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Chapter 1: Introduction

Note From The Author


screenshot_437Hi I’m Don Reid, Founder of Apache Leads and Go Getter Club. Over the many years since I began in Network Marketing and Internet Marketing there have been a gazillion changes in technology and methods for doing just about everything in business.

I spend a reasonable amount of time each week studying new ways of getting traffic, converting the traffic, generating leads, contacting leads, email marketing, pretty much anything which helps business grow.

In this Express Course I will take you through the steps so you can successfully contact thousands of leads, leave them a recorded message and then take calls from them.

This is the holy grail of lead contacting, imagine how much easier life is when interested leads are calling you for more information.

As always, it’s up to you to turn the knowledge you gain from this Express Course into your ticket to huge income by taking action

How To Get The Most From Your Express Course


Here’s how to get the most out of the content in this Express Course,

Read the entire EC once

Read through this entire EC, watch any videos and download the resources. Don’t execute on the steps until you have finished reading the entire EC. This will help you understand the progression of the steps and put them into context.

Complete the steps

This Express Course is a checklist. Each step builds upon the next. Complete each step in order.

Chapter 2: Audacity

Understanding The Ringless Voicemail Drops System


The first thing to understand is that by all measures no call voice mail drops are legal. Cellphone Voicemail Drops are legal based on some major points. The FCC has defined voicemail and voicemail servers as an Enhanced Information Services and has chosen not to regulate these enhanced services (The Telecommunications Act of 1996).

We are not lawyers and not able to give legal advice so, if you are concerned you should consult your attorney.

OK, now that we have that out of the way let’s move on.

The system we are teaching you will allow you to upload special Mobile Phone Leads available from Apache Leads into the Leads Rain system. Once your campaign is set up, Leads Rain will send out your recorded message to all the leads in your imported list.

This EP will take you through all the steps needed to get your campaign fully set up.

Below is the flowchart of the system I’m teaching you.

Obtaining numbers is another way for saying buy Mobile Leads. Of course you may already have a list of phone numbers from some other source.

Apache Leads Insiders Club

Record Voicemail


Using Audacity To Record Your Message.

Audacity® is free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. Audacity is available for Windows®, Mac®, GNU/Linux® and other operating systems.

The download link for Audacity is HERE (https://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/)


It’s super easy to use. Press the red record button, record your message from your mic. Press the black stop button when you are finished. Remember, keep your message under 60 seconds.

If you need some tutorials on how to use Audacity just search Audacity Tutorial on YouTube or click here

Your Message

When you record your message it really should be under 60 seconds, many voicemail systems have a cutoff so you don’t want your message being cut off before the lead receives it all.

Keep the message friendly and do not try to sound like a professional recording artist. Just sound like you would if you were speaking to a friend.

There are two types of messages you can record.

If you want to get a lot of calls because you like to do business on the phone then make it fairly general. This will get a you a lot of call backs but it won’t be targeted.

To make your call more compelling and targeted you could say something like:

Hi, It’s John Smith. I am looking to expand my business in your area and I’m looking for a couple of smart people who are able to partner with me. Call me back on 555-657-8989”

Remember to say it in an easy going, friendly manner not all professional and un-natural.

If you can offer a discount or a free offer or something significant to encourage people to call you back this is going to yield better results. It’s a good idea to keep a record of the number of call backs you get from a message so next time you make a campaign you can tweak the message and then compare which one did better. Then repeat that process always using the better message.

PRO TIP: Women’s voices tend to get more call backs than men’s. It may not be politically correct, but it’s a fact. If you are male, maybe you can ask an obliging woman to make the recording for you.

Don’t stress over making the recording because like everything there is a learning curve and it will most likely take you a couple of tries to find a winning pitch, speed and words combination. Once you do find a winner you can use it over and over and get great results.

Chapter 3: Leads Rain

Upload Your Leads


So far you have obtained the number by purchasing the mobile leads from Apache Leads. You have also recorded your message and save it to your hard drive.
Apache Leads Insiders Club

Now it’s time to upload your numbers into the system.

