Why Emailing MLM Leads Is A Waste Of Time

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I spend a fair bit of time on the live chat at Apache Leads and one of the main topics visitors ask about is, emailing mlm leads.

Many times I hear from clients that their initial approach to leads is to email them.  They are genuinely surprised when this contact method fails to bring any positive results.

Why is that?

Surely the leads would want to hear about your business opportunity right?

Yes, they most likely do want to hear about your business opportunity, however there are a couple of things working against you when you attempt to make the initial contact via email.

The first one is it’s not 1996 anymore, people are not thrilled to receive email.  Everyone really only wants to receive emails form those they have a relationship with or from companies they have requested information from.

Your email probably looks like spam and even if it makes it through all the spam filters used these days, it’s probably going to be ignored by your prospects.  There are so many skills needed to write an email that passes through spam filters and gets delivered, plus gets opened and actioned by the recipient.  There are about a million courses on this subject and if you haven’t studied at least one of them, then email marketing is not for you.

The last point and most important is you do not have their permission to email them.  I know, this is probably confusing so I will try and clear it up. When the prospect became a lead they gave us all their information, including email.  One would assume it’s ok to email them.  The email laws are a bit tricky and the company who has generated the lead has permission to email them but no one else does.

Permission to email someone is not transferrable.

So this means if you email them as your first point of contact you may be spamming and nobody likes spam.

Just because you bought access to the leads, does not give you permission to email them.  Yeah it’s all a bit complicated.  My point is this though, they are not expecting an email from you.

Still the most effective way to contact leads first time around is by phone.

Some people find this hard to do because they are not well practiced in calling prospects and so often suffer from fear of the phone brought about by a ton of rejection.  I know this only too well.  After I left the Navy I became a Sales Representative and, of course, had to call prospects, hundreds of them.  This caused me great anxiety, even to the point of dreading going to work.

Fear of the phone is a real thing.

Some people can get past it by using a good script and practicing with their upline.  Sitting in while your upline makes calls to leads is a fantastic way to learn and to hone a script.  Making a few calls with your upline present can give you confidence and set you on the path to overcoming any fear of the phone.

Many big time sales people and network marketers employ others to make the initial call so they only ever deal with the leads who have indicated they are interested and want more information now.

Of course not everyone can afford to employ staff to perform this work, Apache Leads does provide such a service, if you are interested. We call them US Real Time Premium Phone Interviewed MLM Leads and Australian Real Time Premium Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

Do you know the objective of calling a lead?

Many networkers I speak with, when I ask this question, simply don’t know the answer.  Often they think it’s to tell the prospect all about their business opportunity.  This is not what the initial call is about.  If this is your objective then, yes, you are going to get a lot of rejection.

The objective of the first call is to simply determine if the lead qualifies to learn more about your business.  That’s it, end of story.

We can go into this in more detail in another post if you want.

This post, even though I strayed off topic a little is about emailing leads.

The take away is, do not make emailing your first attempt at contact, it is doomed to fail.  It will only frustrate you with the lack of results and you will blame your lead company for giving you terrible leads who don’t read and respond to emails.  Ask yourself; how many spam emails do you read and respond to?  That’s how many leads read and respond to as well.

Call them and if you are going to be doing the initial calls, learn how to make calls, how to use a good script and how to overcome objections.  You can get a ton of very inexpensive books on both subjects on Kindle.

You are in a people business which requires you to speak with people on a daily basis, learning to do it well is a very worthy investment in time and money.

Oh by the way, emailing leads at the right time works wonderfully, but that’s the subject of another post.

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  1. Hi Sue

    The leads we supply are interested in any type of home business / MLM / Network Marketing opportunity. Approached professionally, our mlm leads will be fine with your opportunity. When you come to the site, simply, select the Country you want the leads to come from and then take a look at the different types of leads available for that Country. If you need anything else, we can be contacted by live chat, email and phone.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment, we appreciate it

    Best regards,

    Don Reid

  2. Would love to know more about how to determine if a lead qualifys to learn more about my business.

  3. i have called your 1800 number as I would like to use your service to create landing pages for my network marketing business so can get my own leads . I have not had any follow up.
    Can I receive a call back on 0405794796. Also I can not receive your books as it says I have already put email in your system and it want let me down load your books . Please help

  4. Hi Susanne Thanks for writing. The best way to contact us is by the live chat on the site or by replying to any email you ever got from us. The phones are not answered on the weekends.

    Do you recall the site/page you had a problem signing up with? without some information it’s very hard for me to locate the source of the problem. You can get ALL our books and a lot more by creating a free account at our Insiders Club There is a ton of free MLM training in there, I hope you enjoy it



  5. Hi Colena

    Thanks for writing and for asking a very good question. As you know, I’ve already responded to your email about this subject and hope that has helped. A quick answer is it’s the opposite to the responses you have been getting so far 🙂 I know that’s sounding flippant but it’s actually true.

    A qualified lead is a person who is indicating interest in what you are saying and is asking questions.

    A lead who is telling you they are not interested or only looking for a job etc… are not looking good toward qualifying. As you so rightly answered in your email; the primary objective of the first call is to determine if a lead qualifies or not. Many leads save you time and effort by simply disqualifying themselves. That’s fine, say thanks and goodbye and dial the next one.

    when i first started in 1992, there was no such thing as buying mlm leads. We had to prospect strangers all the time. The key to it is to have an excellent Elevator Pitch and let them come to you…much easier to sponsor someone who is seeking you out. You can read more about an Elevator Pitch here

    Best regards,



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