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Different Type of Fuel

Is there a difference between different fuels?

Is there a difference between different fuels?(Also a story about a hole in a boat)These days we have a selection of fuels for our cars. There is the old school petrol or gasoline and diesel that have been around forever. They are terrible for the environment and the quicker we get rid of them the

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Is there a difference between different fuels?
How To Stop No-Shows

How To Stop No-Shows

How To Stop No-ShowsClick Here To Discover The Go Getters ClubAre you sick of being ghosted by prospects who seemed excited by your presentation but then just don’t show up for the follow-up meeting?You’re not alone, it happens to everyone but you can dramatically reduce it happening.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is

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How To Stop No-Shows
Dream Lifestyle

3 Steps To Your Dream Lifestyle (In 12 Months)

3 Steps To Your Dream Lifestyle (In 12 Months)How Long Did You Think It Would Take?When I first started in Amway, way back in 1992, I figured it would take just a couple of months to be making a ton of money.I dreamed of being completely out of debt.  I wanted to be able to

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3 Steps To Your Dream Lifestyle (In 12 Months)
Being Coachable

The Importance of Being Coachable

The Importance of Being CoachableFor a moment, have a think about your career.  Did it go anything like this: You finished school, went to college or into a trade.  After that you received on the job training.Without all that education and training would you be able to professionally carry out your duties?  Probably not.It’s no

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The Importance of Being Coachable

How To Increase Results From Presentations

Click Here To Discover The Go Getters ClubHow To Increase Results From PresentationsPart of my role is to speak with Network Marketers on a daily basis.  I’ve done it since 1992.  In that time I’ve spoken with thousands about the issues and challenges they face each day.These daily chats have revealed a particular problem area.

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How To Increase Results From Presentations
Why 97% Fail at Network Marketing

Why 97% Fail at Network Marketing

Why 97% Fail at Network MarketingIt’s a very serious subject today and one which not many people address. It’s true, only 3% of networkers enjoy success.Not surprisingly the failure rate is very similar to the failure rate in regular businesses.The reasons are very similarMost people have no business training, no experience in sales, accounting, cash

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Why 97% Fail at Network Marketing
Young Jeff Bezos

Young Jeff Bezos Shares His Regret Minimization Framework

Young Jeff Bezos Shares His Regret Minimization FrameworkIf you’re not sure whether you should go full throttle or not with your Network Marketing business, I’ve got something which will help you decide.  It will also save you years of mistakes.When I was busy building my Amway business back in the early 90’s I was also

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Young Jeff Bezos Shares His Regret Minimization Framework
Jamie Foxx 10M Mansion

Hanging Out at Jamie Foxx’s $10M Mansion

Hanging Out at Jamie Foxx’s $10M MansionRecently I watched a great video Noah Kagan made about a mind blowing visit to Jamie Foxx’s mansion.There are a bunch of takeaways that might be helpful to your business building activities.  One of the, let’s call it “different” discoveries is the place has jelly (jam) everywhere.Lots of interesting

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Hanging Out at Jamie Foxx’s $10M Mansion
Why You Need MLM Residual Income

Why You Need MLM Residual Income

Why You Need MLM Residual Income Nearly everyday I walk past this lovely boat marina located at Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia.  My wife Theary and I are riding out the COVID-19 Pandemic here.Most days we go for a walk for exercise and pass these boats on our way to the beach.  It’s a lovely view and

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Why You Need MLM Residual Income
Buying MLM Leads

Does Buying MLM Leads Work?

Does Buying MLM Leads Work?I see this question a lot from people new to the MLM industry.  The two short answers are yes and no. I understand that’s not very helpful without further explanation, so let’s dive in and get it cleared up for you.Buying MLM Leads works for people who are prepared and work

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Does Buying MLM Leads Work?
MLM Leads

How to Acquire More MLM Leads

Click Here To Discover The Go Getters ClubNo Limits By Don ReidThe Mobile Leads Ninja CourseDiscover how to come up with your own elevator pitch hereHow to Acquire More MLM LeadsMLM Leads are the lifeblood of every network marketing or multilevel marketing business.The problem is getting a constant flow of high quality mlm leads that

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How to Acquire More MLM Leads
Making the Most of Your MLM Leads

How To Get The Best MLM Leads For Network Marketing

Click Here To Discover The Go Getters ClubHow To Get The Best MLM Leads For Network MarketingEvery business needs leads or it dies.  MLM Leads are what every Network Marketing needs on a constant basis.  Not just today, not just next week but ongoing everyday.MLM Leads are the lifeblood of your networking business.When most people

