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Common Customer Service Questions & Answers

Can I tell you how many leads I want per day? +

YES. When you set up your Delivery Options in your Free Leads Manager you can tell us exactly how many leads you want each day of the week and also at exactly what time they should be delivered. You can Create/Login to the Leads Manager here.

Getting Replacement Leads: Some of your leads are bad (uncontactable) and you want to get them replaced? +

You’re going to love this.  If you find a lead is uncontactable then in your free Leads Manager System you simply click on the “bad lead” button.  This will mark the lead as bad and remove it entirely from the system so no one else gets it.

Then automatically the system will replace that lead for you.  Pretty nifty right?  You can Create/Login to the Leads Manager here.

How do you know which company I am working with? +

When you are completing your profile in the Leads Manager System you will be able to input the name of the company you are associated with.  This prevents the system ever sending you the same leads as anyone else working with your company.  Cool right? You can Create/Login to the Leads Manager here.

Is your site secure? +

Yes our site uses https and is the same security level as banks, Governments etc.

How are your leads generated? +

Our leads are generated via search engine traffic and advertising on large networks. People see the advertisements and are taken to a survey form. Once they fill out the form, they are a "lead" and they are sent to you expecting to be contacted very soon about a home business opportunity. All leads have volunteered the information and have not been given incentives to fill out the form. Sometimes you will contact a lead who claims they were only filling out a survey form for an ipod or some other type of incentive. They well may have done that either before or after completing our survey form. They may be confused about how many forms they have filled out as we do not offer ipods or any other incentive. It should be remembered that we have no control over how many forms the leads have filled out in their web surfing travels.

Our Australian Premium leads have also been phone interviewed by our call center. They were surveyed over the phone and answered a number of questions.  All the answers are provided with the lead data.

Shared or Semi Exclusive +

All lead companies sell leads more than one time.  Otherwise leads would be many times more expensive to you.  Shared or Semi Exclusive mean the same thing.  The leads we supply are shared with up to 2 other people.  Those people will not be working with the same company you are.

Some companies claim they are selling you exclusive leads and charge you a lot more.  This is simply not true.  How can they guarantee the lead never filled out more than one form on the internet?  Imagine you were looking for a home business.  You would enter that into Google and more than likely complete a number of forms to get some information from a few different sources right?  Don’t buy their story.

When Will I get My Leads? +

Usually within 24 hours. After you have placed your order, it’s automatically in the system and will be delivered per your Delivery Options you selected in your free Leads Manager System.  Cool right? You can Create/Login to the Leads Manager here.

We ordered (sometime) ago and have not received any leads, what’s the problem? +

If this happens it’s best to contact admin so we can investigate and advise you.  Sometimes things go wrong, like the system ran out of that particular lead.  In any case contact us by calling or emailing or using the live chat. Our Contact page is here

The columns are too narrow on my leads file, I cannot read all the information, what do I do? +

This will only be relevant if you have selected your leads to be delivered by email from inside your free Leads Manager System. Often CSV files get a little compressed when they are emailed. All the columns are adjustable. Simply select any or all columns and drag them wider.  CSV files may be opened in Microsoft Excel, Open Office and Windows Notepad.

Weekend Delivery +

Most people don’t want leads delivered on weekends, however if you are an eager beaver and want leads on the weekend, it’s no problem at all.  Simply go to the delivery options in your Leads Manager System and check the boxes for Saturday and Sunday.  Then enter the number of leads you want on those days. Boom! The system now knows and will deliver what you want when you want.  Easy peasy right? You can Create/Login to the Leads Manager here.

Where Are You? +

We operate out of Brisbane, Australia, Fuquay Varina, North Carolina, USA and Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  We sure are covering quite a few time zones.

The Phone Number For My Leads Is Wrong +

Many phone numbers in Australia begin with a zero. Try adding a zero to the front of the telephone number as this sometimes is missing. If the number is bad and the lead cannot be contacted then its considered a bad lead. Simply mark it bad in your Leads Manager System and the bad lead will be replaced automatically. Sweet? You can Create/Login to the Leads Manager here.

Do you sell leads to people building the same business as me? +

The short answer is no. When you complete your profile in the Leads Manager you will nominate the company you are working with. This prevents the system ever sending the same leads to people working with the same company.  Great idea right? You can Create/Login to the Leads Manager here.

What ways can I shop? +

Our secure shopping accepts credit/debit card and PayPal. If you prefer you may make payments via Western Union or by Bank Deposit.  Simply contact us and we will send you the details. Our Contact page is here.

Refund Policy +

We do not give refunds.  If this is not agreeable to you then you will need to find an alternative leads supplier.

You and I are both business people, we strive to act professionally.  Professionals neither seek nor give refunds.  Retail shops give refunds but that’s not what we are, we are a business to business company.  Apache Leads was established in 2003 we would have gone broke long ago if we were not providing what we promised.  Cool?

Accepting your order and processing your order requires we invest both time and money. Due to the time sensitive nature of leads it is unlikely we would be able to recover our costs from trying to resell the leads we procured for you.

This does not mean we do not want to satisfy you, we do 100%. So rather than give a refund we are willing to replace any bad leads.

A bad lead is one which cannot be contacted, for example their phone is disconnected.  Bad leads are not people who are not interested in your opportunity. Pro Tip: If you are getting a lot of resistance from leads, use a better script.

To receive a bad leads replacement simply mark the lead bad in your Leads Management System.

Brian Garvin Brian Garvin

Wow! I was floored at the responsiveness of these leads. Usually when I join a lead company I never know what to expect next. It's one of the best programs I've been involved with not to mention an easy sell. And being personal friends with the owner should vouch for the credibility of this site even more!

James Hannan James Hannan

Don you and your company continue to impress me. You have under promised and over delivered in so many areas and have given me so much confidence in you, your team and your company. I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to use your services.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Leads

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