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MLM Leads Testimonials

The following clients have been so impressed with our leads and service they have volunteered the following testimonials.  We hope to add you to this growing list of satisfied leads clients very soon.

Apache Leads 21 Years Anniversary - Providing The Best MLM Leads Since 2003
Jessica Knapp
Jessica Knapp
I appreciate the leads generated have already been vetted. I am able to reach out to folks who are interested and not waste with people who aren't interested or trying to generate interest that isn't there. Totally worth the money.
Coleen Lee
Coleen Lee
I like doing business with Don he makes everything right. And give his clients the best possible leads to grow your business. I appreciate the work he does for me,
paul fleming
paul fleming
Hands on owner. Great company Good leads and most importantly honest.
James LaPonsie
James LaPonsie
The owner Don took time himself on live chat to answer my questions. His articles and resources are very informative and I am personally looking at the 1 year coach/ mentorship with Don in the inner circle Go Getters Club. Something to be said for a business with a 20 year track record.
Hal Callaway
Hal Callaway
I have used lead services for years. NEVER have I found one with the quality of Apache Leads. They are not perfect, but, neither am I. Apache is responsive and the leads and support from Don Reid is second to none. Get em. Use em. if you don't make the calls they don't work.
Wanda Hilliard
Wanda Hilliard
Apache Leads is a very organized system. When you order leads you can select different filters to specify the demographic you are interested in. The leads are easy to access from your back office and you can track your progress with the leads. Also, if you have any questions you receive timely assistance.
Ashley Kells
Ashley Kells
Apache Leads send good traffic to my website. I have also bought good leads from them.
chris bush
chris bush
very good company and very professional will all way used them
Linda Clark
Linda Clark
Before finding Apache Leads, I used several different leads services. I am EXTREMELY pleased with Apache. Everything is top quality -- the leads, the various pricing levels available, the frequent cool discounts, the easy-to-negotiate website, and even the responsive live chat feature. Thx for everything!
Natalie Odumes
Natalie Odumes
Great leads. REAL home business opportunity seekers. Not folks just looking for a "job". Makes the processing of helping others that want to discover real entrepreneurial opportunities a lot easier.

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Thanks Don, so far I’m really appreciating the quality of the leads and I’ve been a full-time Networker for over 30 years, so good job my friend!

Jim Head, Florida, United States

Jim Head, Florida

Leads are working out great so far. I used Custom leads prior to this. No comparison. You Guys Rock !

Roy, California


I just wanted you to know that I love your leads

Kyle D Sprague, Nevada


I just want to say what an honorable man you are, and a phenomenal business owner. I appreciate your dedication to serving your clients. You are a rare breed these days.
Blessings, and much thanks.

Jenine, Ontario, Canada


I have to say these are the best leads I have ever bought. Most companies are selling such bad leads that I could do better calling through a phone book. I am getting some good folks to talk to and who actually have an interest in business with your leads.

Randy Hewitt, South Carolina, United States

Randy’s Testimony

Thanks! YOU are the BEST

Ernie Giordano, Maryland, United States


I have tried lots of lead sources for telephone interviewed leads. I got ripped off from other lead sources with low quality leads. I order aged telephone interviewed leads from Apache and I am getting results people requesting info packs for my mlm program!! Thanks so much Don Reid for helping me grow my business and honest business dealings!! He sells his cheaper than anybody!! Thanks Don your leads rock!!

Chris Volkert, Ohio, United States

I am planning on purchasing some mobile leads. I'm super impressed with your company, the quality of your leads and the integrity you have when it comes to replacing bad leads. I have already recommended you to a few business partners. Thank you

Mike, MN, United States

That is a great deal Don. Thank you very much. I really appreciate all the support and the Academy Guidance books. This is a wonderful find, Apache Leads.

Mosh Ariel, California, United States


Thanks for all you do you're awesome and have helped me and my partners so much

Bridget Wheeler, Auburn, United States

After years calling leads, and getting mostly no answers and disconnected numbers it’s so refreshing to find a company with consistently brilliant leads, that have actually been called and qualified first, amazing hit rates that have converted into great business leads for my business! Not only this but on point customer service - Brilliant! Thank you! I don’t hesitate to recommend you to my team and others in our company!

