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Master Dream Building – Find Your Why

Why did you get into business?

Do you remember?

Was it something you had always wanted, was it freedom, was it security, was it to help others, was it to travel?

What was it?

If you can't answer that instantly you need to go back to the basics and get a dream. If you don't have a dream, you are not going to build a business because you have no reason to do the hard yards.

Nothing worth having in life is easy to get. Olympic champions train for their whole lives, not just for a year before the Olympics. They do what it takes everyday, over and over. Their dream drives them.

World champion boxers, train all their lives, every day, doing the same thing over and over. Their dream drives them.

Read the biography of Elon Musk, he has been training for this all his life... he has a dream

Everyone who succeeds in life has a dream, there are no exceptions...what is your dream

I'd love to hear it and celebrate it with you

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How to Never Run Out of Things to Say

The art of keeping the conversation flowing.

You’ve been in the situation where for some reason you are left along with a stranger at a party or a conference and all of a sudden the small talk is drying up because you neither of you has a clue what to say.

Awkward right?

Damn straight.  All my life this has been happening to me unless I’ve had a few drinks, then its nearly impossible to shut me up.

But seriously, it’s a real problem that many of us face over and over. So many times I see others just make conversation like it’s a magical gift.  Effortlessly they get complete strangers to open up and share even quite intimate details of their lifes, hopes and dreams.

I’ve never been good at conversation and become shy and withdrawn.  People then assume I’m aloof and not at all interested in them and worse that I’m completely uninteresting. 

Well I found an excellent video on YouTube which can help me and maybe you as well.  It’s short, makes a ton of sense and best of all its easy to remember.

It’s called the FORD method.  Hope you enjoy it and love to hear about your experiences below in the comments.  Please also feel free to share the post via your Facebook

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Best Wishes for 2017

Best Wishes for 2017

We hope you had a good year!  As we get close to saying goodbye to 2016, most people begin looking toward the next year, 2017. My thoughts at this time of year is that no matter how I use my time, time keeps marching relentlessly on.  Given time, 2017, will make way for 2018 and so on ad infinitum.

The things we do now at this time of the year, have quite a profound effect on how we will fare in the next year.  Those who choose not to think about where they want to be this time next year are doomed to be exactly where they are now, or even in a worse position.

Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

Look ahead 6 months.  I say 6 months because we can all imagine that.  Think about what your business should look like at that time.  How many ACTIVE distributors are in it?  How many legs have a solid leader in there duplicating you? How much volume is your business doing?  What level on the compensation plan are you at?  How much profit are you making?

If you write down the answers of what you would like your business to be looking like, you now have your goal right?

When you also write down the answers to the same questions but this time as to where your business is today you will have 2 sets of answers.  One from today and one for 6 months or to make it easy, say the 30th June, 2017.

Now you can fill in where the business needs to be in January, February, etc in order to reach your June goals.  From there you can quite easily figure out what needs to happen each month to hit the goals.  For example you will know, how many new prospects or leads you need to contact, how many people need to see your proposal/video/meeting and how many need to become distributors.

Teach this same method to your group, help them visualize what size they want their business and how to get it.  Teach them all the steps needed.  Remember to show them more than tell them.  For example, make calls with them, do followups with them, show them how to use products. Rinse and repeat!

Duplication and Momentum are what is needed to get the magic growth you need to be financially free this time next year.  That would be great right?

Make it both your DREAM and your GOAL.

If you would like to learn a bit more about using this time of the year to achieve your goals next year you can watch a video I made for you here.  Nothing to buy, it’s just good, helpful content. Enjoy it here


Best Wishes for 2017 from Apache Leads


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Building your own income-generating website was never easier!

Site Build-It (SBI) is an online service that helps you build your own money-making website. With SBI you can create multiple streams of passive income and earn income even while you sleep.

Ken Evoy is the entrepreneur who founded SBI. Many years ago he wrote a book to teach people how to build their own money-making websites. The book was very popular and sold more than 100,000 copies.

You can grab a free copy of Kens book here

After the book became a hit, Ken built an online service to automate the action steps in the book as much as possible, thereby making it even easier for people to build money-making websites. He named the service Site Built-It (also called SBI).

Tons of people began joining SBI and used it to create their own passive income streams. As more and more people began making good money with their own websites, word of mouth spread, and SBI became even more popular.

Ken added private discussion forums, so SBI users could connect with each other and share tips, ideas, and resources to help grow their incomes even more. Those forums became another valuable part of SBI, adding an ongoing coaching element to it. The forums are especially helpful for people who are new to online business.

The SBI team continues to upgrade the service keeping it in line with current best practices.  It’s always using current proven technology, you never need to be concerned about learning any technical stuff, you can just focus on making the money.

What most people like best about SBI is that it teaches people how to generate multiple ongoing streams of passive income by creating quality websites that provide real value to the site visitors.  You might have noticed if you have used Apache Leads that we work especially hard to provide a lot of value through free training content.   This is the same concept, over deliver and under promise.

