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Master Dream Building – Find Your Why

Why did you get into business?

Do you remember?

Was it something you had always wanted, was it freedom, was it security, was it to help others, was it to travel?

What was it?

If you can't answer that instantly you need to go back to the basics and get a dream. If you don't have a dream, you are not going to build a business because you have no reason to do the hard yards.

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Nothing worth having in life is easy to get. Olympic champions train for their whole lives, not just for a year before the Olympics. They do what it takes everyday, over and over. Their dream drives them.

World champion boxers, train all their lives, every day, doing the same thing over and over. Their dream drives them.

Read the biography of Elon Musk, he has been training for this all his life... he has a dream

Everyone who succeeds in life has a dream, there are no exceptions...what is your dream

I'd love to hear it and celebrate it with you

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Leaders Are Readers

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Yeah that’s one of those sayings you’re going to hear quite a lot if you stay in MLM circles for any time at all.  Most people just hear it and let it wash over them like water rolling off a ducks’ back.

If only they took it to heart and cracked open a book

What got me to thinking about books was a rare email from a guy I follow.  His name is Andre Chaperon and he’s a professional copywriter of quite some fame in Internet Marketing circles.  His email was talking about a blog post he just read by the very famous American author, Ryan Holiday.

Both Andre and Ryan (yeah like we’re on a first name basis) were talking about the value of buying books, reading and making notes when reading.   We are all bombarded by a jet stream of information on a constant basis now and it’s only going to get worse.  It’s never going to let up.  So how do we know which things to retain in our brain?

Well both these guys take notes.  Ryan has a whole paper system, with index cards and colored tabs.  Andre uses an app called Gingko

Andre mentioned how many books he purchased in the last year and Ryan touched on buying books as a tax deduction.  Both buy books as opposed to borrowing books.  The idea is to build your own library.  Something you can be proud of and go to anytime.

Leaders ARE Readers

It’s not just some stupid saying that someone said to you.  It’s a real thing.  Anyone who has ever made it to the top is a reader.  If you’re not then you’re dooming yourself to failure.  That’s not me being rude and unkind to you, it’s just a fact.

Here’s the link to the Ryan Holiday post.

While I was reading Ryans post I happened to wonder how many books I purchased this year.  I went to my Amazon Account and copied and pasted all the books.  I didn’t go and bother with the many Audible and Kindle versions I also purchased.

Some of these books I’ve read before.  I bought them again because I didn’t have them here in Cambodia.  When I buy anything form Amazon, I have to get it sent to a repackaging, freight forwarding company in Florida.  Then they ship it to me here in Phnom Penh.  It really adds a lot to the cost but it’s really the only sure way I can count on getting what I ordered.


Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine
Michalowicz, Mike

The Pumpkin Plan: A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field
Michalowicz, Mike

Legion of the Damned
Hassel, Sven

Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team
Sinek, Simon

Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen
Miller, Donald

Social Media Marketing – when you have NO CLUE!: Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook
Gabrielle, Gundi

As a Man Thinketh
Allen, James

The Greatest Salesman in the World, Part 2: The End of the Story
Mandino, Og

The Greatest Salesman in the World
Mandino, Og

The Richest Man in Babylonleaders are readers the-richest-man-in-babylon-bookleaders are readers the-richest-man-in-babylon-book
Clason, George S.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: The Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex
Gray, John

You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: Uncover the Secret Hiding Places of Stock Market Profits
Greenblatt, Joel

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
Kiyosaki, Robert T.

The Way of the Superior Man: A Spiritual Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Women, Work, and Sexual Desire (20th Anniversary Edition)
Deida, David

No More Mr Nice Guy
Glover, Robert A.

Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century
Napoleon Hill

The Little Book That Still Beats the Market
Greenblatt, Joel

Start Writing Your Book Today: A Step-by-Step Plan to Write Your Nonfiction Book, From First Draft to Finished Manuscript
MacDonald, Morgan Gist

The Rational Male
Tomassi, Rollo

The Big Secret for the Small Investor: A New Route to Long-Term Investment Success
by Greenblatt, Joel

Low Carb Easy Family Meals– How to be a low carb family.: 35 easy recipes you and your children will love.
Jenkinson, Libby

Low carb starter pack – The complete beginners’ guide.: The easy way to learn how to start low carb living today.
Jenkinson, Libby

The Wrong Side of Goodbye (A Harry Bosch Novel)
Connelly, Michael

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series)
Marshall, Perry

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising: How to Access 1 Billion Potential Customers in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series)
Marshall, Perry

How to Write a Screenplay That Doesn’t Suck (and Will Actually Sell): Vol. 1 of the ScriptBully Screenwriting Series
Rogan, Michael

How to Write Your Own Life Story: The Classic Guide for the Nonprofessional Writer
Daniel, Lois

The Screenwriter’s Bible, 6th Edition: A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script (Expanded & Updated)
David Trottier

Nazi Gold: The Sensational Story of the World’s Greatest Robbery – and the Greatest Criminal Cover-Up
Sayer, Ian

As you can see it’s a list with some assorted genre’s, it’s certainly not all business or self development.  The subjects you read about aren’t what is important.  What is important is that we come to see reading as something essential to our well being, not a chore.  I blame school for that.