Heidi Cotterill, ASEA, Queensland, Australia


Awesome... These leads are gold. I've leveled up 4 times last year!

Jason Curtis,  UT, United States

Jason Curtis

I'm staying consistent thanks to you and you helped me a few months ago when I was so scared to call . Thank you so very very much I wouldn't have build without your help 

Bridget Auburn, United States

Thanks again. I've had only 20 leads delivered. I just enrolled my first associate . It took only about 7 or 8 phone calls. I'm very happy. 

Mike M, Lima, Peru

Mike M - Apache MLM Leads

I love these leads!! Very good responses so far

Julian R, Sydney Australia

Thank you for all the help in building my business.

Bridget W, United States

Bridget W - MLM Business Entrepreneur

After working for decades for other people since 1976 and remaining just over broke in a  J.O.B.,  in 2008, after doing our due diligence, we saw the light and joined a very successful network marketing business in the industry of personal development and became self employed business owners. 

11 years and counting.

We have been trained in the art of generating our own leads through all of the social media platforms and google ads etc etc.

We stumbled across Apache leads from a google search and are very impressed with the quality of leads, the ease of delivery and the professionalism of Don and his crew. We decided to add Apache as one of our legs of marketing.

Don's videos are great, not pushy at all, light and easy, but with the obvious vast experience with lead generation and online businesses. 

All the training and advise in the back office is world class, simple and effective. It really is a win win situation.

Thanks Don. We will continue with our back to back 90 day plans and we really enjoy working closely with Apache Leads.

See you on the beaches.... 

Chrissy and Col Directors Lifestyle Business Professionals, POL Advisory Board Members

Chrissy and Col.,  United States

Tom D

"I've read all the training materials you've provided. I thank you for the great training Will continue to be a regular customer. You've gone above and beyond any of the other lead providers I've worked with."

Tom D, United States

"This is the best investment I ever made"

Golda Lawson-Cohen, PA, United States


"Thank you! And thank you for the leads. I’m loving calling them! This is the start of a beautiful relationship!"

Trebeca Itzen, United States

I bought the 10k U.S. leads package awhile ago. I also read the ringless voicemail course as well. I am getting some traction … I am very pleased that I'm getting more interest in my business opportunity…. Apache is the best because the prices are good and the information is clear. Thank you for all you do.

Stephen Furr Jr, Texas, United States

Hello, Apache! Got a new member today!! I really believe MOSTLY because I've been able to be very "consistent" because of your delivery options!!

Thank you for that feature!!!

Marcia J, MN, United States 


Hey Don, Two enrolled yesterday from the Real Time Phone Interviewed leads!  Most are great and some not to good but way better than any others I have ever bought.  The majority are waiting for my call..keep up the good work

Paul Fleming, Brockton, United States 


Had a good day on the phone. Modified your killer phone script. Talked to 6 leads, got positive responses from 6!!

Mark Piper, Joliet USA


Hi, Don, I’m Marcia, I'm from MN USA. I'm very glad I found you and Apache Leads! I love the delivery options in the free Leads Manager. Thanks-have a great weekend! 

Marcia J, USA

Tim Fields

First I want to say how impressed I have been with your company. I have dealt with a great deal of leads companies over the last 6 years and have never dealt with a more responsive company than yours. Actually they don't come close to being this quick to respond- let alone it being the owner of the company to reach out.

So thank you for that! Also, thank you for the information! I'm happy with that response - I was just curious about the process. This is only my second time ordering leads at or over 10,000 in quantity.

Once again thank you and your company for being very responsive and friendly. I will be carving out time this coming weekend and week to refer my team and friends to you!

Tim Fields, USA


 Thanks for your great service!

Ian & Kelly Adams, New Zealand


I do have to say you are the best at providing great helpful information to others. I feel like you do really care about our success...and I like that!!!