Building and owning a money-making website

If you only want to build a simple website, such as an online resume or a personal blog that only your friends and family will read, you don’t need SBI. For that type of site, just use WordPress.

SBI is a service for building money-making websites. With SBI the focus is on helping you create streams of passive income. SBI gives you the tools, coaching, and guidance to make that happen.

The most difficult part of building a successful online business is growing your traffic. If you want income, you’re going to need traffic. Building a high-traffic website is more difficult than most people realize.

Helping you build traffic is SBI’s key strength. SBI will help you lay a solid foundation by choosing the right type of website to build, the right topic, and the right name for your site. They’ll teach you how to create strong content that attracts visitors and promotes sharing. They’ll provide you with solid research tools for deciding what to put on your website. They’ll help you promote your website in the most efficient ways, so you can attract many visitors to your site for free.

Benefits of SBI

Here are some of the many benefits of using SBI:

Earn passive income

Use SBI to create multiple streams of passive income, so your website makes money for you, even while you’re sleeping.

Achieve your income goals faster

Follow SBI’s proven step-by-step process to build and grow your business faster than you otherwise would.

Enjoy more freedom and abundance

When the traffic and income start flowing, you can improve your lifestyle.

Quit your day job

Many SBI users quit their jobs and live off their passive income streams.

Simplify your life

SBI provides an all-in-one solution with all the tools, training, and support you need. This keeps your business simple and easy to run.

Make better decisions

SBI provides decision-making tools to help you make wise choices regarding your site’s name, topic, content, and more.

Grow your traffic

SBI provides the training, tools, and coaching you need to promote your site and attract lots of visitors. More visitors means more income.

Let the pros help you

SBI does the heavy-lifting for you, so you don’t need to know how to program or how to build a website. You don’t even have to research which tools to use because SBI has already done that for you.

Get coaching and social support

Get all the help you need from experienced entrepreneurs in the SBI forums. This is like having a team of business coaches available to you 24/7.

Contribute to the world

Use your SBI site to contribute value to the world. SBI has tools to help you discover untapped sources of value. Even children are using SBI successfully.

Get started with SBI

I encourage you to use SBI to create your own money-making website. Why bother with a regular job when you can earn passive income online and enjoy more freedom?

SBI comes with a money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk to try it. You can test drive it for 30 days and still get a full refund if you like. So it makes sense to go for it.

When you’re enjoying the benefits of passive income, you’ll be glad you took action. There’s no substitute for freedom

Get a 30 Day Free Trial By Clicking Here Now

Building your own income-generating website was never easier! 

Having more than one stream of passive income is much safer than only having one income.  Think about it, when is the best time to dig a well for water?  Before you’re thirsty or when you are dying of thirst?

Get started on your next income right now, don’t waste time thinking about it and procrastinating,
click now for a 30 day free trial.
No obligations, No Risk


Get a 30 Day Free Trial By Clicking Here Now


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MLM Leads Are NOT Magic Beans

MLM LEADS are a great tool but they are not magic beans.  Like any tool it’s up to the person using the tool to learn the skills required to get the best from the tool.

Carpenters spend years learning how to use the tools of their trade, Doctors, Pilots, Lawyers, Bus Drivers, Taxi Drivers, Sales People, everyone needs to learn the skills of their trade.

MLm or Network Marketing is no diffierent yet every single day I speak to new people on live chat and they come across as way too  know it all to be teachable.  The irony of them being on live chat asking for help escapes them totally.   Got to laugh.

Here’s two tips that I mentioned in the video above which bear repeating here.

Tip 1: The absolute BEST MLM Leads are the Premium MLM Leads.  There is simply no question about that.  They are the best because they had to spend some time completing a comprehensive survey form.  The questions they gave are included with the lead so you can really establish a solid trusting relationship.  In the case of the Australian Premium MLM Leads we even went a step further and phone interviewed them.  No one else on this planet is going the extra yards like Apache Leads does.

Tip 2: Your skill level is tied exactly to your success level.  If you only want a little success then great, don’t bother getting any training.  If you truly want to grow a busienss which can support the life style you and your family deserve then YOU NEED TO CHANGE.  What?!?!?

YES you need to change because the knowledge and skill levels you already possess got you this far in life.

Are you happy with where your lifestyle is right now this very moment?


Good that’s the first step to improving.  I know it’s an old saying and you might have heard it before but it’s deadset true and you might as well accept that and start applying it to yourself.


We are all a sum of the books we have read and the people we hang out with.  That’s why we are all at where we are today.

Apache Leads has invested a great deal of time and money for you.  We have provided you with some top class training manuals for free.  Did you read them….did you?  Downloading them (sadly) does not magically transfer the information to your brain.  You need to dust those books off and crack them open and devour the information and then practice practice practice.

