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Hi (customer name), my name is (Your Name) and I am calling you because you recently expressed your interest in making some money from home. So our partners are looking for sharp people in your area to help expand its business and to share the profits. Hence in order to save time I’m calling to see if you’re still interested in helping them expand into your area and share in the profits. So would you be interested in having a no obligation call directly from them (leads name)? Is that okay ?

YES:  Great!

I just need to confirm that you’re interested and will take the call, can I count on you (leads name)? 


So very quickly I need to know:

On a scale of 1 - 10 how interested are you in earning extra money from a home business?

Also may i know how much extra money would you like to make monthly? 

A. $1000-$2000 / B. $2000-$4000 / C. Over $4000

Thank you, now before I end the call, wanted to inform you that this is not some Get Rich Quick scheme, but there is real work involved.  So may I know how many hrs can you put in per week to get started with?

5-10 Hrs / 10-15 hrs/ 15-20 hrs


Thank you for your time today. You can expect a call within the next 24 hrs from our partners. Please have a pen and paper ready to take notes and good luck with your call.


(Any questions the lead asks about what is it, how does it work are to be answered with:  I’m just checking you’re still interested. My partner will explain everything when they call you shortly)

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