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Frustrated With The Time It's Taking To Build Your Business?  Rather Be On The Beaches?

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Have you felt a little lost with building your business?

Do you feel your team could use some friendly motivation?

Have you been feeling you're just not feeling focused and motivated to do the things that need doing ?

Did you just want to talk about how to get to the next level?

If you have felt any of these feelings then lets get together for a chat.

Here’s how this coaching call works:

IMPORTANT: You and I will meet up virtually using either Skype, Zoom, FB Messenger or Google Hangouts. It's your choice.  I like Zoom or Skype they are both very easy.  The point is it's up to you to choose and let me know.  If you do not choose then it will be Skype and my Skype ID will be in the information you receive after booking.  PLEASE be ready with headset and camera before the allotted time.  ALSO:  Remember to add me to your Skype well ahead of the time

When we meet you can let me know where your business is at right now.  What work you have been doing on a regular basis to grow it.  What results you are getting and where you want to be in the next 6 months.

You should expect that if you put my advice into action you are very likely to hit your goals.  You may need more than one coaching session, as follow ups to assess progress are often very beneficial.

No details of your business or any private issues you may share with me, will ever be revealed to anybody.

It's your job to show up on time and ask what you need to know.  If you are not sure then please have a list of problems, sticking points, concerns, fears, etc.

Please make sure you understand time zones when booking your time with me.  I am in Cambodia.  It is 12 hours ahead of New York / 3 hours behind Brisbane.  The booking page is displayed in your local time.  You do not need to make any timezone calculations

The booking page shows the time in your time zone that I am available.  A lot of the times are going to be early morning, late in the night.  Sorry but the world is a big place.  You could always come and meet me in person on a beach.

Book a 30 Minute Skype Coaching Call With Don

If you don't see the immediate value of a coaching call
with me then probably it sin't for you

​But here’s how it is –

Anyone can take a great system and implement it.  Yet results are going to vary.  Why?  Because if success was purely mechanical then it would be easy to manufacture.

That’s not how it is.

It’s why pizza tastes better in NYC.

It’s why vinyl sounds better than a CD.

It’s why a bottle of Dom Perignon commands just big bucks more than your local sparkling wine.

If you’ve done the work and the results aren’t quite “there” – I can help you with the “it”.

If you’ve had success but you want to kick it up – I can help.

If you’re totally overwhelmed by the flood of BS and can’t decide which way to go – I can help.

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