It really is a very satisfying feeling when you are deep into a book that is really something you dig.

Tell me, did you buy more books than me this year?


Which books do you like best?


If you feel you are truly ready to get started on your journey to freedom, please click the green “get started” button you will find on this page.  We wish to assure you that you will be in good hands with us

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Profit First

Profit First


I go to a local gym here in Phnom Penh.

It’s a city of huge contrasts. There are the very rich and the very poor. The luxury cars and the broken down carts being pulled by 40 year old motorcycles.

I’ve tried all the gyms which cater to the rich Cambodians and Foreigners. They were extremely bad value in my opinion.

The equipment was old and broken, the air con was never on and the TV’s would always be blaring out so loud it was hard to hear the podcasts I would be trying to learn from.

I like to get on the treadmill for 30 minutes, sweat like a pig and zone out focussing on whichever guru is teaching me something on the podcast.

These gyms would charge around $80 per month. Really over the top for what they are.

So a few months ago we (Theary & I) began going to a local gym.phnom penh gym

It’s basically in a big shed with a concrete floor. It has some old weight machines that look like they were used by Spartacus.

There’s no air con, there are fans but they are never on. Electricity is very expensive in Cambodia mostly because they buy it from Vietnam, plus the dictator in charge takes a cut. Anyway, because it’s a big high roofed shed, it’s cool enough.

There’s no annoying TV’s or sound system

There’s no juice bar selling the latest protein snacks, there’s no personal trainers strutting around and certainly no hipsters admiring themselves in the mirrors.

There’s one guy running the whole thing and he mostly stares at the floor from his old wooden desk.  most days there is us and a couple of young women doing some weights.

The gym is situated next to a high school. In fact, we walk through the school yard and enter the gym via the back door.  Quite often little groups of rowdy school kids wander through on their way to their classes.  Other people ride their motorcycles in and park inside the gym.Free Premium Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

Yep, it’s not some fancy pants gym that you, dear reader, are used to.

I’m quite the oddity in this gym so I always attract a lot of stares and whispers.  I’m getting used to it, especially after recently being in China and having locals beg to have a selfie with me.  That really feels weird.

This morning as I was on the treadmill I put on a podcast I had never listened to before. It’s produced by a guy called Ray Edwards.

I’m not even sure how I came to have heard of Ray. He is a copywriter and the podcast is easy to listen to with a fair bit of banter going on.

profit-first-bookThe episode I listened to was called “Profit First, Broke Never”and I must say my 30 minutes of sweating flew by as everything Ray was saying was super interesting.

He was excited about a book he had just read and it was called “Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz.

I’ve been in business a very long time and the wisdom Ray shared form the book simply blew me away!

Soon as I got home I ordered it on Amazon and also bought the Audible version. It’s that good and that important to anyone who has a business.

You have a business right?

You really should listen to the podcast and get the book. It will make you richer than anything else you do today.

Hope you enjoyed a slice of life in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  If this is your first time to our blog and you’re ready to begin getting closer to your dream lifestyle, please go ahead and tap or click the green “get started” button below.  You will be in good hands.

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Starting An MLM Business Is Not Enough To Get Rich

Free Premium Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

Great words: Being broke is a temporary situation. Being poor is a state of mind.

I got the quote from an excellent site which teaches how to manage money and how to make money.

Let’s face it, many people join MLM because they are broke. We all know that. It’s sure why I first joined Amway back in 1992.

The problem is many people who join an MLM business don’t have any experience and often no concepts of how a business works.

Sadly they often think that just joining is enough to get rich.

It’s a foreign concept to them that they need to invest time and money to grow a business.

This is kind of understandable if their only real experience since leaving school is to be an employee. They know that if they turn up to work eventually they get paid.  So it’s off to work every morning and back home. No thought about the struggles to keep that business going. No thoughts about juggling the other creditors wanting to be paid, no thought about hiring and firing, no thoughts about trying to make the sales budget.

None of these things cross the employees mind while they sit in front of the TV waiting for the time to go to bed.