I filtered through a lot of lead selling sites. Like I said, Yours sounded the best... being able to actually view what you have and all the helpful tools you have...before actually having to purchase anything. Like I said I really feel safe here...because you seem very sincere to help us succeed... not just provide leads and take our money. So Thank-You again.

Brenda Baeumler, USA

Doug Glennie

Have had great results with the 25 Lead we purchased. The 1-3 Day Phone Interviewed leads are great quality Leads. The question I have. Is there any type of discount, when I bought the last 25 leads I type a code & received 20% discount.

Could you please let me know if there is any discounts, as I would like to purchase some more leads in Australia. Many Thank,

Doug Glennie, Australia

Natalie Odumes

You have the best lead service by the way :-)

Natalie Odumes Missouri, USA

Melinda DiPrinzio

No other company ever responds to clients like you do. I appreciate your commitment!

Melinda DiPrinzio  Ashburn, Virginia USA

Dan Quay

Don is a great person to work with. He has a lot of knowledge. The Apache Leads support team will answer any questions that you have.

After searching long and hard for a legitimate MLM phone lead company on Google, I discovered Apache Leads. I gave them a go and I'm glad that I did.

You won't be disappointed, the leads were real people who are genuine, who are actually looking for a home-based business. I will continue to use Apache Leads to help expand my business.

Dan Quay Sales and marketing business consult


I am having huge success with the leads. I have now enrolled 7 and have heaps of presentations booked to do its great

Carolyn Jennings


Don, Thank you so very much for your kind and prompt response. Your generosity on the filling of this order is very appreciated. I will definitely pass the word to others in regard to your professional and kind response to this matter. Thank you again.

Charles Gregson


Apache leads are the best leads we have ever tried. They are real people looking for work online. With other lead companies we have found people have no interest in working and were just filling out a survey online to try and make some extra money. On the rare occasion that we receive a dud lead we simply e-mail it back and with no questions asked the lead is replaced straight away. The real time leads system is great for us as we are able to turn them on and off as we please meaning when we do contact a lead we are able to call them as soon as the lead comes through. We recommend Apache Leads to anyone looking for good quality leads.

Tarah Prout


Hey I purchased 25 short form leads from your company and I love the service I think its great.

Andrew Bowie, idaho, USA


It is a pleasure to recommend Apache Leads. I ordered the Special Introductory Offer leads for $10.00, to try out. So for I have many interested prospects. I would recommend Apache Leads to everyone. I just ordered the Redirected Leads and I'm excited.

Darren Gottling Salt Lake City, Utah


Hi Don! I love your work I 'm gonna keep coming back for more! You guys are great!

Lisa Roff Australia


I have found your leads to be great quality.... the service from you and your team is fantastic, and I recommend you to all my new team members!! The Lead Packages are a fantastic way to buy, and are real value for money.... Apache Leads has most definitely made a huge impact on the success of my business.... THANK YOU so much!!!!

Michele Forrest, Sunshine Coast, Australia


I have purchased Apache Australian Real Time and Aged leads several times and will continue to purchase them. My conversion rate is excellent with 1 in 5 people I phone converting to sales! Anyone wanting an immediate infusion of sales should purchase these leads and build their business fast. I'm on target to earn a six figure income in my first 6 months in business thanks to these leads, it's a great feeling.

Rania Reda, Brisbane Australia


Many thanks again. You are certainly living up to your promise. As I have said before this is a great way of getting my business going ahead. It has grown by 100% since I started purchasing leads from you. So yes, I will be getting all my downlines onto it as well.

Carrol de la Mote


Andy Bailey I've found the quality of the leads from Apache Leads to be very high, almost all telephone numbers are home phone numbers and everyone speaks English at a good standard. The responses to the survey questions are very useful, knowing how much time and money someone is willing to invest BEFORE I call them makes things a LOT easier!. I am happy to recommend Apache Leads to anyone seeking prospects for their home based business.

