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The universal building blocks of all MLM / Network Marketing / Home Business can be mapped to these activities

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  • 1
    Prospecting (find the right people)
  • 2
    Presenting (show them the business opportunity)
  • 3
    Recruiting (get them to take action and join with you)
  • 4
    Leadership (lead the way for your team)
  • 5
    Training (nobody makes it to the top without training)

I see many people new to MLM convinced they know all these things and that they do not need any help or training.  

They very quickly join the 97% who fail in MLM

It’s so easy to avoid becoming a failure statistic.

I personally have built 2 successful network marketing businesses, so you can too, but only if you are teachable and also pass on your experience and skills to your group.

In other words be a leader, not a needy baby.

This page isn’t the right place to go into huge detail about each product as that is covered on the respective product pages.  I’ll put links and a brief description to help you quickly get to a solution for your needs.


This is the process where you fill up your pipeline with eager, interested prospects who want to have you present your business opportunity.  This is quite possibly, the most important part of the business building process.

Without good, qualified prospects, you business is not growing and will eventually, shrink and die.

Learning the skills needed is paramount to your success.  Think about this: when you learn skills you can pass them on to your group who in turn can pass them on to their group.  That's exactly how duplication in MLM works.

No Limits Volume 1 - This course is 4 volumes and covers all the list of activities mentioned above.  Definitely covers Prospecting and in a way that you will give you a full pipeline of qualified prospects at all times.

Real Time US Premium Leads - Phone Interviewed, high quality leads with a ton of information for you to build a relationship.  Professionally interviewed by our Call Center

Premium US Leads - Medium quality surveyed leads. These leads have a ton of information and are easy to build a relationship with. Delivered into your members account and by email (optional). Excellent for training and for one on one calls.

Mobile US Leads - This lead is perfect for contacting via bulk contacting methods.  Every phone number is guaranteed to be a mobile number. These leads were generated by the prospects completing a web based survey form in which they requested information.

Premium Australian Leads - Web generated from advertising and then called by our professional calling agents.  If they do not pass the interview, they do not become a premium lead. We record every call and make those recordings available on request.

Competitors will offer you leads which were only web generated.  These are the only Phone Interviewed Australian MLM Leads in the world!

Mobile Australian Leads - Web generated means they completed a survey form on the net requesting information.  These leads are ideal for using bulk contacting methods to contact. Done right, you will have dozens of leads calling you for more information.  

These leads are the same quality as competitors sell as their best Australian leads...don’t be fooled!

Bulk Contacting Methods - there are automated systems available which allow you to upload a large leads list.  The system will then send Ringless Voicemail Drops or SMS Texts or Dial the Leads. We have a course where you can discover the best way to use Ringless VM and SMS Texting for awesome results.

The best leads for this purpose is Australian Economy Leads and US Mobile Leads.

Done correctly these methods can generate thousands of leads at the push of a button!

Free Phone Scripts and Overcoming Objections PDFs - These two PDFs contain everything you need to power your prospect calling to out of this world heights.  What you get are some excellent road tested phone scripts and all the cool stuff to say to overcome objections.

Winning By Overcoming Objections and Winning MLM Phone Scripts


This is when you introduce your qualified prospects to your business opportunity.  Often this stage is achieved by calling leads one on one and building a relationship.

How we help you boost the number of presentations you make, is to offer you (mostly free) some very helpful PDF manuals in our MLM Training Area

Cheat Sheets - get the information to grow your business and side hustles fast with our Network Marketing Cheat Sheets

Network Marketing For Dummies by Zig Ziglar (Author), John P. Haye

Packed with tips on overcoming common start-up hurdles as well as stories from more than fifty successful network marketers, Network Marketing For Dummies will show you how to approach this opportunity so that you can begin to build a successful and satisfying business of your own.

Excellent book! Best thing I've read on network marketing yet. This book will help you get fired up and on track. Get out there and make some friends.”  C. Haufman

No Limits - Volume 2   - Volume 2 of my 4 volume series for MLM’ers covers Presenting in very easy to follow steps which will zoom the number of presentations you do to the moon!

No Limits-Volume 2-Amazing Inviter


We've covered Prospecting and Presenting now it comes to the whole point of the work you have done so far to get your prospects to this point.

This is where you make or break it in home business.

A big recommendation I always make is get your experienced upline involved until you’re experienced enough to handle recruiting yourself.

In fact in Volume 3 of my No Limits course I devote the entire volume to how to use 3 ways calls with you, your prospect and your upline.  The method described in the book, will knock your socks off at how easy it is and how super effective!

You’ll be zooming up your company ladder like a rocket ship!

The No Limits Course


If you read to hear then you know I’ve already covered a heck of a lot on MLM Training for you.

To demonstrate how important training is, here is a story for you
Imagine you’re boarding a plane to go on a nice relaxing  vacation someplace nice.

You struggle through the aisle with your carry on and grumble about the slow guy trying to stuff an oversized bag into the overhead locker.

All you want to do is get to your seat.

After what seems like a lifetime you reach your seat and stow your bag.  You flop down exhausted from all the hoops you’ve had to jump through at the airport.

Finally though, you’re all settled in and luckily you got a window seat.  You’re beginning to relax as the plane pushes back

The pilot comes on the speaker to welcome everyone onboard.   He sounds nice and very excited. He announces that today is his first day flying any sort of aircraft.  But not to worry about that because he has played plenty of flight simulator games and is very keen and excited to give a real plane a go.

How do you feel now about training now?

Burning wreck faster than a speeding rocket

It’s no different for Network Marketing, granted building a MLM without training is not life threatening but it is still going to result in a crashing, burning wreck faster than a speeding rocket


Here’s a good link for you to get started the right way with some free mlm training

Want Some One on One Counselling?

You can book a call with me in which I am totally devoted to listening to you and helping you solve any issues with business.

It’s totally private and confidential.

I’ve helped many hundreds of network marketers over the years.  Getting personalized counselling can be the difference between a struggling business and one which is headed for the stars.

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