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Lets Meet On The Beaches

If you have followed me for any period of time you have probably noticed most of my videos, email and posts mention beaches or are shot on beaches.

This is not done to brag about being on different beaches around the world.

It’s much more important than that!

It’s done to help you build your dream for a better lifestyle, freedom and being debt free.

To be as open and honest as possible for you, I need to tell you this truth.  If you don’t have a BIG dream which is powerful enough to keep you motivated and to drive you towards your goals, then darlin’ you simply are not going to make it.

You will become one of the 97% who fail at Network Marketing.

Are you beginning to see how important building your dream is?

Don In Hawaii

Don in Hawaii

The reason I chose beaches to symbolize your dream is that everyone has been to a beach, everyone or most everyone likes beaches and enjoys being on them.   They represent a carefree time from all stages of our lives.

No one needs to be a millionaire to get to a beach and have a great time.

Of course, to travel to exotic beaches in faraway lands and to do it regularly or even on a whim does take a couple of things.   It takes time freedom and disposable income.

Be honest, wouldn’t you prefer to be on a beautiful white sandy beach with a special person rather than whatever it is your job is making you do right now?

Don And Theary At The Beach

Theary and Don on a beach in The Philippines 

Now we all learn in school that an object at rest doesn’t want to move.  It takes energy to get it moving.   Think of a bowling ball on the ground.  It’s not going to move until you push it with enough force to make it move, right?

OK, well that’s actually the same with most people and who can blame them?  Many people work hard at a crappy job and come home feeling tired, irritable, frustrated and unhappy.  They feel trapped.

So they flop down on the couch and escape reality by watching TV or streaming Netflix.

Then they go to bed only to wake up in the morning and repeat the whole process.

What a terrible and sad waste of life.

So without the force of a huge dream that is burning them inside because they don't have their dream, they will keep doing the sad life over and over.

This is why the dream is so important.

Here’s how my sponsor, the guy who recruited me into Amway smashed the dream concept into my brain.

When we started Amway he was a few months ahead of me but we were both broke.   I was so broke I lost 2 businesses and had to sell our home.  We had to move in with my in-laws.

Yeah, that was probably the most humiliating thing I ever had to do.

I was 38 years old and I had lost everything.

My sponsor was a great guy, big and always fun to hang out with.

He would regularly turn up in his old Ford with a paper BMW logo taped to the center of the steering wheel.

What sort of nut does that?

He would get me into his car and off we would go.   It could be anywhere that there was a chance for him to do bream building with me.

BMW i7 2023

Dream Building...

Somedays we would go to luxury car dealerships.   We would talk to a sales rep and organize a test drive.   The new car smell mixed with that of the genuine leather seats was intoxicating.

Driving a brand new BMW is thrilling.  You really need to go and do it as soon as possible. Listen for the solid clunk when you close the doors.  It just smacks of quality.

Before we left he would insist I got the sales reps business card with a view to recruiting him in a few days' time.

On other days, often with our wives, we would go to new home display villages.  We would wander through the gorgeous homes and dream of living in them.

One time I recruited a rep.  We became good friends and he became my biggest downline leg.

Definitely worth it!

Don in Bali

Don in Bali

We found it’s best to always be building the dream with your significant other and everyone in your downline.

Really drill down with them when you are helping them build their dream.   Ask questions, be interested.

Ask things like "What is the thing you most want from the business?"

If they say a new car, don't just leave it at that. Ask them the name and model of the car. Ask them what color it would be.  What features and options would it have?

Get them to go to the dealership and get some brochures, take a test drive, and prospect the sales rep!

Don's BMW and Boat

My dream had been to own a boat and a cool BMW. I took this picture of my 38 foot luxury cruiser and my very cool BMW Coupe

Become a master dream builder, and be positive whenever you are with your downline. Always be dream building. That’s the force they need to keep doing the work to build the business and not become part of the 97%

Oh and to answer my question about what sort of nut puts a paper BMW logo on his steering wheel…..can you already guess? Yes, his very next car was a 5 Series BMW

Dreams do come true. Yes, there is a price to pay, but it’s so worth it!

Come and join us, let’s meet on the beaches of the world

Do you have the guts and commitment to dream big and get the lifestyle you deserve?

About the Author Don Reid

Don Reid, an experienced MLM builder and Entrepreneur, he founded Apache Leads in 2003. Born in Australia, Don currently lives in Cambodia, when he is not traveling on his many adventures around the world

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