Soon You Will Be In The Basement

March 7

Soon you will be in the basement

Soon you will be in the basement

Let me tell you a story about one of my Go-Getters Club members.

This lady has been a member for quite a while. As a member, she gets to have one on one Zoom calls with me. We both enjoy the calls a great deal. She gets a lot of answers, tips, and fantastic ways to do things.

I get to enjoy her effervescent personality.

She is a great student, she listens and implements pretty much everything we discuss. She even changed companies on my advice. The one she was in was useless, no upline to get help from and the products were not much chop.

Now she is in a much faster growing company and ripping it up!

During our last call, she told me about some of the people she recruited/sponsored. The ones she was having trouble with all had one thing in common. They were broke and definitely had a broke mentality.

They had never read any self development books, had no idea how money works, were unemployed and whiny.

My client is intelligent, upper-middle class, married, and lives in a very good area in a multi-million dollar house. None of that is a requirement to build a networking business. However, it does help and I mention it to show the contrast between her and the people she is recruiting.

She is recruiting DOWN

This is a silly trap many networkers fall into. It often happens when you are building depth and using your downlines list of prospects.

I’m not saying that the guy who collects the shopping carts in the parking lot and brings them back to the store is not worthy of your time. I’m trying to point out that the same or even less amount of time could be spent with the local bank manager.

Smarter, more ambitious, employed people “get it” faster than those less endowed in the brains department. They also can afford the joining fee and to buy some products.

If you are spending a lot of time with broke people, you need to re-evaluate the prospects you are working with.


Improve the quality of the prospects and you will enjoy higher success and build your business much faster.

My client did exactly that and is now back on track.  She is much less stressed, much happier, and is going to reach a higher level very soon.


Aim Higher

Do you have the guts and commitment to dream big and get the lifestyle you deserve?


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