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Where to get More Network Marketing Leads

All network marketers want to know where to get more MLM leads.  Lucky you came to the right place because in this post I’m going to share exactly where to get more MLM leads. How that’s done is not what you are probably expecting, so stay with me and be surprised.

Most folks believe to build a home business you need Network Marketing Leads and lots of money.  The really hungry, eager network marketers find ways to get MLM leads and money.  Others often don’t give it much thought and end up dropping out.
That’s a big difference.

Most MLM’ers Don’t Start With Buying MLM Leads

Let me give you a personal example.  When I started in MLM there was no place to buy MLM leads.  It didn’t matter to me, none of my upline or me had ever even heard of MLM leads.  We went out prospecting and generating our own MLM leads that way.  You can read how I built my Amway business with no MLM leads ever.

MLM Winners and Losers

In all walks of life there are winners and losers.  It’s a low cost of entry to MLM / Network Marketing so there are a lot of people who fall into the loser category.  That’s not me making it up, it’s just a fact of life.  The difference is winners figure things out and importantly, how to get what they need and to learn the things they don’t know.
Losers whine and spend a lot of time on the couch where its warm and safe.

Of course, none of them read my posts only winners come here, so congrats on being an MLM winner!

3 Ways to Get More MLM Leads

The vast majority of working people dislike their job.  It’s not always the job they dislike, it’s often being at the beck and call of the boss, having to get up early every morning and fight the traffic, seeing their wife get dressed and looking great only to see her leave for the office. That was a pet peeve of mine.

The point is there are millions of people looking for something more out of life, so why do we have so much trouble finding them?  It could be we are too vague, making things too complex and also too afraid to prospect.

Here are three ways to get more MLM Leads which actually work.

How to Generate MLM Leads at Any Gathering.

The absolute easiest and best way to generate your own MLM leads is to be going to meetups, trade shows, conferences or anywhere people are gathering.

Before you get started with this you need to develop your MLM Elevator Pitch so you know it by heart and can deliver it smoothly.

Here’s an example, For Apache Leads it could be:

“I help business owners get closer to their dreams by helping them expand their businesses by matching them with business opportunity seekers.” 

Maybe your business is about saving money on travel, you could say:

“I help people save money on their travel.”

That statement is short and to the point and takes about 2 to 3 seconds to say. It gives enough information to allow them to decide whether they want more information or not. If they want more information, they’ll ask:

“How does that work?”

You could answer with something like this:

“Well you know how people love to travel but to do it right usually is very expensive? Our company helps people save on their travel bills with lower rates. People love saving money, so they start telling others about it. When you do this enough times, the company starts sending you checks in the mail as their way of saying ‘thanks’.

“So imagine that you helped your friends save on their travel bills. Well, the best part is that every time your travel, you make money!”

Easy peasy right? It was short and to the point.

The Best 6 Ways to Generate MLM Leads

Plenty of Network Marketers generate their own exclusive MLM Leads using a variety of methods.  You can too.  I wrote a detailed article called The Best 6 Ways to Generate MLM Leads  In the article I show you step by step how to generate as many quality MLM Leads as you want.

These methods work extremely well but do take some time and effort to set up.  But, one thing is for sure, if you follow the advice you and your group will never be short of MLM leads ever again.

Where to Buy MLM Leads

Sure, I understand many people never want to buy MLM Leads.  The problem with saying never is it closes off an avenue to you.  There are definitely times when you should buy MLM leads.  When those times are right, make sure you buy the best MLM leads.

Some of those times might include, these, if you:

  1. Aren’t great on the phone or do not want to contact your warm market.
  2. Need more experience on the phone (Aged MLM Leads are perfect for this)
  3. Want to Get your business going right now and do not want to wait until you know how to generate your own MLM Leads.

If any of these circumstances apply to you then have a think about buying MLM leads.
Having been in the MLM Leads business since 2003, I personally know of hundreds of success stories.

Allow me to give you some advice before Buying MLM Leads, as a guide, so as to make it smooth, easy and trouble free for you.

The Insider Truth to Buying MLM Leads

I started Apache Leads back in 2003 when there were very few MLM Leads sites.  I started the site so my own downline group had access to good quality leads.  This idea proved very popular and soon not just my own group but people from all over the world were buying MLM Leads from Apache Leads.

The reason I’m telling you that little bit of my history is so you know, I’m qualified to give you the following guidance.

Here’s a nice article I wrote about Why, How and Where to Buy the Best MLM Leads

Manage your expectation:  Bought MLM Leads are still not a “given”.  Many people new to Network Marketing have a expectation about leads which is just not realistic at all.  Remember, you’re excited about your business because someone who was skilled in prospecting and presenting showed you the business.

Give your MLM Leads the same courtesy.  You need to call them, use a professional script, qualify them and move them along in the process.  Don’t be expecting that you just call them up, tell them all about your business and they will jump in with you.
That’s not how it works best.

How to Choose the Best MLM Leads Company:  These days there are a ton of MLM Leads companies.  Of course, some are very good and some are not so good.  But how to tell the difference?  Luckily, I covered this for you in this article Where to Buy the Best MLM Leads  No it’s not all about Apache Leads, it’s a genuine guide which can be very helpful to you.

How to Get MLM Leads to Call You:  This is one of the best ways to generate MLM Leads! Just think about it, at the press of a button you can have excited, interest leads calling you.  I know you think it’s too good to be true.

It’s not.  We have clients who use modern technology to blast out messages to thousands of Economy MLM Leads each week.  The message is designed to only appeal to those interested in making money at home.

Those people are the ones who call them back.  These methods are SMS Texting, Ringless Voicemail Drops and Phone Dialers.

Winning MLM Phone Scripts

Have a Proven MLM Phone Script:  This is where a lot of new Networkers shoot themselves in the foot.  Often they think there is nothing to it, just call up the leads and tell them all about the business.  Surely they will see how awesome it is and want to get in right away.  Nope.  That’s not how it works, never was and never will be.

Ask your upline for a copy of the phone script they use.  If they don’t have one then here’s a short book of MLM Phone Scripts you can have for free.  Included is how to handle objections for free as well.

Here we have a ton of free MLM training

Building a network Marketing business needs a constant supply of MLM Leads, there is just no other way to build it.  No matter which method(s) you prefer, they all need action of some sort.  It’s always easier to build a business fast and tidy up the mess later.  Don’t be procrastinating and waiting for all the lights to turn green, it’s just never going to happen.

Get out there press the flesh, make some mistakes, fall down, get up, there is no substitute for action.

Where to Get More MLM Leads according to Wikipedia (they make it sound boring and technical)

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