Guaranteed Sign Ups, Apacheleads

Paying for advertising and getting no results?
No time to call leads?
Not real good at calling leads?

What if we could send interested targeted people to your sign up page and you only paid for the ones who signup?

What a huge time saver and dollar saver. Imagine, every day new folks coming to your website and signing up.

Contacting fresh signups is so easy and productive.

No coupons allowed when ordering signups

How it Works

The network we are associated with, spends thousands of dollars each month placing strategic ads to target home based business seekers. With a combination of banner advertising, ppc advertising and email the network delivers more than 3,000 interested prospects to our users each day.

When an interested person clicks on a banner or a link, they are taken to a page that displays a list of home business opportunities. You can find a sample list of our opportunities page here.

Visitors select which type of opportunity is of interest. When they select an interest they will be sent to a user’s site that is promoting that opportunity.

For example if they are interested in health supplements they will be taken to a clients site which promotes that type of biz op.

We will keep your signup page inside a special script page which will allow us to track when the user has completed the sign up process. Once the sign up is complete, your account is debited for one sign up.

These are actual verified users visiting your website and signing up directly for your free service or information. Visitors are not rewarded or enticed in any way to join your program.

Our system works with many business opportunities and other types of free information programs. Whether you are looking to build a solid downline or just a newsletter, we can deliver!

When you place an order you simply select the type of program you are offering from our list of popular programs we support.

Please note that the average client of ours can expect between 5 - 100 sign ups per day.

We do not guarantee when the signups will occur.

Larger orders may take up to one month to complete. Our system is meant for long term planning and should be seen as a long term solution to providing you with quality leads for your business.


Your product, service or information must be 100% free to those signing up.

We cannot accept offers that ask for any type of payment nor do we accept offers that ask for any type of financial data such as social security numbers or banking information on the first initial lead form.

We do not guarantee that anyone will buy your product or service.

We do guarantee that you will receive the exact number of guaranteed sign ups you have purchased within the time frame stated during the ordering process. We will do our best though, it should be noted that some signup forms attract more signups than others. That’s the nature of design.

NEW:  Guaranteed SignUps Are Now Available For The Countries & Regions Below. You will Select The Country and Your Link (URL) After Ordering

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No coupons allowed when ordering signups


If my program does not appear on the list can I still use your service?
Yes. We work with hundreds of other sites as well. All we ask is that your website be home business / business opportunity oriented and that the initial sign-up is free to members.

My website charges for memberships. Can I still use your program?
You can only use our service if your initial offering is free. This means a visitor can sign up for a free tour or trial basis without having to give payment information.

Where do the sign-ups come from?
We market a webpage with links to our client’s sites and drive thousands of users to the webpage each and every day. If a visitor is interested in a certain product or opportunity they will click a link which takes them to our clients signup page

How do I know if a sign-up came from you?
Not only do we offer stats that will show you how many sign-ups you have received from us, we will also list the name and partial email address of the sign-up in the lead list for your account.

How many people a day visit your site?
The network drives about 4500 interested opportunity seekers to the lead pages every day. Out of that amount, about 5% sign up for one or more programs listed. These visitors are highly interested in finding the right program for them. Most spend about 30 minutes investigating different offers.

What if a sign-up has a bad email address?
We will replace it! Just provide us with the bad sign-up email address. As long as we can verify that the lead came from our system and the email address bounces back, we will credit your account with a replacement signup credit.

How do you know who signed up for my program?
We have a one of a kind script that tells the web form on your website to send the information to two places instead of one. Users who visit your site from our system will submit the same information to your backend control panel, and our system at the same time. We debit your account for 1 sign-up each time someone signs up for your program through our promotional pages. We also list the name and partial email address of the sign-up so that you can locate and compare the information as confirmation.

How long will it take to get sign-ups?
Many customers get between 2 - 5 sign-ups daily. Weekdays are faster than weekends. Bigger campaigns get more exposure to satisfy the large amount of sign-ups needed to fulfill the order, but everyone should get a few sign-ups at least every other day.

Do you pay people to sign up for my program?
Absolutely not! The people who sign up for your program are genuinely interested in joining your program. The network has thousands of dollars spent each month to drive high quality interested prospects to our client’s program sites.

  • 100% Targeted SignUps
  • Email / Phone Guaranteed
  • Explode Your Downline
  • Fast Delivery
  • Above Average Conversions
  • Signups Directly on your Website
  • View list of signups we delivered
  • Real time statistics
Guaranteed Signups, Apacheleads

No coupons allowed when ordering signups

Guaranteed Signups - Economy

Number of
Cost Per
Cost Per Campaign
Delivery Estimate
40 Days
40 Days
40 Days
40 Days
40 Days

Guaranteed Signups - Premium

Number of
Premium SignUps
Cost Per
Cost Per Campaign
Signups will be completed
within 1 month
Guaranteed Signups, apacheleads

Apache Leads guarantees that the signups purchased from our company will result in real users joining for your free to join program.

