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Discover how to handle every excuse and objection you are ever going to hear in your life as a Network Marketer. My book will make it easy for you to overcome them all, even the dreaded; "I have to ask my wife first" Learn the two simple ways to control any conversation and effortlessly steer it wherever you want it to go

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We included the 4 best Network Marketing phone scripts, select the one that works best for your style.

Lose your fear of the phone instantly by using what you discover in both these books. No more fear, only great results

Don’t you love the guy who says he always gives everything he does 100% so he doesn’t have time for this? Yeah, in my book I show you exactly how to deal with this joker. It’s a hard hitting response but really gets this guy on side with you.

Apache Leads was founded in 2003 by Don Reid who was the fastest ever to reach Diamond level with Life Force. It took him only 3 months. Don founded Apache Leads to help his own downline grow faster. No one could keep it secret and soon the word spread and everyone wanted to buy Don’s leads and to get Don’s training.

Ever since 2003 Apache Leads has provided fantastic mlm leads, primarily for Australia and USA. But that’s not all Apache Leads also provides a wealth of training in the form of courses, courses and sometimes controversial blog posts. Support for our clients and visitors is well served by our live chat which you can see down there in the right hand corner, our toll free numbers and our contact page

Our goal is to work with you to help you and your team reach your goals and dreams as fast as possible. We know network marketing because Don built two MLM businesses and keeps in touch with many industry leaders. We listen to our clients and love hearing your feedback and suggestions.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee with our Leads

Our No-Bad Lead Policy applies to every lead type we supply.

We strive to verify all of our data and to also ensure your best experience we also offer this policy. 10% Overage of leads is given to you for free to cover any bad leads.  Click here for more details

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