Starting and owning an MLM Business is much easier than starting a traditional business.  You can walk the path to success that others before you made.  All you need to do is Contact, Present, Recruit.  You don’t need to rent an office, hire staff, advertise and get loans from the bank.  You just need to stop procrastinating and take some action.

Be the leader

Part of your role as an upline is to not get frustrated by new people not understanding how business works.  Your job is to be a role model for them, to show them the way to build a business. (Yes you can be the leader, read this post )

And if you don’t know how, you need to look upline. You need to keep going upline until you find a leader who will show you the way.  Find an upline who is really crushing it and not just talking about it.  They will be the ones you see getting higher levels at functions, you will see them bringing lots of downline to events and you will probably see the company recognizing them in company magazines and websites.  That’s who you want to be learning from

How to Build an MLM Business:

Contacting, Presenting, Recruiting, Leading….rinse and repeat

That’s it in a nutshell. It means, call some MLM Leads today, get them to a presentation and sign them up.  Over and over and over .   By the way Action Cures Doubt.  When you doubt you can do the business, go out and actually do it instead of sitting on your bum sucking your thumb

Here’s 7 Hardcore Tips to Stop People Quitting Your MLM Business

Can you do it?  If not let me know what your biggest challenge is and I will help you overcome

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Call My MLM Leads

Call My MLM Leads

Call My MLM Leads

Why is it new people ask “call my mlm leads”?  I have been involved with MLM since 1992 and in the MLM Leads industry since 2003 when I set up Apache Leads. 

Through years of experience working with people new to Network Marketing I can tell you, without a doubt, the hardest challenge for new people is making calls.

Yes calling mlm leads is the hardest thing for a new person to work up the courage to do.  picking u the phone and calling a stranger, even though they are a qualified mlm lead is difficult and very scary.  If you leave your new people to do this task alone, they are going to quit the business.

Even if you do training calls with them and teach them how to make calls… as soon as they have to do it alone they will choke up.  OK of course not everyone is going to have problems, but most will.

It’s too much for people who don’t have experience calling for a living to all of a suddenly be expected to be great at making what is essentially a sales call.

I found this to be true very early in my MLM career and had it reinforced when I moved into the MLM Leads Business.  Here’s a tip for you, most aged mlm leads have never been called.   What’s that tell you?

Well it;s clear isn’t it, your new people will follow your directions and buy mlm leads but that’s where it ends, they don’t always pick up the phone and call them.

When they do it often doesn’t go well and they develop fear of the phone.  The new guy who was all excited last month, now doesn’t come to events, your calls to him go unanswered and he goes off auto-ship.

Call My Leads is what he is screaming in his brain!

Free Premium Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

He wants someone to make the first call to the leads, to warm them up and introduce him so it all goes a lot easier.

That’s why we established We Call Your Leads which in effect is a Call My MLM Leads Service.  By breaking the ice our professional callers have made it super easy for your new guy to jump on the phone and say something like:  “Hi Bob, you just got off the phone with my appointment manager.  I’m James the guy they said was going to call you with more information about getting you into a home business”

See how much easier that is than making the first call?

See how your new guy will have a chance of staying in the business much longer and can become one of your biggest legs in the business?

Find out more by going directly to the Australian MLM Lead Calling
or the US MLM Lead Calling

For more reading on this very important subject. please take  a look at these excellent articles:
MLM Lead Calling Service

How To Overcome Phone Fear

Close My MLM Leads

The Truth: Why I Started a MLM Lead Calling Service

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we call your leads

The Truth: Why I Started a MLM Lead Calling Service

Free Premium Phone Interviewed MLM Leads


I just finished a post over at We Call Your Leads  It’s got a bit of a truth bomb in it about the real and biggest reason why most distributors quit their MLM business.

It’s probably a divisive post as it doesn’t pull any punches, it’s not sugar coated, it’s just some hard facts I’ve learned from being involved with MLM since 1992.

But the good news is, it also contains an easy solution which can be applied fast and simply.  If you’re interested in keeping your people in the business and helping them overcome their difficulties and go on to success then read this article and share it with your group

This is probably the most important article I’ve written for awhile, I do hope you get the most from it.

See you on the beaches!


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the dream virus-dreams come true

The Dream Building Virus: How and Why It Works


Today is a great day to really explain what I call The Dream Building Virus: Dream Building How and Why It Works and Why You Better Get Into It Real Soon

It’s Sunday morning and I’m studying a course about Facebook Marketing.  I know I can make a lot more income if I get batter at buying advertising.  So I’ve invested in books and online courses about Facebook Advertising.  It’s not because I want to learn that stuff, in fact, I don’t even like it.  But I have some dreams which need more money for them to be fulfilled.

