Are you sick and tired of investing in high priced MLM Leads only to find they are oversold, junk leads sold to you by unscrupulous Leads Companies?

Are you frustrated hearing your leads say things like:

“I never signed up for any information”

“I am looking for a job not a home business”

“Where did you get my number?”

“There is no one here by that name”

Or even worse:

You get a disconnected number

You get abused and yelled at

You get laughed at

The reason this happens when you buy “phone interviewed leads” from other companies is that they do not use humans to call and interview the leads.

It’s simply not possible for the prices they are selling them for.  Humans do like to be paid, but robots don’t care about being paid.

They oversell the leads so, that the poor prospects have been called by dozens of people.  You would be angry getting dozens of Network Marketers calling you, right?

The bad lead companies also lie to you about how long ago they generated these leads.  Often they “adjust” the timestamp in the leads file to “freshen up” the leads they sell you.  In some cases I’ve seen leads that are months old instead of being fresh.

All these bad practices cause you to waste your time and money, your most precious resources.

We believe in being transparent and honest with our clients.  We promise you we will always be open and honest and give you as much help and support as you want or need.

We definitely want you to have the very best leads possible!

Why do we want that?

It’s a simple and obvious explanation; Your success is our success.  

When you become a huge success using our Ultra Phone Interviewed MLM Leads, are you going to recommend us to your associates?

Of course you are because you want them to be a success as well.

That’s how Network Marketing works.

So our long term success is linked directly to yours.  

That is why we made these "new and improved super" U.S. Phone Interviewed Leads for every home business leads buyer.

Here’s what you get when you invest in our Real Time ULTRA Phone Interviewed Leads

  • Real Time Delivery - As soon as we generate a lead for you at our professional call center the lead will be uploaded to our Leads Manager System.   The system will then deliver the lead to you by placing it in your back office and also (optionally) by email.

That’s real time!  You cannot get a fresher, more qualified lead on Earth.

  • Phone Interviewed by a Human - we do not use robots to call leads. We use real human beings who professionally interview the prospect using our proven script.
  • Only The Best Become a Lead - We only deliver the leads who completely, 100%, passed our interview. Those that do not pass are discarded. We don’t want you getting any leads that are not up to scratch.
  • Full Contact Data and Answers - These leads are going to make it like shooting fish in a barrel for you! We include their full contact information including Street Address, Email and Telephone.

We also include all the answers to the questions we asked them during the interview process.   You can see the full list of every piece of information which is included.

  • Targeting Options Available - During the checkout phase you can select Gender and State to laser focus your targeting. You want females or males only, no problem. You want to choose just one or even certain States, no problem. You’re always in control at Apache Leads.
  • We Record Every Call - Yes, we record every call we make to prospects for quality and training purposes. We also can make these recordings available to clients to verify we did what we said. Try and get copies of the recordings from those cowboy outfits...  they will laugh in your face!

Listen to a real typical call right below

  • Pause/Resume - You’re in control! You can pause your campaign anytime. For example, when you go on vacation to a beach resort. These leads can get you there faster than any other lead. These leads are rocket powered!
  • Control The Number of Leads Each Day - Yes! You can control how many leads we deliver to you in Real Time each day with our free state of the art Leads Manager. No more wondering and guessing how many leads the lead company sends you. With Apache Leads, you’re in control.

Having this control just makes your life so much easier, right?

  • Ideal For Your Business - These leads were first generated by completing a survey form on the internet. Then we called them and interviewed them. We never mentioned any particular type of business to them, no names of businesses , no niches. What we did was ask them to confirm they were interested in learning more about a home business.

This means they are like a blank canvas, ready for you to build a relationship and share your business opportunity with them. Take them by the hand and show them the light, lead them to a better life.

  • 100% Guaranteed - There is no risk to you when you invest in the hand crafted, phone interviewed Ultra US Leads. We absolutely guarantee that if (somehow) you get uncontactable lead we will replace it for you. We will even send you the recording of the call we had with them if you ask for it.

Enter the new age, get rocket power for your business with the best leads on this or any other planet!

Right now is the right time for you to get to your dreams.  Imagine, this time in 12 months. You could be debt free, you could be financially independent, you could be living the life you always wanted.

What are you waiting for? An Invitation?

OK I’ll invite you to get the best damn leads ever generated for MLM businesses

Order Below and Truly Be On the Fastrack to Success

Real Time US ULTRA Phone Interviewed Leads

Special Launch Offer price!! Limited Time Only

Prices Will Be Rising Soon

20 x Real Time Delivery 
Ultra U.S. Leads

Ultra US Phone Interviewed 
Network Marketing Leads



  • First & Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • IP Address
  • Street address*
  • City
  • State
  • Gender
  • Date and Time Stamp
  • Best Time To Call
  • How much extra money would they are willing to invest
  • How much time they can spend each week on your business
Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code
50 x Real Time Delivery 
Ultra U.S. Leads

Ultra US Phone Interviewed
Network Marketing Leads



  • First & Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • IP Address
  • Street address*
  • City
  • State
  • Gender
  • Date and Time Stamp
  • Best Time To Call
  • How much extra money would they are willing to invest
  • How much time they can spend each week on your business
Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code

*Not all ultra leads will contain full street address

For More Aged Lead Options Go To Your Free Leads Manager Account

100% Satisfaction Guarantee with our Leads

We are taking all the risk off your shoulders, we guarantee to replace any uncontactable leads. All the risk is on us

Our No-Bad Lead Policy applies to every fresh lead we supply.

"We strive to verify all of our data and to also ensure your best experience we also offer this Replacement policy. If you receive a disconnected, wrong number or bad email address, we will replace them"

Don Reid, Founder & CEO

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