We guarantee that each visitor will have a valid email address in which you are able to contact that person directly. In the event an email address bounces back, your account will be credited accordingly.

We guarantee that each visitor will have a valid phone number (if applicable). In the event that an phone number is reported to be disconnected, your account will be credited accordingly.

We guarantee that each signup will be in the place of a real visitor visiting your website with the absolute interest of joining your free to join program. Visitors are NEVER paid or enticed in any way to join your program. We do NOT guarantee however that all or any of the members will upgrade at any time during or after the registration process.

We guarantee that your signups will be delivered within a timely fashion. The average account can expect to see signups within a few days of activation. Most will see activity within a few hours. If time is of the essence to you, we will do our best to deliver the signups in a time frame specified by yourself. Most campaigns of fewer than 100 signups can expect to be completed in 3 days or less.

Each signup will appear in your backend office provided by the company you are advertising and they will also appear in your admin area that we provide. This information can be used to establish the origin of sign-ups within your program.

Terms of Services

In order to insure the fastest delivery of your signups you will be bound by the terms and conditions below. You are purchasing “Guaranteed Signups” from “Apache Leads”. A “Guaranteed Signup” is defined as a request for free information from the website submitted. Free information can be described as

  1. Filling out a form to receive information via email
  2. Submitting a pre-enroll application
  3. Submitting an email address for inclusion in a newsletter
  4. Completing an application for a free membership

A “Guaranteed Signup” does not mean that you will receive any type of compensation or upgrade activity from a member. Furthermore, if your program requires a user to submit multiple pages of information, or requires the user to proceed with a confirmation process via email in order to appear in your back office, by submitting such an offer you agree that the signup information provided by “Apache Leads” is final.

Types Of Websites Accepted and how they are processed.

  1. We accept websites that offer a free service or free information only. Visitors can not be prompted to make payment of any type before completing the entire free process. If your program does not allow a visitor to complete the entire process without prompting for payment, then your account will be removed from our system. You will then have the option to change the URL to a program that fits within our guidelines or you may be charged a 30% administration fee. Know what you are buying and do not submit “payment required” programs.
  2. If your website requires a visitor to fill out multiple pages before completing any type of free registration, please note that we will recognize only the first form submission (first page of the process) and will count this as one signup, regardless if the rest of the registration process is completed. It is advised that if you have a program that has many different pages of information before completion that you create a custom signup form to use instead.
  3. Form Location changes. If you are promoting a program that is masked or inside frames, we reserve the right to change the promotional URL to reflect the exact location of the signup for used to obtain the signup.
  4. If your website requires a user to view a movie or intro longer than 30 seconds before providing them with an option to signup, your account may be removed.

Changing Your URL
If you wish to change your program URL after it has received one or more signups, you will be required to purchase credits equal to the amount used for your current URL. This means that if you have purchased 50 credits and used 10 of those credits for Site A, you cannot change the URL to Site B until you have purchased an additional 10 credits to bring Site B to 50 total credits. This does not apply to those accounts that have been contacted by administration requesting a new URL.

Dispute of Signups.
Getting an account credit for a bad lead is easy to do but to insure that your requests are handled as soon as possible you will need to follow a few guidelines.

NOTE: Only signups with bad email addresses or disconnected phone numbers will be replaced. However, if your website does not request a user’s phone number no replacements will be made based on phone number.

To request a signup credited back to your account, please list the entire signup information line as it appears in your admin.

You will have 7 days from the date listed on the signup to dispute it. Signup disputes older than 7 days will not be honored. You will need to submit a support ticket via your admin area in order for your request to be processed. The date and time of your submission will be used to determine the 7 days guidelines.

1234 01/02/2003 Joe Sample

Please note that signups will only be credited if we have determined that an address is invalid. We will do so by sending an email to the signup contact. If we do not receive a bounce back, we will not replace the signup. If you are disputing a phone number we will verify and replace this only if the said phone number is not in operation. Many times, people may mistake your call as a telemarketer or other annoyance and state the person does not live there or so forth. This phone number is submitted by the visitor and will be considered valid unless there is a disconnection message.

When a signup is credited it may or may not be removed from your list regardless if the credits have been replaced. We will not replace signups that have already been replaced.

Inaccessible Programs.
In the event your website becomes unavailable or terminated and visitors cannot reach your website, you will have 7 days to address the issue by changing your URL. Programs that do not address the issue within 7 days may be removed from the system without any right to compensation.