Common Customer Service Questions & Answers

Common Customer Service Questions & Answers

Some leads are telling me they didn’t request information, why is that?

Will Your MLM Leads Work for My Business?

How Much Do Your MLM Leads Cost?

Is There an Ongoing Contract or Commitment if I Buy MLM Leads from Apache Leads?

How Does Your No Bad Leads Guarantee Work?

Why should I have to complete an Authorization form if I pay via Pay Pal?

I don’t like giving my ID on the internet to purchase leads

No one picks up their phone, what good are the leads if I don’t get a chance to talk?

Why do I need to send you my ID and a Credit Card Authorization Form?

Refund Policy

What ways can I shop?

Do you sell leads to people building the same business as me?

The Phone Number For My Leads Is Wrong

Where are You?

Weekend Delivery

The columns are too narrow on my leads file, I cannot read all the information, what do I do?

We ordered (sometime) ago and have not receive any leads, whats the problem?

When Will I get my Leads?

Shared or Semi Exclusive

How are your leads generated?

Is your site secure?

Getting Replacement Leads: Some of your leads are bad (uncontactable) and you want to get them replaced?

Can I tell you how many leads I want per day?

Don Reid

Don Reid
Founder & CEO

100% Satisfaction Guarantee with our Leads

Our No-Bad Lead Policy applies to every fresh lead we supply.

"We strive to verify all of our data and to also ensure your best experience we also offer this Replacement policy. If you receive a disconnected, wrong number or bad email address, we will replace them"

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