Allow me to give you an aside before getting into the essence of this post.  I’m here at my computer doing a course and I began thinking of some reasons why I’m doing it.  Part of my dreams is to be much fitter and healthier.  So ….

It’s the first day of fasting.  That means no food at all.  All we can consume is water, tea, coffee and vegetable broth.  We are shooting to go 5 days.  The most I’ve gone before is 4 days.  It’s the first time for Theary.  Maybe I’ll write about that some other time. If you’re interested in learning the benefits of Intermittent Fasting there’s plenty on Google and YouTube.  By the way, just so you know, the first day is the hardest, thats the hungriest you will feel.  After the first day the hunger will disappear. It’s quite astonishing.

Anyway, as I say, it’s Sunday morning here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

the dream virus - dream building

Our Nephews Birthday Party

My wife, Theary is pottering around cleaning up the remnants of a kids pool party we hosted yesterday. Great time, such lovely well-behaved kids. I would not be surprised if they are all suffering a sugar crash today though.  Normally Asian kids don’t eat much in the way of junk sugary food.  They really eat mostly green leafy vegetables, rice, a little meat and fruit.  Probably why they are all slim and full of energy.  Even when they are presented with western treats they are still very picky which ones they will eat.

We’re also planning a two-week vacation in China in September.  So far it looks like we will go to Hong Kong for a couple of nights then fly to Beijing to see The Great Wall and then down to Shanghai to check out the very impressive skyline.  Theary has never been to China so it’s going to be an awesome adventure.  I can’t wait to make some videos while hiking The Great Wall.

Next week a good friend of mine from London is coming to visit.  Currently he is vacationing in neighboring Vietnam.  When he arrives, we will all go for a few days’ vacation by the sea.

dream building for mlm

Women catching crabs at Kep. Taken from a restaurant

We will go to Kampot, Kep and maybe even Shianoukville.  I absolutely love the seafood at Kep and that’s saying a lot because I do not normally like seafood at all.  They have a bunch of seafood restaurants right on the waters edge.  You can sit and watch the seafood being caught and then brought to the restaurant for cooking.  How’s that for fresh!

the dream virus - dream big

Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam

I met my friend on a bus tour in Saigon back in 2012.  The tour was to Cu Chi Tunnels.  These were the huge network of tunnels used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War.  On a side note the Vietnamese call that war The American War.

The tunnels were used very extensively and were used for housing, hospitals, kitchens, lectures, storing weapons and ammunition and for attacking the enemy. At Cu Chi I went in one of the tunnels, which was a huge mistake as I’m quite claustrophobic and really thought I was going to have a heart attack.  My heart felt like it was going to burst through my chest.  To get through the tunnel, which was multi-leveled I mostly had to duck walk and sometimes slither on my belly.  For the next 7 days I could hardly walk.

dream building for network marketing

The White Temple

In a couple of weeks Theary is going to Bangkok with her newly pregnant sister on a shopping expedition.  Thailand is the most popular tourist destination in the world.  In the first 6 months of 2017 there were 17 million tourists.  Tons of places to go with lots of interesting things to see and do.  I recently posted about a road trip we did to the infamous Golden Triangle.


We’ve been to Bangkok many times and always love it, it’s such a huge, energetic, chaotic, fun metropolis. Outside of Bangkok we also love Phuket, Hua Hin, Pattaya and Chiang Mai

Ok so why am I writing all this about traveling and good times?

I’ll tell you why, because the lifestyle we enjoy was my dream.  I really internalized the dream and thought of it every day.  I looked at travel sites, watched videos of amazing faraway places.  I wanted it so bad I could taste it.

Then I worked my arse off.  Simple as that.  Sometimes I didn’t know if what I was doing was right or wrong but I learned that you can’t steer a parked car.  As long as you are doing the work, something will happen that makes it all worthwhile in the end.

Free Premium Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

One time I was working on building a business and no matter what I did it just didn’t take off.  Very frustrating and depressing.  I just kept going and suddenly from my efforts a completely different opportunity sprang up which ending up grossing $18 Million over the following 6 years!

If you don’t have a big enough dream, you’re not going to do the work.

Building a big huge dream is so important for your future.

I had a close friend and business partner.  He and his wife used to maintain what they called a “dream book”.  It was a scrap book with lots of photos they had cut out of magazines and pasted into this book.

Sounds dumb right?

Before you write off this idea and laugh, let me tell you something

the dream virus - harleySometimes they would show me their dream book.  One thing they had in the book was a photo of a Harley Davidson, nothing unusual about that, just it’s color.  It was a very rare, blue color that no one had seen before. Kind of a turquoise.  Two years later we were discussing his upcoming birthday.  By this time, we were all doing well and I suggested we go to the Harley dealership and check out some bikes.

