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Some leads are telling me they didn’t request information, why is that?

That’s a good question and has a number of questions depending on the type of leads.  We know it’s frustrating when this happens and hope this answer is going to prepare you to deal with this in a better more productive way.

One reason can be to do with the lead type you are calling.

Economy Leads:  Economy leads are not anywhere near the top quality of Premium Leads so calling can cause lots of unexpected responses from the leads.  Yes they did complete a survey form but the form was on a page which signed them up for a few different things, not just home business.  Therefore it’s quite possible they simply don’t remember requesting information.  We only recommend Economy Leads be used for bulk automated contacting methods such as SMS texting or Ringless Voicemail Drops etc.

Premium Leads: These leads are of very good quality.  When fresh it’s very unlikely the leads will say something like; “I never asked for any information”  Keep reading to find out what to do if they say that.  If you are using Australian Premium Leads (whether fresh or aged) please bear in mind, we phone interviewed these leads.  They had to have passed the interview to even become a Premium Lead.  We recorded every call and can make the recordings available to you on request, so that you have no doubt of what we are saying.

Aged Premium Leads:  The upside of Aged leads is they are considerably less expensive than fresh leads.  Of course, there is a downside to this as well.  It’s that these leads have been called before and the older the lead age is, the more they have been called.  This tends to cause the leads to be weary of getting calls about a home business opportunity.  So they will be tempted to tell you anything they think you will believe such as “I never asked for any information” or “I’m not interested in making money”

The best way to prevent this happening is to use Fresh Premium Leads or our Lead Calling Service

Now this last point can cause some offence but I wish to assure you it’s not intended, we are here to help you and part of that means we need to be open and honest with you.   Here goes; if you’re getting those sorts of excuses from leads constantly then it’s maybe to do with your script.  By telling you little white lies the leads are telling you they don’t like what you are saying or how you are saying it.  This can be cured by using a better script and some practice

Will Your MLM Leads Work for My Business?

The short answer is yes. The longer and better answer is that yes, they will as long as these rules are obeyed:

  1. You need to get some training and practice calling leads.  This is not hard and will get you much better results.
  2. Leads are not magic beans.  They are not going to be as excited as you are right now.  Do not have an unrealistic expectation. Calling up leads who do not know you are telling them you just found the most amazing, most beneficial, most exciting health drink in the world will not work at sponsoring anyone.  (See Rule 1)
  3. When you get a voicemail, do not leave a message about calling them to see if they were interested in a business or about your products.  (See Rule 1).  Leave a message like this: Hi (first name) my name is (your name).  My partners and I are looking to expand our business into your area.  Your name was given to us as someone who might be able to help us get it going.  If that’s something of interest to you, give me a call back.
  4. Scripts are the most important thing about calling leads.  You need cool scripts which you have seen work.  Don’t just use a script your upline gave you unless you have seen them use it and recruit people with it.  You can get 3 free MLM Phone Scripts here
  5. Do all these rules for leads to “work” for you. 

How Much Do Your MLM Leads Cost?

Good question, we have kept our leads range small and focused.  We do this because there really are only 2 types of leads needed.  You can learn more about the lead types and their costs

Is There an Ongoing Contract or Commitment if I Buy MLM Leads from Apache Leads?

No there isn’t. All the leads on the site are sold as a once off purchase. No recurring payments

How Does Your No Bad Leads Guarantee Work?

If you get a bad lead, which means that the lead cannot be contacted by phone, then we will replace it for free.  This applies to all fresh mlm leads

Why should I have to complete an Authorization form if I pay via Pay Pal?

We totally understand why you are not excited about doing this. The reason is this, if you instigate a dispute against us via PayPal, they will ask for proof that we were dealing with the authorized PayPal account holder.

Yes, we agree, it’s a strange thing for them to demand, but they do. So, having a short form with your signature on it is proof that PayPal accept.

Because the product (leads) and the service (phone calling) is what PayPal consider a “virtual product” we cannot provide any proof of delivery such as a signed delivery notice from a freight carrier.

That’s a big problem for websites who provide virtual services such as leads, downloadable books, online courses etc. The only proof we can offer is your signature on a form.

It would truly amaze you how many PayPal accounts are hacked and used to buy products/service like ours. PayPal will not let us keep the money in these cases so we lose the leads, the labor to make the calls and the entire sales income. So, this form we are asking you to complete protects YOU as well as us

I can personally assure you the request is not so we can steal your ID. I’m a business owner, not a thief and do not want to go to jail.

We do insist on this form being completed, it’s not negotiable and we did make you aware of it, before you placed your order. In fact, we asked you not to order if you were not going to agree to help us out.