The system we are going to recommend you use is Leads Rain

Leads Rain

Leads Rain is a cloud based auto dialer system www.LeadsRain.com

There other companies you can choose from but we prefer Leads Rain because they don’t require a massive campaign in order to get the same low prices. For example some companies may require you to order 100,000 drops to get the $0.05 per drop price, but with Leads Rain there is no minimum campaign to get that low price.

Sign Up


The first thing to do is click on the Sign Up button and create your account

Leads Rain Signup

Select “Ringless Voicemail” and complete the sign up form. Press the Signup button when the form is complete.

The phone number they are asking for is in case they need to contact you for any reason, it’s not necessarily the phone number you will be using in your campaigns.

Leads Rain Sign Up

After signing up you will see the Thank You page.

NEXT you will receive an email with details about accessing their Ringless Voicemail service. If you do not receive it, please contact their support.

Buying Credit


Log into the billing section: https://leadsrain.com/billing

Leads Rain Credit

They accept PayPal which usually means you can also use your card if you do not have a PayPal account and I sure wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.

As you can see from the screenshot you have a wide range of payment amounts. Of course choose whichever one you are comfortable with. This is all pretty risk free as Leads Rain offer refunds if for some reason you change your mind. In any case, select the amount you want and proceed through the PayPal payment process.

You will then have that amount credited to your account.

This really is a very inexpensive system it’s only $0.05 per successful voicemail drop. For example if you leave a voicemail on 100 numbers, that’s only going to cost $5.00! You could expect around 25 calls for $5.00. That’s pretty hot leads for pennies.

If Leads Rain are unable to leave a voicemail on the number, you are not charged, you are only charged for successful drops.

If you wanted to invest less than $100, say $50 or even $20, hit them up on chat and see if they will go for it.


Don’t click the login in to dialer button. The Ringless Voicemail Drop is a separate section. The correct login area should be in the welcome email you received from Leads Rain, if it’s not, then contact their support.

Add Campaign


After logging into the ringless voicemail section you will click on Add Campaign

Leads Rain Campaign

Then you will proceed to enter you campaign information

Leads Rain Manage Campaign

We’ve called this one ‘Sample Campaign” and the description “sample for training”. You can call your campaign anything which makes sense to you and something you will know right away what it means. Could be something like Amway Prospects New York.

At this stage it is best to set the campaign to INACTIVE. This will avoid any accidental sending of the campaign before it’s ready to go.

Leads RainLevel: Leave set to 1

Leads RainAuto Dial Level: Leave set to 1 unless you are a call center or have a lot of folks ready to take calls

Leads RainLocal Call Time: This is NOT your local time. This is the local time for the prospects.

For example if you are in California and you are going to be campaigning to prospects in New York , you would set this as the local time in NY.

When you are happy with all the above click the big blue button which says Add Campaign.

Leads Rain Manage Campaign

After clicking the big blue Add Campaign button you will get a green message saying Success! Campaign Added and a number.

That number is associated with the campaign. If you need to contact support about a campaign, they are going to ask you for that number

Adding A List


Now you are ready to add a list. This is where you set up the name of the list where you will upload your phone numbers to the Leads Rain system.

Leads Rain List

As you can see from the screenshot above, you select Add List under the List menu. What’s cool is you can add more number later to any list you have.

Leads Rain List

Name your list. As you can see we named ours “Sample Training List”. Then you need to attach the list to a campaign. In our example we are selecting the Sample Campaign we made earlier. You will attach your list to the campaign you made earlier.

In other words, you are telling Leads Rain which campaign the list is associated with.

When you have the name of the list and the campaign then press the blue button called Add Campaign

Leads Rain

You will see the green success bar and the number associated with that campaign

Adding Your Numbers


Now it’s time to add your numbers to the list you just created.

Leads Rain Numbers

Leads RainList ID: That’s the number and name of the list you want to use for this campaign.

Leads RainPhone Code: Select the country the people on your list live in

Leads RainLead Duplicate Check: Select the middle one which is Check for duplicates by phone in list.

