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Congratulations For Buying Some Awesome MLM Leads!


Thank you so much for your support, we appreciate it.  

We also want to take this time to congratulate you for being an action taker.  That alone puts you in the 3% of people who succeed at Network Marketing.  Yes, 97% of people who start in this industry, fail.

We are truly motivated to help you continue to be a success by being here to provide you as much support as you need.  Don't be fooled; buying some leads is a great start, but it's only the beginning.  There is a lot of things you still need to do.

Before we get into that, let me tell you a little about your order.  When you ordered, we also created a Leads Manager account for you.  It's free.  It's a cutting edge software application unlike any other.  It's built especially for leads.

You will receive an email with your login information.  You may feel free to check it out....BUT.....this is going to sound weird...the leads you purchased are called MOBILE LEADS.  We do not deliver them into your account.  It's easier and faster to simply attach them to an email.

We do this manually and when our office is open for business.  It can take up to 12 hours to deliver the leads, but usually it's a lot shorter.  So look out for the email from us soon.

Read These Important Notes:

These short notes will help you get the very best results from your bulk contacting campaigns.

1. The course we are giving you for free is called "Ringless Voicemail Drops"  but here's the can also use the technique to send bulk SMS text messages to leads.  It's your choice.  I suggest you try both and see which gets the better results.  The only difference is one needs a voice recording to send to the leads and the other uses a simple text message.

2. A mistake some people make is to blow all their leads on one campaign.  Don't do that.  Use small numbers like 500 leads.  This will allow you to test different messages to find the most productive one.

3. Test your messages.  You can make a message, upload 500 leads and send the message to them.  Take a note of the results, like how many messages sent, how many results you got.  

Then change the message slightly.  Send to a different 500 leads and compare the results.

You will see which is the best message.  Modify it, slightly and repeat the process.  After 5-10 campaigns you should have a winner!

4. Don't use your own personal phone number for interested leads to call you back.  Get a google phone number or even better a toll free number.  I like the toll free option as people are more likely to call you back.  Plus the company I recommend provide a system which includes voicemail.  That's handy if you finish work and want to not take anymore calls.  They can leave a message and you can call back later. 

If you want to go the Toll Free way, here is the link to the company I've used for over 10 years

5. Mobile leads are not delivered to your leads manager account.  They will be delivered by email

6. Here is the link to the Mobile Leads Ninja Course

Get to the Mobile Leads Ninja Course for HERE

7. We walk the walk when we talk about trying our hardest to support you and your business.  Here are some links to some amazing training, full of tips and tricks to get your business to where it's providing you with plenty of time and money

MLM Cheat Sheets

MLM Training Directory


Book a Coaching Call With Me

Our MLM Blog - lots of funny, interesting, business tips

Please don't be overwhelmed by all this information.  It's really pretty simple and easy.  Take your own time to get a good understanding.  The most important thing now is to not let it all go, you really need to take action.  

Only action takers make it to the top.  The rest of the people work for someone else.  

I know, you CAN do this thing!

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