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Warning – Double Opt-In Leads Are So Good They Can Be Addictive

When you are looking to buy MLM lead online you want to be sure that you are getting the best business opportunity leads for your money – the warmer the lead the better.  If there was only a way to make your work at home leads more interested after they leave your website.  It would be even better if there was a way to know which of your MLM leads were truly interested before you call.

Well hold on to your hats because that’s exactly the kind of MLM that I’m going to show you.

When a home based business lead fills out a MLM Company’s survey they are past the point of being a cold lead, but that doesn’t mean that they are going to be the perfect lead.  Some are merely testing the waters to see whether a home based business is something for them.  This can still lead to an enrollment but it would be nice to know the status of your lead before you make the call.

The purpose of a Double Opt-in lead is simple – each lead is screened a second time to ensure that they are truly interested in being contacted about a work at home opportunity.  Usually this is done over the phone so the MLM Leads Company can determine how interested the MLM lead seems to be.

This process filters out any MLM leads no longer wish to be contacted regarding a home based business opportunity, and keeps those that indicate they still want to be contacted.  This produces a high quality list of qualified leads that have been reminded of your opportunity.

What we have found is that reminding these MLM leads of their interest in a home based business opportunity tends to create a bigger frenzy – the lead actually warms up to the idea more!

Most MLM Lead Companies offer Double Opt-in MLM Leads to help you build your downline.  I would recommend ensuring that you are using a trusted MLM Lead Company that has been in business for a while.  You want to make sure that the MLM Lead Company that you choose will stand behind their product and service.

You do have the option of creating your own double opt-in leads through an Auto-responder Leads System.  Once you have set up an auto-responder account with a reputable service all you need to do is write some qualifying emails and load those into your auto-responder.

Once that is done go to your MLM Leads Company and order a few hundred Auto-Responder Leads.  Your qualifying emails can be set up to remind your home business leads that they took a survey and asked to be contacted.  Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Hi [First Name Field],

A while ago you responded to a survey telling us you were [ Interest Level Field] in a home business so you could increase your income to [Desired Monthly Income Field].

You told us the reason for wanting this extra incomce was [ Reason They Are Looking Field] and that you were willing to invest [Amount To Invest Field] and you had [Hours Available Field] to put toward increasing your income.

Would you please confirm that [ Best Time To Call Field] is suitable for you to have me call you and that your telephone number is still [Telephone Field]

Yours sincerely

As you can see this email asks your Auto-responder Lead to verify the details that they provided and get back to you if they are still interested.  While this is not double qualifying your lead over the phone you will find that it is met with the same effect.  What you get in return is a highly interested party that has said ‘Yes’ to being contacted about your home business opportunity – twice!

Whether you decide to purchase Double Opt-in Leads directly from your MLM Leads Company or create them yourself I’m sure that you will find them very useful in growing your downline.

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