Why do I need to send you my ID and a Credit Card Authorization Form?

Sometimes certain orders trigger a small alarm at our end which means we need to take a more careful look at the order.  Sadly, leads companies are targeted by credit card fraudsters a lot and we have been instructed by our bank to make sure we are dealing with the true authorized cardholder.  This is for your protection as well as ours.

 In case you are interested, here is the full explanation of why we are asking you for ID and Authorization

 Here is how online credit card processing works.  It’s not changed one iota in the 22 years I’ve been involved. 

 Credit cards were invented for use in bricks and mortar situations.  Where the cardholder would be at the counter and the shop keeper would run the card through.  When the transaction was approved the cardholder would sign the transaction receipt to authorize the transaction.  These days PIN’s are used

Then along came the internet. There is no way to gather a signature from the cardholder online. After all these years you would think the card companies (Visa Mastercard) would have enabled the PIN authorization system online.  But no, nothing

So, when someone uses a stolen credit card online it’s very difficult for the merchant to determine if the person making the purchase is the real cardholder.  We have no signature or PIN authorization.

When there is a problem and you would be shocked how many times there is a problem, such as an unauthorized transaction, the bank takes the money from our account and fines us $30.  That’s not the worst, if our fraudulent transactions hit 1% of our total transactions our merchant account is cancelled and we are out of business.

This is why our bank has insisted for all FIRST TIME orders over $100 we need to collect the ID and the transaction authorization form to ensure we are dealing with the authorized cardholder. 

Yes, we know it’s a pain and terrible that the giant banks and card companies force this on to small business.

It’s only ever needed the first time we do business. 

Hope you understand our request and can help us all out by completing the authorization form and sending some Government issued ID.

The information is not stored online and cannot be hacked in anyway. Your data is safe, it’s only used for verification and is no different from when you make a transaction in a bricks and mortar shop.  

Just think, how many times have you been in a restaurant and given your card to the waiter…. 

We are promising you much more security than that scenario

Thanks for your help

About the Author Steeve Patrick Marcillet