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The Network Marketing Flywheel
Escape The Evil System
Winning MLM Phone Scripts
The One Thing
How To Outsource
Winning By Overcoming Objections

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The Bundle Every Network Marketer Needs To Succeed

Network Marketing is, for the vast majority of people something entirely different from what they have ever done before in their lives. Unless you have had some professional experience in marketing, sales or phone sales you are quite likely quite unprepared for a career in this business. These six mini-books will give you essential, straightforward, and friendly guidance on how to succeed in network marketing.

  • Bonus 1: Winning By Overcoming Objections

Discover the best responses to the most common objections so you can easily handle the objection and get your prospects back on track to join with you

  • Bonus 2: Winning MLM Phone Scripts

Great phone scripts make your job of setting presentations easy and will do away with any phone fear you may have.  These scripts are amazing and make prospects want to learn more

  • Bonus 3: All Books Come in Kindle, eBook & PDF Formats. Devour your bundle anywhere, anytime on any device
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Real Testimonials

There's a reason our customers absolutely love this e-book bundle!

Don is a fantastic mentor. Soak up his knowledge and expertise while you can!

Those short books are filled with a wealth of information that will inspire you, clarify many things, and help you focus on what is truly important and necessary. In my humble opinion, these are a very well rounded books and contain gems that could be used for success in every Network Marketing venture

James Brook

So so helpful. Thank you, Don! You are the best. Seriously.

I just finished reading these books and "Woah." Don has done it again.  They are a quick, down-and-dirty read that hits home on every single page. And I LOVE that he really meets the reader where they're at, particularly the struggling new entrepreneur. So so helpful.

Helen Young

Don delivered on his promise . . . by the end of these books you'll be inspired, ready, and able to grow your business fast!

These books were easy to read because it's so conversational. It's like Don is chatting with you. And he's honest - very transparent the whole way through.  I recommend.

Roger Carpenter

Here's Why You Need This Bundle!

You already know that achieveing anything worthwhile in life requires learning new skills, effort and focus. It can take years to learn the shortcuts. This bundle shaves off all that time and puts you in the winning position. No need to discover everything the hard slow way. You're never alone when you have this bundle.

Topics Covered In The Books

We've hand-picked the 4 best books to help you succeed in network marketing .
See what's inside!

Book 1: The Network Marketing Flywheel

This book will show you the way that the world's most successful companies employ a Flywheel strategy to grow and continue to grow their business well into the future.

It’s an astonishing strategy which (hopefully) will knock your socks off when it’s explained and have you very excited about your future.

When I first saw the Flywheel strategy I could see it fitting perfectly for developing anyNetwork Marketing business.

This book will teach you how it works, how to apply it to your business and how to duplicate it to your downline for mind-blowing results.

The Network Marketing Flywheel

Book 2: The One Thing (That Every Marketer Must Know)

This personal story of overcoming adversity will change your life for the better. Building your business faster and easier will be your reward for getting this book today.

Get to your dream lifestyle faster and pass on your new knowledge to your group. This is the secret that no one ever tells you when you get into a Network Marketing business. Don Reid is a network marketing veteran of over 25 years. In this short and personal booklet he reveals the one secret, the one thing that will always make the difference

The One Thing

Book 3: Escape The Evil System And Win Your Freedom

Unless you were born into a rich and powerful family the deck has been stacked against you all your life.

Like all of us, you were sold a bunch of BS. Study hard, work hard, get a good job…yada yada yada. We all know that’s total rubbish. Problem is most of us find out well after the trap had been sprung.

We found ourselves on a treadmill like a rat in a cage. This book is your escape plan.

Escape The Evil System

Book 4: How To Outsource Your Business

This book will teach you everything you need to set yourself free to focus on the things that matter in your life. Many business owners fail themselves by doing way too much $5 per hour work instead of focusing on doing $1,000 per hour work.

Which would you rather be doing? Yes, freeing yourself up from tedious, repetitious, low skilled tasks is an amazing freedom which will allow you, the business owner, to get on with growing your business and income. More income and more time to enjoy it will bring amazing changes to your life, which is what you wanted when you started on your business journey.

How To Outsource

Bonus Items For Ordering Today

We want to do something special if you take action on this bundle today.

Bonus Book 5 & 6: Winning By Overcoming Objections &
Winning Phone Scripts

Discover how to handle every excuse and objection you are ever going to hear in your life as a Network Marketer.

My books will make it easy for you to overcome them all, even the dreaded; "I have to ask my wife first" Learn the two simple ways to control any conversation and effortlessly steer it wherever you want it to go. Use the best way to leave a message and be guaranteed a call back. We included the 4 best Network Marketing phone scripts, select the one that works best for your style. 

Lose your fear of the phone instantly by using what you discover in both these books. No more fear, only great results

Winning By Overcoming Objections
Winning MLM Phone Scripts

Don I want to pass on the bundle today but I really would like the two books, "Overcoming Objections" and "Winning Phone Scripts" for free.