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3 Steps To Your Dream Lifestyle (In 12 Months)

How Long Did You Think It Would Take?

When I first started in Amway, way back in 1992, I figured it would take just a couple of months to be making a ton of money.

I dreamed of being completely out of debt.  I wanted to be able to stop working so hard and slow down so I could enjoy life.  My kids were growing up and I wanted to spend more time with them.  I also wanted to get rid of the stress that was driving me to drink and killing me.

How long do you or did you think it would take to have you in a position making enough money to quit your job or start living the dream lifestyle?

How Long Will It Take

Did you think it would just be a month or two?

This can happen because usually when we start a new business, especially in Network Marketing, we are super excited about it.  We can easily make unreal expectations about how fast the business will grow and how quickly we will be picking up our brand new Mercedes.

There’s nothing wrong with having dreams.  In fact, without some big dreams, we wouldn’t have the drive to do the work needed to grow a business.

The problem is when we do not tie the dream to some verifiable reality.

What I mean by that is we need to first determine which level in the business we need to be at to be earning enough money to fuel our dream lifestyle.

Let’s say that we have costed out our dream lifestyle and for the mortgage on the new house, the lease on the new car, the clothes, the travel, the vacations, etc it comes to $250,000 per year.

Successful Network Marketer Lifestyle

That’s how much we are going to pay ourselves FROM our business.

We need to realize that the business needs to keep getting its cash flow to stay functioning and growing.  We can’t just take all the income and spend it. The business would die very fast.  We sure don’t want that.

We also need to be good corporate citizens and make sure we are paying all our taxes.

So to be able to take $250,000 from our business as a salary, the business probably needs to have an income of around $500,000.  That’s just an educated guess.   But hopefully, it makes sense.

The point is your business needs to stay healthy and strong to keep growing.  We cannot take out so much money as a salary that it hurts the business and stunts or even kills its growth.  Believe it or not, that’s a serious mistake many people make.

Obviously, once your business is growing to these sorts of levels you will have engaged an Accountant or Financial Adviser to receive personalized professional advice on these kinds of matters.   I’m not your accountant and this article is purely educational.

So now that we know or at least have a rough idea of how much our business needs to be earning every year for us to live our dream lifestyle we can begin to work out how long it's going to take.

Step 1

Target Income

What Level In Your Business Produces
Your Target Income?

From the compensation plan your company publishes you should be able to zero in on the level you need to get to in order to get your desired income.

When you determine which level it is, you can probably also see how many distributors/members you need in your business to get to the desired level.

Now be careful not to panic or start feeling like it’s going to be impossible to get to that level.  It’s not.  It’s definitely achievable.  I went from start to the Diamond level in the Life Force company in 90 days.

Sure, that’s faster than most people but it shows it can be done if you put the time and effort in.  So what if it took you 12 months instead of 3 months.  You would still be over the moon with happiness, right?

It’s not like you have to personally find and recruit every single person.  If you follow the normal methods of building a NM business you will only have to find a fraction of the people.  Your downline will find the majority of members. 

This will happen faster than you think, especially when a thing called momentum kicks in.

Step 2

How Many People You will need to Recruit

How Many New People Do You Need Each Month?

For arguments sake let's say you need 1,200 members in your group to get to the desired level.  You know your comp plan better than me so this may be across maybe 6 legs or in a binary of course, it’s just the two legs.

You can work that part of the plan out yourself as each company and comp plan will be different.  We are just working in generalities to give you the steps to follow to hit your target.

So let's stick to needing 1,200 total members to hit your goal.  You could easily divide that by 12 months and figure you need 100 new members each month.

Of course that’s not how life works.  On the bad side you’re going to have people quitting or simply sitting on their backside sucking their thumbs.  Not everyone is going to be productively recruiting and moving products.

On the plus side, the more people you have in your group, the more product gets moved, the more people are recruited and the more excitement.  So growth speeds up.  It gets faster and faster.  You finally hit “momentum” and it really takes off.

The hardest part of growing your business is at the start. 

Once you get it moving the easier it becomes.  Did you ever have to push start a car?  If you did, then you know it gets easier and faster after the initial hard part at the start is overcome.


New People


Total Members

Month 1




Month 2




Month 3




Month 4




Month 5




Month 6




Month 7




Month 8




Month 9




Month 10




Month 11




Month 12




As you can see, the table above is just an example but it does illustrate the acceleration that can be achieved.  The end total actually exceeds the number of members needed.

The point is to show you how important it is to have these goals and numbers laid out so you know what you are shooting for.  Each month when you counsel with your mentor you can look and see where you are at with your goals.

This will tell you and your mentor where you need to be putting in the effort. 

There will always be a mix of you personally sponsoring and working in depth.  By that I mean you are working in your downline helping them build.  Teaching them how to be leaders, running events, product promotions...all sorts of business building activities.

Spending lots of time with your upline and mentors is important to keep the whole thing on track.

Be flexible, not be rigid at all.  You will need to be like a sheep dog.  You will be running around your flock and herding them, protecting them, praising them, teaching them and motivating them. 

It doesn't stop until you find more leaders that can relieve some of the burden from you.  Remember, leadership is taken, never given.  Real leaders will just take over the role in their business.  You will know when it happens.

Step 3

Leaders Seek A Mentor

Real Leaders Seek A Mentor

Real leaders know that they don’t know everything.  That they need guidance from a trusted mentor who went before them.  If this wasn’t true why on earth would professional athletes have coaches?

We put together a small band of leaders who want to make it to their dream lifestyle in the next 12 months.  Now, we can’t do the work for you but we can definitely help and guide you.

The benefits to you are free.  That’s right we do not charge you anything over and above the investment in leads each month.

In fact we give you a bunch of extra leads for free, just for being a member. Not bad right?

On top of that we give you 100% access to all our training courses and manuals.  No cost.

The icing on the cake is you get mentoring with me via Zoom calls every month and unlimited email mentoring.

To get started simply choose a package from the two offered below.  I’m sure one of them will suit your budget.

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