Andy Bailey UKOEM Ltd


Thanks Michelle for your expedient and fast support. You did a great job and I will order again

Curtis Lilly


Josephine Apache Leads was recommended to me by a successful network marketer and friend who has been using Apache leads and having GREAT results with these leads. I will recommend those in my team to use Apacheleads too and I personally will be coming back for more! Keep up the good work Don!

Josephine Davies


It is a pleasure to recommend your company to others who are also interested in good leads and an excellent service. When we decided to expand into Australia, New Zealand and the UK, I was not sure how we would obtain quality leads from "Down Under." I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to use your services.

Dr. Robert J. Houchin, DDS


Im a part time network marketer and I have been buying all sorts of leads from Apache leads over the past 12 months, which has expanded my business from Australia into Canada,New Zealand, Switzerland,The U.K. and The U.S.A

Terry Gaitely , Networker


Great leads. Real people, real results.As I run a Network Marketing home business in the UK, it's really difficult to find the right company with leads that gets results. Apache Leads gives me results. Thanks Don

Amaechi Ekufu, London UK


I have been a full time networker and top money earner for over 15 years. Apache Leads is the place to go if you need fresh, responsive, leads of home based business seekers they have the right leads at the right price!

Kevin Casanova, Networker


Hi Don I just wanted to say that after using leads from EVERY lead vendor in the country, yours are just as good as the leads that other companies sell for $14. In fact, the strangest thing happened last week. I was testing out another company's leads and the person I was speaking to had already been contacted by my Dad that same week. Here's the difference, I paid $8 for that lead and my Dad bought the same details from you for only $2. Nice work!

Simeon Cryer, Network Marketer


Hi Don, I love the leads I am getting from you. Love your work!

Karen Tamsitt


I received 20 leads yesterday. Within 1 1/2 hours I had rung all 20 and talked with 18 of those people. I made appointments with all 18. Every person I have spoken to has been extremely polite. Go Apache Leads! Thanks heaps Carol

Carol Harridge


Thank you to the Apache Leads team especially Don. As promised your leads have been great and your service is truly wonderful. We enjoyed dealing with you, look forward to working more of these leads!

Sireen Sharqawi


These are by far some of the best leads I have ever used and I would know as I have been very successful in the online marketing arena the past few years

Charles Fuchs


Just a quick note Don, to thank you for your help once again in helping build our online business. All the Best

Ian & Maureen Morrison


Thank you so much for developing this service, no serious marketer should be without Apache Leads.

Dave Sage, Network Marketing Consultant and Trainer


Thank you Don. It is a delight to do business with you. It is not easy to find a company where you deal with "real" people. With the internet personal relationships can get lost The way you have set up your web site, your personal response to inquires shows that you are interested in building a good relationship with your clients. Very, very rare nowadays. It is a pleasure to recommend your company to others who are also interested in good leads and an excellent service.

Erich & Doris Kaltner


The quality leads from Apache Leads have helped me grow my online home based business faster than anything else. I like it and highly recommend it to everyone.

Mary C.


Everyone always wants to know the secret to succeeding with an internet business. It’s not FFA, safelists, or other methods that you get junk mail on a daily basis. The secret is a good source of high quality leads that you can build a list with and then an excellent follow through plan. Using these leads with follow up I have gone from absolutely dead broke to almost a six figure income in less than a year! If you want to really explode your business, buying leads from Apache Leads should be one of the first things on your to do list!

Scott Clayson, Network Marketer


Wow! I was floored at the responsiveness of these leads. Usually when I join a lead company I never know what to expect next. It's one of the best programs I've been involved with not to mention an easy sell. And being personal friends with the owner should vouch for the credibility of this site even more!

Brian Garvin


The best kinds of testimonials are ones that tell a small story and include specific details. This is much more powerful than a generic testimonial that simply say "I love this product!" or something similarly vague.

MARC JACOBS  //  Business Analyst


Don you and your company continue to impress me. You have under promised and over delievered in so many areas and have given me so much confidence in you, your team and your company. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to use your services.

James Hannan


Thank you for the quick response I'm, really happy with the leads

Kristine Coralluzzo