As we were looking through the bikes we came across one that he really liked and he took it for a test ride.  When he returned his face was flushed with excitement and joy.  He bought it on the spot. A few days later it was delivered and he called it “Bliss” which was pretty sweet.

Not long after, his wife brought out the dream book and opened it to the page where he had the picture of the rare blue turquoise  …. Yep you guessed it, it was the exact same bike as he had just bought!  You could have knocked us over with a feather, we were so shocked, but super pleased to see the dream book worked.


I swear that’s an absolutely true story.

Here’s another.  While he and I were still broke and struggling to build a business we both drove crappy old cars.  His was an old Ford.  On the steering wheel, he had taped a cutout of the BMW logo right in the middle.  This made his brain see the BMW logo every time he was driving.

Less than a year later we bought 4 brand new BMW’s.

Once again, an absolutely true story

These are example of what I mean by building a dream so big it hurts

Spend time with your wife/husband, partner, significant other and get your heads together.  Talk about the house you want…get down to the fine details.  It’s a waste of time to say things like: “oh yeah, one day we will buy a nice big house”.  That’s bullshit!

You need to see yourself in the house, you need to see its exact design, its colors , its layout, its furniture, down to the fridge, TV, giant bed, walk in robes…every detail.  Go to see display homes and walk through them take photos of each other in the houses.  Really put yourselves into the dream.

Same for the car you want, what brand, model, color.  What’s the interior look like, how does it handle.  Get off your backside and go to a dealer with your partner and take a test drive today.

While you’re there prospect the sales person.

I once recruited a sales guy who was working in a display home.  He went on to build a very nice size business.


You must start to experience your dream so it’s cemented into your head and your emotions and it becomes way too hard for you to live without it.

Take your downline to a car dealership, put them in the seat of their dream car.  Get some brochures so they can take it home and look at it some more.  Take some photos of them in the drivers seat!

Spread the dream building virus to all your group. Leaders are Dreamers!

Hold dream sessions, get people fired up and motivated to do the work.  This is what being a leader is all about.  Start making the business fun, exciting and interesting for you and your group. Yes, of course there is still work to do, but if you want to keep people from quitting make their dream too real, too emotional for them to quit.

Teach your downline leaders to do the same with their group.  This is how you will get a fast-growing group who are really excited, really motivated.

Being fired up by an internalized dream makes it much easier for the work to be done.  Much easier for couples to support and encourage each other.  Yes, the work!  The work still has to be done, there is no way around it and no need to even look for a way around it.  Just accept it and do it.  It’s like ripping a band aid off, you can do it fast and get it over and done with or you can do it slow and endure a lot of pain for a longer period of time.  That’s your choice.

I’m lazy so I would prefer to get it done fast so I can get to the beaches and other places around the world I want to see.  What’s your biggest dream?  Love you to share with me in the comments below.  Share this post with your business associates, it’s really going to help you all move forward faster if you want to do that.

Treat dream building as a wonderful, helpful virus which will help keep people from becoming discouraged and quitting.  Do it constantly, every single time you speak with someone in your downline, get to dream building with them and encourage them to do the same.  Let the dream building virus work for you and your group.

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How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

Free Premium Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

Today is a huge post, it really took a bunch of time to make and it is a step by step guide for How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page.  As a special extra I’ve also added in some cool news about FB Messenger Bots

As a business owner you should be engaging in Facebook Marketing.  This step by step training on How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page is going to make it easy and if you follow along, in 30 minutes from now you will have your own FB Business Page.

 The first place to start is to Create a Facebook Business Page.  This is a “must have” for all businesses these days.  By having one you are able to provide updates to your group, such as upcoming events, promotions, meetings and information.

Knowing How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page gives your business an identity where prospects can also find out more about you.  It’s easy to create a Facebook Business Page. It’s all step by step.  Remember knowing How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page is going to put you miles ahead of your competition.

You can get started by going to your Facebook and on the left hand side you should see something like this

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

Under the CREATE menu you can select Page.

You can also just go straight to the page create menu here:

Once you are at the page creation area of Facebook you will see a selection of types of pages you can create.  You can pretty much choose whichever you feel matches your business the best.  I  prefer to select  Brand or Product.  This prevents any potential problems down the road with trademark arguments etc.  By the way, you must never use names. materials, images or text which are trademarked without getting the owners written permission first.  Even if you are going to be promoting the company you work with, you need to make sure you are authorized to use their trademarked and copyright materials.

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page - Create a page

When you click on the Brand or Product card it will flip over and reveal a category selection and a place to enter the name you want to call your page.  Think carefully about both these selections.  Match up with the category which suits your business the best.  I simply choose website which is down near the bottom.  That’s because I’m always promoting different websites I have and don’t want to lock them into any sort of category.  It’s just my own preference.  You can certainly choose say Health/Beauty as an example if that’s what your business is about.

