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Frustrated With The Time It's Taking To Build Your Business?  Rather Be On The Beaches?

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Do any of these questions apply to you

  • Have you felt a little lost with building your business?
  • Do you feel your team could use some friendly motivation?
  • Have you been feeling you're just not feeling focused and motivated to do the things that need doing ?
  • Did you just want to talk about how to get to the next level?

If you have felt any of these feelings then let's get together for a chat.

In case you’re not fully familiar with me, here’s a little background to assure you I’m the right guy to help you put some real rocket power into your business.  Look, I know you’re wanting to get to your dream lifestyle, no boss, no debt and lots of freedom. I can help you get there faster, I’ve been where you are now.

In 1992 I got started in Amway.  Probably the hardest MLM to build. There were no leads, no internet, no video presentations, no email and no bulk contacting methods in those days.

It took me 2.5 years of hard slog to build the business to a good level where it was making money.  Most days I was prospecting, making calls and at nights I was out doing presentations in prospects homes.

Yes it was “old school”

My next MLM was in 2002.  I joined Life Force and went from start to the very high Diamond level in only 3 months!  It was a spectacular achievement. The company awarded me the coveted “Rising Star” award which included some extra special bonus money and free around the world air tickets.

Since 2003 I’ve owned Apache Leads. The business has allowed me the opportunity to speak and work with hundreds of networkers, just like you during the year.  Those conversations are usually short via live chat or email.

"I'm staying consistant thanks to you and you helped me a few months ago when I was so scared to call . Thank you so very very much I wouldn't have build without your help"


Auburn, United States

On this page, I’m offering you something much more special and private; a one on one chat with me, totally focused on you and how we can jet propel you to the big money.

Invest a small amount of money now to live the lifestyle of your dreams sooner.

If you don't see the immediate value of a coaching call with me, then it probably isn’t for you

But here’s how it is –

Anyone can take a great system and implement it. Yet results are going to vary. Why? Because if success was purely mechanical then it would be easy to manufacture.

That’s not how it is.
It’s why pizza tastes better in NYC.

It’s why vinyl sounds better than a CD. It’s why a bottle of Dom Perignon commands big bucks more than your local sparkling wine.

If you’ve done the work and the results aren’t quite “there” – I can help you with the “it”.

If you’ve had success but you want to kick it up – I can help.

If you’re totally overwhelmed by the flood of BS and can’t decide which way to go I can help.

Each Coaching Call Session Is For 1 Hour