Leads RainLead Time Zone Lookup: Select Country Code and Area Code Only

When all those items are selected, click on Choose A File This will be the file on your hard drive which contains your list of phone numbers.

Leads Rain Numbers

In our example we chose snowremoval.csv Make sure you are going to be importing a CSV file. If you purchased your mobile leads from Apache Leads your file will be in CSV format. If you have Microsoft Excel you can save any spreadsheet as a CSV file.

Leads Rain Numbers

When you have selected your CSV file of phone number, press the blue Submit button

Leads Rain Numbers

After uploading you will get the usual green success bar. But what is important on this screen is the information in the blue highlighted area.

Lets run through that, bearing in mind the list we uploaded was pretty rubbish.

Leads RainTotal Records: the total number imported

Leads RainMobile Records: the total number of records which are real and useable phone numbers

Leads RainNot Mobile Records: these will be landlines

Leads RainBad Records: these numbers are all bad, they may be wrong numbers or have no number characters mixed in or even blank

Leads RainDuplicate Records: the system removes any duplicates for you

Upload Audio File


The next step is to upload your audio file so the campaign has a message to drop onto your prospects voicemail.

Leads Rain Audio

To do this, select the Campaigns menu tab and select Prompt File

Leads Rain Audio

Select browse and grab the MP3 or WAV file you made earlier with Audacity. Then press the blue Submit button

Then once you have uploaded your audio file it will be always stored on Leads Rain along with any others you may upload for different campaigns or for testing which is the better message.

Leads Rain Audio

Above you can see the different audio files stored for this account. This is a big time saver for when you are running campaigns which can reuse the existing audio messages.

Chapter 4: Campaigns

Edit Campaign


Now we are in the home straight and nearly ready to get this campaign out there. There are just a couple of things we need to do first.

So go to Campaigns and then Edit Campaigns. Select the campaign of course.

Leads Rain Edit Campaign

Leads RainList Order: This determines how the system will run through your list. From the top down is fine unless you particularly want Leads Rain to go in some other order.

Next thing is to select Caller ID. Now if you want the prospects to be able to call your phone back or even text a message back you need to put the number in Caller ID.

So a real number for the phone you want the prospects to call is what you put in here. Make sure it’s a working number. See the screenshot below

Leads Rain Edit Campaign

Leads RainAuto Dial Level: Leave it set on 1

Leads RainVoicemail File: Select the audio file you uploaded earlier

Then click the blue Save Changes button

Your campaign is now ready to go. You might have noticed at the top of the page that I haven’t mentioned Sections 2 and 3.

Feel free to look in them but there really isn’t anything you need to change or do in those sections. Until you become more expert with the system, best to leave them along

Activating Your Campaign


OK your campaign set up is complete and ready to roll. So one thing we need to do, we need to switch on the ACTIVATE button

Leads Rain Activate Campaign

Remember to click the blue Save Changes button after activating the campaign.

At the time of writing, the campaign will need to be checked by Leads Rain to make sure it’s all set up correctly. To speed that up copy the Campaign number and paste it into a chat message.

The chat is down there in the bottom right hand corner of every page on Leads Rain. Tell them you have set up ‘campaign (the number here)’ and to start sending the voicemails.

They will check it very quickly and get it going for you.



Leads Rain has reporting so you can watch it in real time delivering the voicemails or, of course come back later and see the results

Leads Rain Reporting

The above example of reporting shows you fails which could be the voicemail box was full or not working but you are not charged for fails.

Below that are the successful drops, which is what you do get charged for.

The important thing to note is by watching it in real time you can gauge very quickly how well the campaign is performing by the number of calls you are getting.

If the campaign is only half way through and you have already received 15 calls then its doing well and you better be prepared to take calls for the next few hours.

When you notice the calls dropping off, then it might be time for you to run another campaign so you stay busy on the phones.

Chapter 5: Conclusion



Now you have come to the conclusion of this course. You can now confidently conduct Ringless Voicemail Drops using the Leads Rain system and Apache Leads.

If you feel you would like some more videos to round out your knowledge please go to YouTube and search for Leads Rain