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page - create a page part 2

For this training I’m going to go with the name of a website called Repuviser  which we are going to develop in the future.

After you have made your category selection and entered the name of your business / product you can go ahead and press the Get Started button.

The next screen Facebook will show you is your new Business Page in all it’s blank glory.

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page - blank page

The blank page is like a new house you just moved into; you need to spend some time decorating and filling it up with information.

You’re going to need a Profile image  and a Cover Image.

With the profile image I try to use something that your visitors can immediately associate with you, your business or product.  Yes it can be your smiling face.  Sometimes I use my face but mostly I use something iconic of the site

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page - bing ads ninja

Click The Image If You Want A Closer Look At This Business Page

On my Bing Ads Ninja Business Page I used an icon of the Ninja as the profile for easy association.  People can then see easily any posts or information written by the Ninja.  Like I said though, it’s perfectly OK to use a good quality image of your face if you prefer.

Graphics are very important; it’s the first impression everyone is going to have of your business.  If you do not have the skills to make these images yourself it’s best to get a professional to do them.  You can fin thousands of graphic artists on

If you would like to try and make the profile and cover images yourself there is a pretty good tool called Canva which you can try Canva for free here

While you are waiting for your images, click the Settings button so you can customize the page to be just how you want it

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page - settings

As you can see from the Settings menu shown above there are a ton of cool hings you can do to set up your page exactly how you want it.   I’m not going to cover all of them, because you can explore and have some fun learning what does what.  Don’t be afraid, you’re not going to destroy anything.

I will cover some of the more important ones for you to set up now.


Select the Messaging from the menu and scroll down to the area you see in the image below

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page - response assistant

This part of the set up is important as it allows you to give instant responses to people messaging your page when you are not actively logged in.  They will receive a response which lets them know you are going to get back to them as soon as you can.  You can select the preset messages made by Facebook or edit them to make your own messages



OK lets move onto page attributions.  This is particularly handy when you have a business page which is not your name.  So instead of a page called Don Reid, this one we are using in this example is called Repurviser.  So I want the posts to be posted int he name Repuviser, not Don Reid.

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page - page attributions



Now we are onto Notifications.  This menu allows you to control what notifications regarding activity on your page that Facebook will send to you.  If you have a busy page you are probably going to want to decrease the number of notifications as it can get a bit annoying.  Anyway, it’s easy to set up and change and is entirely up to you.

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page - notifications



How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page - page roles

Page roles can be assigned to other people who you may have helping you with the page.  Be careful to only assign Admin access to people you trust as they will have the same authority as you.  Many times its best to assign the Editor role to other people.



How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page - add a button


OK the page is looking pretty good now with its new Cover image and Profile image.  All the settings have been adjusted to how I want them.  The one important thing to do now is to Add a Button.

The point of this is Facebook gives you good options to encourage visitors to do something.  Pretty much it’s a call to action.  So lets see what we can offer them here.  To get started click the blue Add a Button on your Business Page.  You will be presented with some options.  The first page of options is shown below.  They cover only 2 options one is to play a video on your site and the other is to play a video on your Business Page.  If you are wanting to get people to watch a video then go ahead and select which ever one is most applicable to you.

However, if you are wanting more options which can lead to greater engagement then click the Choose Another Button option


How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page - add a button selection


The next set of options will be shown to you.  As you will see below there is a much wider range of options

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page - add a button select


You can have people book a time with you, get in touch, learn more or make a purchase.

In my opinion the best option is to go for Get in Touch

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page - send message

If you go with the send message option then remember to turn on the instant replies.  Then you can also add a relevant message which the visitor is going to receive instantly.  Notice where it says in blue; Add Personalisation?  Click that and your message will address them by their first name.  Sweet right?

Now the very best thing about getting people to message you is this; Messenger is the new hottest thing on the internet.  I don’t want to get too involved with it on this post as it deserves much more space.  It’s going to be one of the biggest game changers you have ever seen.   It absolutely leaves email marketing for dead.

Messenger has extraordinary open rates.  Like who doesn’t open their messages?  Everyone does.   The absolute coolest thing is you can now add BOTS to messenger!   These bots can answer questions, ask questions, deliver digital products, direct people to your website…a ton of stuff all on remote control.

Now you’re hopefully seeing why you need to have a Facebook Business Page

Ok, one more tip and a chance for you to try out a Messenger Bot.

If you go to my Apache Leads Business Page you will see I incorporated a hack into the Cover Image.  I drew peoples attention to the message button and promise them a free gift.  You can try it out yourself and get the gift.