You’re maybe thinking I’m harping on and being a bit tough in the post, it’s because I give a shit and want you to achieve the success you deserve. I see thousands of networkers come and go, it’s a 90 day cycle.  More quit than make it big.  You know this right?

Which side of the ledger will you be on …. the quitters or the winners?

Please do comment below with your toughest struggle right now and I will do my best to help out.

If this post was of use, please do like it and share it with your business associates and friends.

Links to Information Mentioned In The Video

US Premium MLM Leads

Australian Premium MLM Leads

The Insiders Club (Free Membership)

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Giant Trees With Lights & Music In Singapore

Last night I went along to the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore for a truly spectacular nightly show.  The gardens feature gigantic trees, one so large it has a restuarant on top.

As the sun goes down they let loose with a stunning music and light show which is truly astonishing.

I took a short video to give you a taste and spur you along into building your busienss so you can come and experience this breathtaking show.

The point of showing you this video is to help you realize that the world is full of amazing things to see and do.  Working at a job for 40 odd years takes up most of your time and keeps you enslaved making someone else rich.

You are in a business right now which can break all those bonds and give you freedom of time and money.  Please trust me on this, it’s really worth it.

Figure out the price you are going to have to pay to be free.  For example, if you needed 12 downline members who were actively growing their businesses to begin to be free, then that is the price you need to pay.  Go find those 12 people now and get it over and done with.

It’s like a bandaid, you can take years and years doing it slowly or you can just rip it off and be free years earlier.

I dont know how many people you need in your business to be free, most comp plans are pretty awesome though in that they really are structured so you only need a few good people.  So stop procrastinating, stop playing with product catalogues, stop learning all about the juice or the tonic or whatever….just get on the phone and call some leads and do some presentations and make some money.

The faster you build your business the faster the rewards come to you.

Maybe its getting to the point where your partner can quit their job, or where you can afford to expand your business into new areas, or begin making extra payments on your mortgage.  Whatever it is, really drill down into your dream and internalize it.  Thats the force which will make you do this thing.  Nothing else but a real internalized dream can make you build this.

We do want to help you and be part of your journey. As you probably know our site is jampacked with free MLM training and we often offer excellent offers on leads.  We want this to be a long term relationship with you and your group.  Since 2003, when I first launched Apache Leads, we have helped thousands of Networkers, just like you reach their goals and dreams.


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When Will You Be Free?

The absolute best thing about my business is I have freedom to go anywhere, anytime, without ever needing to ask anybody.

Now you know as well as I do that nothing come for free.  Everything worth having has a price.  What is the price of your freedom?   Is it having 50 people in your business?  a 100?   You can probably look at your company’s comp plan and work out exactly what is needed to get you to the point that you are finally free.

That is the price for your freedom.

When I say in the video above, to just get the work dome and out of the way, that’s what I’m talking about.  Paying the price is doing the work.

I would just love meeting you on an adventure to an exotic location, having friends on these adventures makes it so much better.  Trust me, there are plenty of seats in business class and plenty of hotel rooms to handle all of us.

To help you get here faster we have a 20% discount coupon to encourage you to invest in your business.  Doing the work and getting free, involves contacting leads.  There is no way around that so just accept it and get it over and done with.  The discount coupon which can be used at the checkout is TAKE20

Make the decision today to pay the price and get your freedom!  Without a firm decision, its never going to happen.  Don’t do that to yourself, you deserve to be on the beaches, living life to the fullest.

See you soon :)

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MLM Leads – Everything you ever wanted to know about MLM leads

Don Reid has been an MLM Leads expert since founding Apache Leads way back in 2003.  In his new book he reveals many dirty little secrets of the mlm leads industry.  This free PDF book can be downloaded for free and will definitely help you save a ton of money and Everything About MLM Leads.

Do you know the difference between fresh leads and aged leads?

Do you know if guaranteed signups are a good investment or a waste of money?

Is there really any such thing as an exclusive mlm lead?

Discover the answers to everything you could ever think to ask about leads by downloading this power packed free PDF


“Hi, I’m Don Reid and I started Apache Leads way back in 2003. Since then We’ve helped thousands of Network Marketers get closer to their dreams, faster. Millions of leads have been delivered, all of them guaranteed.

Over this time we have learnt a thing or two about leads. Now for the first time ever, I’m lifting the lid on the mlm leads industry.

Nothing is held back, we even reveal the dirty little secret about “exclusive leads” which the industry will not be happy about.

Discover how to know if a lead company is good, honest and reliable… in seconds. Don’t ever be fooled again by fast talking scammers. You will be armed with the information needed to know you are dealing with a good company.

I reveal why all those people on YouTube telling you that generating your own leads is easy are scamming you. Once you read the explosive revelations you will see them for what they are.

Learn what all the different kinds of leads are for and how to use them the right way.

Discover how to use lead capture pages and traffic to get real exclusive leads for your business.

Guaranteed Signups, learn the truth and how you can still use these signups”

Discover the answers to everything you could ever think to ask about leads by downloading this power packed free PDF


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