Does it frustrate you with your business taking way too long to get you to
your goals and dreams?

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Does it frustrate you with your business taking way too long to get you to your goals and dreams?

If so, then I know exactly how you feel.

If you're like most people, you probably start well, but then you can’t seem to find the right people, and before long your business either stops or grows at a snail’s pace.

Frustrated and embarrassed, you end up feeling like a failure because nothing seems to work out the way you planned.

I first got involved with an MLM (Amway) in early 1992. At the time, I was running two other brick and mortar businesses and was debt propelled and exhausted. Every waking moment was about work.

Anyway, he was a good teacher and taught me a heck of a lot. I was very experienced sales representative, contract manager and CEO.

I used to do at least 15 meetings a month so I could wear the “go-getters” pin.

That’s as far as I got. I got sidetracked and involved with the internet and in September 1995 I began making an income with some websites I built using copied HTML code and even had to write it in Notepad. No HTML building software in those days. These sites evolved quickly into membership sites and the income grew rapidly.

Why was this?


A few years later I received an email from Brian Garvin who I had been following for a while. He is based in California. It was a one of those rare emails which is very exciting and interesting. His email was all about joining a “powerline” for free and watching tons of people sign up below you.

Not just one or two, this was a lot of people.

I couldn’t bear to have that happen to me so I hit the upgrade link and paid my $150 to join!

I absolutely loved this new system for recruiting and committed to it 100%. Things were still a bit primitive on the net back then. I may be wrong but I think this was 2002. I had to manually copy the downlines name and email form one site and paste it into my emailing system on another site and a few other very labor intensive tasks which in an integrated system would be handled. Anyway, that was the only way I could do it and it took about 10 hours a day to do it.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I went from start to Diamond level in 3 months!

I was the fastest Diamond in the company’s history.

What was the difference between these two networking businesses?

The difference was MOMENTUM

Momentum is a magical phase in your business when it just grows super-fast and doesn’t rely on you 100% anymore.

Your pay checks suddenly are so huge you nearly faint!

Great question, so glad you asked it.

You need to be 100% focused

You need to build your dream. Not pretend to have a dream like you might have been doing. You need to really feel it, really put yourself in it until it hurts because you don’t have it ….YET. Go to a car dealer and take a test drive of a car you clearly cannot afford to pay cash for ….YET. Go to a new housing estate and walk through the display homes of houses you clearly cannot afford….YET. Bring your leaders along on these adventures, build your dream and theirs.

You need to do the work. Not busy work like talking in forums or looking at the products catalog. Real work; contacting, presenting and recruiting. Every day you need to be calling prospects / leads. Every day you need to be getting people to look at the opportunity you are offering them. Every day you need to be having people join your business because of your efforts.

You need to build the dream in your group. Every time you speak with a member of your group you should be asking what it is they really want, what is their dream. Drill down until you find the real dream, not the pretend one they just say. Find it and put them in it. Make them talk about it and believe their dream.

You need to promote the products by using them yourself. Go to your cupboards and toss out all the products you have which can be replaced by ones in your company catalog. Then you are speaking with experience and true commitment,

You need to generate the excitement. When communicating with upline, downline, crossline, always be excited and positive. NO negativity ever. No one cares how tired you are or how broke you are, they just want YOU to be the leader and be excited and positive for them. Yes, it’s hard, but how much do you want your dream? Is it as hard as being broke forever and working a job? No, it’s not, it’s a cheap price to pay for freedom, so pay it.

Some are going to take all this on board, get off the couch, hit the road and this time next year those few will be financially free.

Which of these groups of people are you?

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