The best Messenger Bot company is Many Chat.  You can start for free and if you choose to upgrade later it’s only $10 per month.  Amazing value

The best course on how to use Messenger Bots is by Digital Marketer.  You can join for a $1 trial here and get access to over 35 of their extremely good courses.

I am not an affiliate of either so make no money recommending them.  I use them both and know they are both the best.

It took a lot of time and effort to make this free step by step course on How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page for you.  If you enjoyed it please share it and I would love to hear your comments or questions

Go here for more Free MLM Training and of course do check out my blog posts which has tons of business building training

How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page

PS:  got any questions about How To Set Up A Facebook Business Page?  Please do ask them in the comments section below

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MLM Leads Can Be A Tax Deduction

Free Premium Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

Hows that for good news, MLM Leads can be a tax deduction.

All businesses are entitled to deduct expenses from their income before calculating any tax owed. Things like office supplies, travel, professional fees (lawyers, accountants etc) rent, utilities and many others. Things like marketing, advertising, leads etc are also expenses and are most likely deductible.

Because many network marketers are new to business, so,  I’m bringing this up so you can ask your accountant about it.

It’s important for every business to claim every legal deduction they are entitled to as it leaves more money to finance more growth.  It’s not a case of ripping off the Government or anything bad at all, if your business is entitled to a deduction, it’s your duty to make sure it receives it.

In Australia June 30th is the end of the Financial Year.  It is the last day purchases can be made and claimed in the 2016-17 Financial Year.

To help you along we are going to offer you Double Australian Leads from right now until midnight Friday 30th June.  Please do feel free to take advantage of this pretty groovy offer.  You get double leads and a tax deduction!  Sweet right?

The coupon code to get this double leads deal is: tax2017   Minimum purchase is $77

The coupon only works inside your free leads manager account.  Login Here.

Closes Midnight 30th June

Please remember I am not a professional accountant and this is not professional advice.  This post is to remind you to speak to your business accountant regarding tax deductions

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Apache Leads Review

Apache Leads Review


Let’s do an Apache Leads Review Report. APACHE LEADS Reviews and Complaints

Apache Leads Complaint Review Internet

Apache Leads Complaints

Apache Leads Review: All companies on the internet get reviews and reports, sometimes good and sometimes not.  Apache Leads Review are sometimes great and sometimes bad. Here’s a really nice review from top MLM’er Brian Garvin

Don Reid Diamond

Don Reid 2003 With Diamond Awards in Orlando FL

Like all legitimate MLM Leads companies, Apache Leads tries hard to supply good quality MLM Leads and associated Services. Along with this Apache Leads provides a cutting-edge Leads Management System for free to its clients and a very good level of Customer Support.

In this Apache Leads Review we probably need to go right back to the beginning, which was in 2003. Don Reid, the founder of Apache Leads was busy building a very successful Diamond level business in an American MLM business called Life Force.

In those days, there was not many MLM Leads companies so Don had to start his own to get leads for his group. The leads he was providing were good quality and were helping his group grow much faster than they would have if they relied solely on their warm market.

It was also meant to be a secret, but word soon spread and soon Network Marketers from all over the world were buying MLM leads from Apache Leads.

Ever since that time Apache Leads has provided not only good, guaranteed MLM Leads but free MLM Training and Leads Management tools.

Apache Leads has been in business now much longer than most businesses. They must be doing something right.

But not all is roses in the world of MLM. One of the benefits of MLM is its very low barrier to entry. In reality, it’s a double-edged sword. I say this because it attracts many people who simply do not understand business at all and have no real aptitude for it.

Here’s how it typically goes: They are presented a business opportunity and (rightfully) get all excited and join up. They go and buy some leads from a MLM leads company. They call all the leads and get a ton of NO answers and lots of rejection. They then get the idea that they were mistaken to get all excited and decide to quit. But the first thing they want to do is get their money back from that lying, cheating MLM Leads company.

apache leads review finger

So they call or write an angry, rude email to the MLM leads company informing the company that those leads were no good and they want their money back.

They are informed that per the terms and conditions of sale, which they agreed to when making a purchase, there are no refunds.

This is, of course, the first time they have ever heard of such a thing and go into a crazy fit of swearing and probably frothing at the mouth.

It’s explained to them that the leads lose significant value after they have been sold and are of no use to the MLM Leads company anymore. It’s not like buying a pair of shoes on Zappos. Those shoes still have value.

When they are asked what happened when they called the leads, they say none of the leads were interested in making money. Have you ever met anyone who wouldn’t want more money? No me neither.

