Christmas Special


Now is the time of year for fun, family,
friends and thoughts of our futures.


It’s a perfect time for Apache Leads to thank our many clients for supporting us this last year and to reach out and welcome new clients.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Right now you may not be very interested in investing in your business as you have so many other things distracting you at this time.

We understand that which is why we are making quite a unique gift to you, which you don’t even need to activate until next year!


We have designed two absolutely brilliant Christmas Specials.


One bundle for the USA and one for Australia.

Both bundles are designed to include everything you need to really getting a great start in the New Year. We’ve included:

1. Our very popular “We Call Your Leads Service” This has proved to be a wonderful service for so many people.  It saves you so much time.  Our professional callers, use your script to call all your leads and we send you the excited ones in real time.  At the end of the time allocated we send you all the leads and a full report.

2. Premium / Surveyed Leads – not only have we included the best fresh leads, we have included that you can have leads from the State you choose and yes there is more, you can select the gender for even tighter targeting. Perfect.


But that’s not all, keep reading


Both are amazing value and the best thing of all, you do not need to activate the orders until the 1st February 2015.

Of course, those eager beaver clients who want a head start on grabbing as many prospects as possible, you can activate the order any time you want.

Think about it, this is the time of year that regular people are thinking
and indeed, worrying about their futures.


You have the key to their future freedom and happiness.

The holiday season is one of the best recruiting times of the year for home businesses.

Prospects are absolutely  looking to never have to go into debt again to buy gifts.

The want to work from home, no one wants to keep getting dressed up and drive the commute to a job they simply do not find fulfilling.

You are the key to their freedom


Share your business opportunity this holiday season  with as many people as you can and the rewards will come back to you many times over.

The key to your own success, is sharing your business and duplication over and over, teaching your group as you grow.

Gaining momentum, faster and faster the growth will be exponential.

Plan for your future now.

When did Noah build the Ark? Before the rain


Look now toward 2015 and beyond.  Take the action now that will spring you into the new year with everything you need to succeed.

These amazing bundles we have put together have everything you need, including our guarantee of replacing any bad leads. That guarantee makes it risk free for you.

These bundles are discounted gigantically from regular prices and will not be available in the New Year, these special business builder offers will only be available for a very limited time.

You must act now to secure to take advantage of these never
before offered Xmas Bundles


This is a very limited offer and really will not be available at any price in 2015, let alone at the HUGE 40% discount we are offering you right now.


It’s an absolute no brainer!


These packages are designed to get you maximum growth in your business and maximum income to propel you toward your real goals and dreams.  We know you don’t want to buy leads, you really just want the dream lifestyle.

Have a think about this though; leads are a tool that help you get the new house, the vacation, the fancy car and everything else you want a whole lot faster.


And now you can get the perfect bundle at nearly half price!



Take a look at the outstanding value in each one and you will see for sure that they are designed to bring you maximum growth in the New Year. Order now and take delivery in January 2015

Australian Xmas 2014 Business Building Bundle

  • We Call Your Leads (100 Fresh Aussie Leads & 10 Hours Calling)
  • 130 Premium Aussie Leads
  • 200 Economy Aussie Leads

Now Only $589

US Xmas 2014 Business Building Bundle

  • We Call Your Leads (100 Fresh Surveyed Leads & 10 Hours Calling)
  • 200 Fresh US State Based & Gender Targeted Leads
  • 500 Visitors To Your Business Site (Your Own Leads)

Now Only $579

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