Some leads are telling me they didn’t request information, why is that?

That’s a good question and has a number of questions depending on the type of leads.  We know it’s frustrating when this happens and hope this answer is going to prepare you to deal with this in a better more productive way.

One reason can be to do with the lead type you are calling.

Economy Leads:  Economy leads are not anywhere near the top quality of Premium Leads so calling can cause lots of unexpected responses from the leads.  Yes they did complete a survey form but the form was on a page which signed them up for a few different things, not just home business.  Therefore it’s quite possible they simply don’t remember requesting information.  We only recommend Economy Leads be used for bulk automated contacting methods such as SMS texting or Ringless Voicemail Drops etc.

Premium Leads: These leads are of very good quality.  When fresh it’s very unlikely the leads will say something like; “I never asked for any information”  Keep reading to find out what to do if they say that.  If you are using Australian Premium Leads (whether fresh or aged) please bear in mind, we phone interviewed these leads.  They had to have passed the interview to even become a Premium Lead.  We recorded every call and can make the recordings available to you on request, so that you have no doubt of what we are saying.

Aged Premium Leads:  The upside of Aged leads is they are considerably less expensive than fresh leads.  Of course, there is a downside to this as well.  It’s that these leads have been called before and the older the lead age is, the more they have been called.  This tends to cause the leads to be weary of getting calls about a home business opportunity.  So they will be tempted to tell you anything they think you will believe such as “I never asked for any information” or “I’m not interested in making money”

The best way to prevent this happening is to use Fresh Premium Leads or our Lead Calling Service

Now this last point can cause some offence but I wish to assure you it’s not intended, we are here to help you and part of that means we need to be open and honest with you.   Here goes; if you’re getting those sorts of excuses from leads constantly then it’s maybe to do with your script.  By telling you little white lies the leads are telling you they don’t like what you are saying or how you are saying it.  This can be cured by using a better script and some practice

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