I don’t like giving my ID on the internet to purchase leads

This question/statement is related to the above. Firstly, your ID is NOT on the internet, it safe with us. We are not Identity Thieves.

The reason we ask for ID is so we are sure we are working with the authorized card holder. We understand you are not as experienced as us with payment transactions over the internet, so I’ll give you a short rundown.

Online credit card transactions do not have an authorized signature unlike card transactions in bricks and mortar shops.

Therefore, the card companies will not guarantee the merchant (us) will be paid. This definitely applies if the card turns out to be stolen and used by a card scammer.   In those cases, all online merchants lose the income from the sale, lose the goods and services provided plus are fined $30.

It’s not a nice experience and has happened to us many times.

Our bank has told us that the only way to prevent this happening is for us to get a copy of the cardholders’ ID and a signed form authorizing the transaction.

That information would be provided to your card company / bank in the event of a chargeback or any other dispute.

It’s not for us to use your card to go and buy some ice creams and movie tickets… we don’t like jail.

The form and the ID are NOT stored online. They are extremely secure

Please, simply complete the form, take a photo of it and your driver’s license with your phone and shoot it over to us. Then we can complete the processing of your order and get on with getting your business some new people.

No one picks up their phone, what good are the leads if I don’t get a chance to talk?

I’ve heard this question a few times which is why we have included it here. When we have drilled down with the client, we have found that it’s simply not a fully honest question.

Leads are people, not some number on a spreadsheet. It needs to be remembered they also have lives and responsibilities and things to do. They are not likely to be sitting there waiting for you to call. If you get no response when you call, try again at a different time.

Make sure your phone number is being displayed to them. Do NOT send them a text or an email telling them about your business and that you are going to call them. Be flexible and patient, but best of all call them right away when we send them to you.

Why do I need to send you my ID and a Credit Card Authorization Form?

Sometimes certain orders trigger a small alarm at our end which means we need to take a more careful look at the order.  Sadly, leads companies are targeted by credit card fraudsters a lot and we have been instructed by our bank to make sure we are dealing with the true authorized cardholder.  This is for your protection as well as ours.

 In case you are interested, here is the full explanation of why we are asking you for ID and Authorization

 Here is how online credit card processing works.  It’s not changed one iota in the 22 years I’ve been involved. 

 Credit cards were invented for use in bricks and mortar situations.  Where the cardholder would be at the counter and the shop keeper would run the card through.  When the transaction was approved the cardholder would sign the transaction receipt to authorize the transaction.  These days PIN’s are used

Then along came the internet. There is no way to gather a signature from the cardholder online. After all these years you would think the card companies (Visa Mastercard) would have enabled the PIN authorization system online.  But no, nothing

So, when someone uses a stolen credit card online it’s very difficult for the merchant to determine if the person making the purchase is the real cardholder.  We have no signature or PIN authorization.

When there is a problem and you would be shocked how many times there is a problem, such as an unauthorized transaction, the bank takes the money from our account and fines us $30.  That’s not the worst, if our fraudulent transactions hit 1% of our total transactions our merchant account is cancelled and we are out of business.

This is why our bank has insisted for all FIRST TIME orders over $100 we need to collect the ID and the transaction authorization form to ensure we are dealing with the authorized cardholder. 

Yes, we know it’s a pain and terrible that the giant banks and card companies force this on to small business.

It’s only ever needed the first time we do business. 

Hope you understand our request and can help us all out by completing the authorization form and sending some Government issued ID.

The information is not stored online and cannot be hacked in anyway. Your data is safe, it’s only used for verification and is no different from when you make a transaction in a bricks and mortar shop.  

Just think, how many times have you been in a restaurant and given your card to the waiter…. 

We are promising you much more security than that scenario

Thanks for your help

Refund Policy

We do not give refunds. If this is not agreeable to you then you will need to find an alternative leads supplier.

You and I are both business people, we strive to act professionally. Professionals neither seek nor give refunds. Retail shops give refunds but that’s not what we are, we are a business to business company. Apache Leads was established in 2003 we would have gone broke long ago if we were not providing what we promised. Cool?

Accepting your order and processing your order requires we invest both time and money. Due to the time sensitive nature of leads it is unlikely we would be able to recover our costs from trying to resell the leads we procured for you.

This does not mean we do not want to satisfy you, we do 100%. So rather than give a refund we are willing to replace any bad leads.

A bad lead is one which cannot be contacted, for example their phone is disconnected. Bad leads are not people who are not interested in your opportunity. Pro Tip: If you are getting a lot of resistance from leads, use a better script.

To receive a bad leads replacement simply mark the lead bad in your Leads Management System.