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Get Loads of Targeted Traffic from Sources You Probably Never Heard of and Some You Have

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Finally, An Easy to Read, Easy to Understand Step by Step Roadmap to Driving Hordes of Hungry, Excited Buying Traffic to Your Website, Your Forum, Your Instagram, Your Anything.

Never Before Has There Been a Book that Shows You New Sources, New Methods, New Exciting Ways for You to Generate a Huge Income. No Matter if You’ve Never Even Tried to Drive Traffic Before.

Discover the Keys to Highly Effective Lead Generation

You know the SEO game gets harder every day. You’re up against battle hardened SEO experts who are out to keep you off the high ranks.

Even the Search Engines are against you! They have no interest in giving you free traffic! Their only interest is forcing site owners to buy traffic from them. That’s how they make their billions.

What about Facebook, did you try to get free likes, shares and engagement and end up very frustrated and only get a trickle of traffic?

Don’t be surprised. Facebook changed their algorithm some time ago now to severely limit the free traffic they were giving away for free.

The wall street people don’t like to give you anything for free, it’s all a money grab.

That’s the main reason Facebook is cracking down on clickbait and fake news, it’s not because they are big hearted and care about the public, it’s because clickbait was draining the traffic pool.

You want any visits, likes or clicks from Facebook, these days, you got to open your wallet mighty wide.

This book is not about any of those very expensive, very competitive main stream traffic sources. This is about low competition, low cost, targeted traffic and there’s plenty of it.

My internet career began way back in 1995. I launched my first website when the only way you could write HTML code was in Windows Notepad. Since that time, I’ve seen so many changes, Google killed most of the search engines, Facebook killed most of the social sites and now those two sites rule the internet and charge a fortune for traffic.

Listen, don’t get me wrong, Google, Facebook, Bing and Instagram are all good sites and provide a great service. The big problem from a site owners point of view is they are just too expensive for regular people to buy any traffic.

It’s not all their fault either, too many big corporations with deep pockets just throw money at them without bothering to track clicks, measure conversions or even to optimize their campaigns.

Then there is the competition, when you try to use these giants, you are up against thousands of paid traffic experts who know every trick in the book and have a team behind them analyzing every campaign 24/7. They will eat newbies for breakfast.

The solution to this ever-growing problem is finding reliable, consistent, low cost, high quality sources of targeted traffic. Well, suffer no longer my friend, I’ve put it all together for you in The Traffic Ninja

The Traffic Ninja is chock full of sweet traffic goodness. Never again be left floundering trying to make a few bucks from your website. Get the inside track and jump into the big leagues.

There is no stopping you, the strategies revealed in this book will have you tapping new sources of eager buyers as soon as tomorrow.

This is not some skimpy, fluff filled piece of rubbish which we are all too familiar with. I put everything I know into this to give you the facts, the strategies and the tactics to win the traffic game. 94 full size pages of mind blowing revelations.

Check out just a few of the amazing methods you will discover inside..

  • Funnel Siphoning (page 3): We’ve all seen sales funnels and how effective they are at converting traffic to buyers. Well I’m going to reveal to you how you can have your product put in front of these hungry buyers without building a sales funnel, without buying any traffic, with zero cost and no risk to you. Just pocket the money.
  • Cult Marketing (page 15): Discover the secrets of how to tap into any cult, UFO’s, Witchcraft, Conspiracy Theorists, anything. I’ll teach you how to develop a cult following of idolizing followers who greedily buy anything you offer them
  • Article Syndication (page 22): This is not what you think. This is a little known technique to grow huge amounts of traffic to your site, easily and predictably. The best part is it just keeps getting bigger and keeps coming.
  • Offline Media (page 76): Everybody is shying away from offline media likes its got the plague. They’ve been losing advertisers like crazy so discover the cool ways to get amazing deals which will put you in front of millions of eyeballs.
  • 2nd & 3rd Tier Search Engines (page 82): These little-known search engines are about as popular as a red-headed step daughter. But it’s not well known that together they power millions of searches a day. Get the low down on the ones worth using to put your bait in the water. There’s big fish to catch here
  • No money is needed to get started on most of the traffic getting strategies in this book. Perfect for anyone starting out and for those more experienced wanting to discover new sources of traffic.
  • Use Multiple Traffic Sources: Use as many of these great tactics at any one time, there’s no limit to how much traffic you can drive to your website using these proven, little known methods.
  • Much more: As they say in the TV ads, and “much more”! There is a ton of information for you. The Traffic Ninja will be your go to source for traffic for years to come.

This is the most complete guide to getting big results with Bing Ads that you’ve ever seen..

The traffic Ninja

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