatest advantage of this system is that your network marketing leads have always qualified themselves.  If they were not interested in your home business opportunity they would not have taken the steps to sign up.  This means that contacting them to determine what their immediate needs are, and explaining how your home based business opportunity can help them can be critical.

The difference between leaving your MLM leads to sign up themselves and calling them to answer any questions and show them the benefits of your opportunity can drastically change your results.  By simply making a phone call you can talk to your pre-enrollee MLM lead while they are still on your website and increase your response rate to as much as a 10% conversion!

As with any form of leads that you buy from a lead generation service you will want to ensure that your pre-enrollee leads are quality leads.  Make sure that you deal with a company that does not offer incentives to people just because they request information.

A quality pre-enrollee MLM lead is someone who has signed up to get information about your business who was not bribed with an incentive.  You need to be sure that they are contacting you with the right intentions.

Pre-enrollee MLM leads are considered to be one of the highest quality home business lead you can buy.  They are people who are interested in building a home based business and have qualified themselves to be looking for an opportunity like yours.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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