Why Good People Quit Network Marketing

Why Good People Quit Network Marketing

You are a business person now.

Sometimes that needs a little time to sink in. Yes, you, you are a business person. There are many types of business people and businesses, if you are reading this then you are the right type of business person; the type who want success!

Apache Leads was founded in 2003. Over that time, we saw a disturbing trend, a trend which has not changed in all these years of observing it.

Here it is in black and white:

Most Network Marketers Fail

It wasn’t just from my work with Apache Leads that brought this to my attention.  My personal experience with MLM goes back to early 1992 when I was first introduced to the world of Network Marketing and sadly, nothing has changed.

Sure, with the internet recruiting was made easier but, still people failed. We wanted to know why the majority of networkers fail.

Motivation:  We all know that motivation is a major part of growing a business and most Networkers are very motivated, especially in the beginning, in fact newbies can be way too motivated for their own good. So no it wasn’t motivation.

Product Knowledge:  Networkers all seem to love and use their products because of the mistaken belief you have to love your product to sell it.  You think that dude behind the cash register at McDonalds loves his product?  Once again, no, it’s not a lack of product knowledge.

Lack of Activity:  This is most definitely a major cause for failure.  Clearly if there are no quality prospects being generated and shown the business then failure is a definite result.  That goes for any business on earth, no activity, the business dies. OK so we have found the cause of most failures in MLM.  A plain and simple lack of activity.

Of course, we could easily say, those people are just lazy and deserve to fail.  That would be mostly inaccurate and pretty cruel. Most people desire success and understand it requires work. Sure some are lazy and unmotivated and would rather spend time on the couch watching TV instead of building a future where freedom is the goal.

But what about the others, the ones who are not lazy and are motivated and have a dream.

Why do they fail in such large numbers?

After taking hundreds of chats from visitors to the Apache Leads site I feel I have a fairly deep understanding of what is causing these failures.  It boils down to one thing:

MLM Training.

People joining MLM companies come from all walks of life, with a myriad of different experiences, skills, goals and dreams.  Some people are dead broke, others want to get out of their boring career, other love the friendships, some even just love the products.

The one common denominator with every single person who first comes to MLM is that they have zero knowledge or experience at building a Network Marketing business.

Nobody joins up knowing how to do what’s needed to be a success in MLM, nobody.
Have a think about this; how keen would you be to walk into the flight deck of an airbus A380 and fly it from New York to Paris?

Probably not very keen, no matter how motivated you were to get to Paris you are probably going to procrastinate, not take any action and fail to even get started on the journey.  Right?

The difference between you, in this situation, and a qualified A380 Pilot is simply training.

New networkers come from every possible trade and profession imaginable. Some might have experience and training as Sales Reps, Truck Drivers, Nurses, Architects, Managers, consultants, Software Engineers, Astronauts.  It doesn’t matter what experience they have, they do not have Network Marketing experience and training.

So many networkers are (sadly) resistant to investing some time, effort and money into getting trained.  I know it from the responses they give me when I’m on chat with them.

It’s sad because I know it’s just a matter of time before they quit the business, give up their dreams and go back to whatever life they had before the business. It’s not to do with intelligence, motivation or laziness, it’s just a lack of training.

EVERY Networker should invest 15 minutes a day reading a self-improvement book.

We can all find 15 minutes, failure to read is condemning yourself to continually make the same mistakes over and over. A great book to begin with is How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Discover thousands of great books which can teach you how to find prospects, how to qualify them, how to make phone calls that work, how to be a leader to your group.
There really is no excuse to bring on your own failure.

You have a proven business model, you have an upline with a vested interest in your success, you have a dream, it’s all in your hands now.

What are you going to do about it?

See you on the beaches!
Don Reid

Don Reid


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Don Reid, an experienced MLM builder and Entrepreneur, he founded Apache Leads in 2003. Born in Australia, Don currently lives in Cambodia, when he is not traveling on his many adventures around the world

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