Thanks for completing those quick questions.

Please Follow the Directions in this Video

Right now, we need to address the serious business of card fraud online and take a step here to ensure both you (the authorized card holder) and Apache Leads are not being scammed by a card fraudster. Trust me, it happens a lot with leads companies because leads are an attractive item to those Nigerian Princes needing help to get that $236 Million out of Nigeria.

To prevent fraud on our site our bank has insisted that we make absolutely sure we are dealing with the real, authorized card holder. To do this we need to ask you to complete the following card authorization form. It can be downloaded here

Please download the Card Authorization PDF by clicking the big orange button below.
Then do this:

1. Print the form
2. Complete the form
3. Sign the form
4. Take a photo of the form and your Government issued ID with your phone/camera
5. Email the 2 photos to [email protected]

Th is the very highest protection you can receive. When completed this form will be proof we are dealing with the authorized cardholder.

We do need the above steps completed BEFORE we can complete the processing of your order. If you have any questions about this, please go to our contact page or simply reply to any email we have sent you. 

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