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How To Get The Best MLM Leads For Network Marketing
Top 5 Ways To Generate MLM Leads

Top 5 Ideas to Generate Interested Leads for Your MLM Business

Top 5 Ideas to Generate MLM Leads That Convert For Your Network Marketing BusinessThe internet has made it possible to Generate MLM LeadsYes, the internet has made it easier for people in Multi Level Marketing (MLM) to find people interested in your products, services and business.  It’s now much easier than approaching your friends and

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Top 5 Ideas to Generate Interested Leads for Your MLM Business
Free Yourself Today

Will You Still Do It When You’re 80?

Click Here To Discover The Go Getters ClubWill You Still Do It When You’re 80?My mother is 94 at the time of writing.  I’m planning to go to Australia in May to celebrate her 95th birthday.I clearly remember when we celebrated her 80th.  At the time I was amazed at how old she was. My

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Will You Still Do It When You’re 80?
Breaking Free

No Not Now

Click Here To Discover The Go Getters ClubNo Not NowWhen I was a young guy working at Chubb Electronic Security in Brisbane, Australia I used to do things like work out how many days I had left before I could retire at 65.  I was wishing my life away.The weird thing was, the job was

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No Not Now
Find Your Why

Master Dream Building – Find Your Why

Master Dream Building – Find Your WhyWhy did you get into business?Do you remember?Was it something you had always wanted, was it freedom, was it security, was it to help others, was it to travel?What was it?If you can’t answer that instantly you need to go back to the basics and get a dream. If

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Master Dream Building – Find Your Why
What Do MLM Leads REALLY Cost

How much do MLM Leads cost?

     How much do MLM Leads cost?One of the very first questions potential MLM leads buyers want to learn when they come to our site or call us is; How much do leads cost?Although this is a very difficult question to answer, I will try to do my best here to explain some general

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How much do MLM Leads cost?
why wont leads return my call

Why Won’t Leads Return My Call

Click Here To Discover The Go Getters ClubWhy Won’t Leads Return My Call Why Do Leads Ignore Me After the First Call, Won’tTake My Call, Won’t Answer My Messages, So RudeYou’ve been calling leads, spreading the good word about your exciting new business.You’re super excited because out of all the thousands of MLM companies, you

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Why Won’t Leads Return My Call

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Here’s Why SMS Marketing Is Literally the Best Idea Ever

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Building your own income-generating website was never easier!

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September 2, 2016

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That Night In Davao When We Went To Bulk Pack Burger Station

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The Magic

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August is Adventure Month

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Are you worried about the future?

June 25, 2016

Bulk Text Messaging

June 19, 2016

Pull Up Before You Crash and Burn – Free MLM Training

June 17, 2016

What Is the Primary Purpose of Calling a Lead?

June 14, 2016

Who knows where your life will lead

June 12, 2016

Where Do You Want To Be For Christmas?

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Giant Trees With Lights & Music In Singapore

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My Lottery Win, My Dream

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Exclusive Mlm Leads, 3 Powerful Techniques To Generate Them
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Danielle Dickie Apache MLM Leads Client

If anyone wants to know a great leads company...

I would certainly recommend you guys if anyone wants to know a great leads company. The free overcoming objections and winning phone scripts books were very helpful as well. Thanks Danielle

Danielle Dickie

Charles Gregson Apache MLM Leads Client

Don, Thank you so very much for your kind and...

Don, Thank you so very much for your kind and prompt response. Your generosity on the filling of this order is very appreciated. I will definitely pass the word to others in regard to your professional and kind response to this matter. Thank you again

Charles Gregson

Mario Apache MLM Leads Client

Wow! I'm impressed. I just saw the video...

Wow! I'm impressed. I just saw the video of you and the tutorial. Very nice! And yes, I just got my 1st 100 leads. Working on sending them out to my prospective customers in a few. Let's see how these ones go and as I earn money I'll invest in the elite leads. Now, this is customer service! Very impressed! Thank you!

Mario L.

Sharon Whyte Apache MLM Leads Client

Don, I really like your personal touch on...

Don, I really like your personal touch on how you deliver and tell us about the leads etc. via your video messages. You do it very differently than others (lead vendors) I have seen in the past and I just love your service, so I truly thank you for that!

Sharon Whyte