When it’s explained to them that it takes practice, skill, experience and a good proven script to call MLM leads they go into an even deeper screaming fit.

The company will try very hard to placate the client by offering, more leads, more training anything to try and resolve the situation. It’s sometimes simply not possible to satisfy the clients when they are in this mood.

They then resolve to get the MLM leads company back. They call their bank and open a charge back claiming the company did not provide what was promised. Huh?!?


Then they go to an anonymous complaints / review site and post slanderous Apache Leads Review


The next thing they do is quit their MLM business and tell all their friends that MLM and MLM Leads companies are a scam

End of story for them.

It’s not the end of the story for the Company.

Now the company has a damaged reputation, which in most of, these cases, is totally undeserved and unfair.  We don’t claim to be perfect and error free, sometimes we make mistakes just like everyone else on this planet.  We do try very hard to learn from them and improve.  If the Apache Leads Review was fair then the review sites would not allow anonymous unsubstantiated posts.


Anonymous Review Sites make money by charging victims thousands of dollars to remove the malicious posts.


It also hurts new people to MLM. When they see these ridiculous lies on an Apache Leads Review they are scared away and never go on to build a business. That’s probably the saddest effect.

All legitimate businesses know that without customers they go broke. Every business tries very hard to provide what they promise and to delight their clients. That’s the only way a company can grow and stay in business, there is no other way. If MLM Leads companies really were ripping off clients they would all be broke.

Some leads companies have been in business even longer than Apache Leads. Type in MLM Leads in Google. ALL the leads companies on the first page (not counting the ads) are legitimate, long term companies in good standing.

So please beware of taking the word of anonymous reviews of any company. Do your own “due diligence” go and find out for sure what they offer, what their guarantees are, what their free training involves, what their leads manager system is all about and how long they have been in business.

Instead of just accepting anonymous, hurtful Apache Leads Reviews, make up your own mind with actual facts.

We welcome your Apache Leads Review, we even welcome helping you with it.  You can ask us anything, any time and you can rely upon transparency throughout all our dealings.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Apache Leads Review, we hope it inspires you to seek the truth.


Free Premium Phone Interviewed MLM Leads

Bad Leads

The leads Apache Leads supplies come in two main types of quality.  We named them according to their quality.  We have Economy MLM Leads and Premium MLM Leads for both Australia and the USA.  The economy leads are best use when contacting by bulk methods and the premium are best used when you are calling the leads one on one.  New people to MLM think all leads are going to be super excited to hear from them.  That’s not the case.  Just because the new recruit is super excited doesn’t mean leads will be.  As soon as new MLM’ers discover this they jump to the conclusion that they are bad leads and that the leads company has ripped them off.  It’s just not true at all.

There would be no sense in ripping off clients.  If that was the goal of mlm leads companies then they would be out of business in a matter of weeks.  Apache Leads has been operating since 2003.

It doesn’t matter where the leads are supplied from or how they are generated.  They are just regular people.  They need to be treated professionally, with courtesy and presented with a business opportunity correctly.  anything less is ripping them off and wasting everyone’s time and money.

Apache Leads Review for Real

The Apache Leads Service is real, it’s legitimate and employs people supporting their families.  It’s so disappointing when short sighted people who do not bother to learn how to build and MLM business, who do not bother to avail themselves of all the free information, just go and defame our efforts without any moral reason.  I write this in the hope that if you are such a person you simply just go to some other site and leave us to work with those who deserve our help.

Don’t sign up, don’t buy anything, just move on.  Of course please do feel free to comment below as we give all comments equal importance and respond to all.  Australia is where I come from but now I live in Cambodia.  I do this because I married a Cambodian and like the lifestyle here.  We pay staff in various countries and give to charities.  I’ve been working on the internet for many years, since 1995 actually.  I started Apache Leads in 2003, initially to provide support for my own downline group.  The business expanded and has helped thousands of Network Marketers get closer to their dreams.  You can contact us by phone, live chat, email, please do so if you have any questions, any complaints.  We are always here for you.  Pretty much every day is a working day for me, I’m quite addicted to the leads business.  If you feel like you would like to get to know more about us, please join our email list where a few times a week I’ll send you some interesting stuff.

Everything I send is about helping your home business grow faster and stronger and it’s free. Sign up here

Refund Policy – Sometimes new people ask for a refund, I wrote a post about why mlm leads companies don’t give refunds

If you have read to here, do you think our team, our company is a rip off?  Please do comment and let us all know.  We care what every person thinks.  We’ve made dozens of videos to help people with every aspect of their home business, that alone takes hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to produce.  Does that sound like a rip off team?

Here’s a nice accurate independent review: Apache Leads Reviews

leads review

network marketing reviews

don reid

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