7 Hardcore Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting

A Big Issue in MLM is New People Quitting, in this post we share 7 Hardcore Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting

Let’s face it, many people join MLM because they are broke. We all know that.

It’s why I first joined Amway back in 1992.

MLM or Network Marketing (same thing) is attractive because it’s a pretty low cost to join.  Unlike say a McDonalds or Subway. Those cost hundreds of thousands of dollars just for the franchise.  Then there is the rent, utilities, equipment, training and stock.  To set up a Subway from scratch is probably close to $1 Million.

The problem for many people who join an MLM business is they don’t have any experience and often no concepts of how a business works.  Sadly, they often think that just joining their new MLM is enough to get rich.  It’s a foreign concept that they need to invest time and money to grow a business.

Employee Mentality

This is kind of understandable if their only real experience since leaving school is to be an employee. They know that if they turn up to work eventually they get paid. They didn’t need to invest any money into the business to get the job.

So it’s off to work every morning and back home. No thought about the struggles to keep that business going. No thoughts about juggling the other businesses wanting to be paid, no thought about hiring and firing, no thoughts about trying to make the sales budget.  Certainly no thoughts about the boss needing to work 18 hour days to keep the thing going.

None of these things cross the employees mind while they sit in front of the TV waiting for the time to go to bed.  Usually the only work related thoughts are about wishing it was the weekend.

There’s no need to be harsh when trying to urge these people to action but you will need to lead them by the hand.  Explanations about all business needing some investment in money and time are needed.  If these “7 Hardcore Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting”  You will be amazed at the growth your business and their business gets from here on in

7 Hardcore MLM Tips

These areas need to be explained in a gentle but firm way to new people who have no real understanding of business.  May I present to you

7 Hardcore Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting

1. You’re a Business Owner

The new MLM recruit needs to understand and accept they are a business owner now.  It’s success or failure is 100% in their hands. They need to get out of the employee mindset and start thinking like the owner of a start up.  The sooner they see themselves as a business owner the quicker real results can be achieved.  Keep reading, this was only the first step.

No more “broke” thinking.  Invest in your business, you do not have a better investment vehicle available to you, this is the best.  Don’t starve it to death, nurture it and make it grow into the business that can provide your dream lifestyle.

2. Your Business Needs Money

Every single business on the face of the earth needs money.  No money, no business.  It’s that crucial.  An MLM business needs money to buy product (stock), it needs money for gas to drive to meetings, it needs money for business clothes for prospecting, presentations, followups, meetings, company conferences.  It needs money for coffee with prospects and meetings with others in the business (upline/downline) It needs money for promotion of the business. It needs money for leads, advertising, lead capture and a gazillion other things.

3. Your Business Needs Your Time

A wise person once told me:  “wages are made nine to five but fortunes are made after hours” So true.  No one ever built a business working on it 9 to 5 and then going home and watching TV.  After work hours is when you build your business.  Weekends are not for going to the beach, they are for building your business.  Get off the couch!

Make prospecting calls, book appointments, do presentations, do followups, meet with your upline.

Looking through the catalog or re-stacking your products is not working on your business, it’s time wasting

Always look for any opportunity to work on your business, it’s the very best investment you can make

4. You Need Training

Everyone leaves school unqualified for pretty much everything.  School  is mostly about learn things by being told over and over and kick us out with enough education to perform simple tasks for Employers, such as basic English, basic Maths and to tell the time so as to be at work on time.  None of us leave school trained to be a doctor or a pilot or a plumber.

We need more training for our chosen career.  Lots of it usually. 

So it is with a business, you need training to get your MLM business up and running.

The biggest and maybe the most crucial area I see everyday, is new people thinking calling MLM Leads is a piece of cake.  Their expectations of how leads will react is way out of reality.  Learning how to call leads is not hard and not a secret.  There are thousands of scripts and books.  The best training is to be shown by the upline actually making calls to leads and letting the new people be there to hear what is said.

All aspects of the prospecting, calling, presenting, follow up and leadership should be something which is recently taught every week by every upline

5. You Need to Read Everyday

For sure you have heard the old cliche’ that “Readers are Leaders”.  It’s said by a lot of people, many times because they love to say these rhyming sayings.  If more of them actually read for 15 minutes per day, the results would be remarkable.  Why you need to read is to exercise your brain.  After years of flopping in front of the TV, it’s turned to mush.

The types of books you should read are personal development , business books which cover marketing, start ups how they did it type books.  Millions of them on Amazon.

6. Be a Go-Getter

When I was building my Amway business it was many years before there was such a thing as MLM Leads. I built it with no MLM Leads.   There was no internet, it was 1992.  We used to have to call a prospect, make an appointment to go to their house and present the business opportunity to them.  Then, if things went well we would be back to their house 2 days later for a followup.  Very time consuming.

Our upline Diamond established the Go-Getters’ Club.   Being in the club was prestigious and everyone knew because members wore a special pin.  To wear the pin we had to do 15 presentations each month.

I don’t know what might be a good number of one on one presentations  for you to do in your business but 15 might be a good goal to shoot for. It would sure keep you out of trouble.

7. Use Your Company Products

When we got into Amway, our sponsors came to our house with a product pack they sold us.  They then used the products in the pack to get replace a lot of the products we had in the house.  This took us by surprise but got us using the company products from day one.

Every single month you need to buy at least the minimum amount of product to remain qualified for a  commission from the company.  No ifs or buts on that.

Summary for 7 Hardcore Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting

There you have them, the 7 Hardcore Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting

Yes I know you veterans out there reading this know there are more tips I could have added, but this is a pretty good introduction to Tips To Keep New MLM People From Quitting.

Yes I also know I’ve come across very seriously and a bit gruff.  That’s because it’s a serious subject and I knew you wouldn’t want some namby pamby sweet talk.  I’ve given you honest straight talk.  How you present these 7 tips or steps to your group is up to you.

Sweet talk is fine as long as they listen, understand and take action.

You’re fighting for their lives!  Even they aren’t yet.  But, They will later when everything in this post sinks in

Part of your role as their upline is to not get frustrated by this, even though its pretty hard.  Your job is to be a role model for them, to show them the way to build a business.

And if you don’t know how, you need to look upline. You need to keep going upline until you find a leader who will show you the way.

Contacting, Presenting, Recruiting, Leading….rinse and repeat

That’s it in a nutshell.

Can you do it? Let me know and I’ll give you a hand.

Please do give me your thoughts in the comments as it guides me as to what sort of topics you want me to write about

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Melody Morin says October 27, 2020

So true!! I tell my team this all of the time! Thank you for putting it into written words.

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