Different Type of Fuel

February 21

Is there a difference between different fuels?

Different Type of Fuel

Is there a difference between different fuels?

(Also a story about a hole in a boat)

These days we have a selection of fuels for our cars. There is the old school petrol or gasoline and diesel that have been around forever. They are terrible for the environment and the quicker we get rid of them the better.

There is LPG (liquid petroleum gas) not as popular or easy to find as it used to be. It is cheaper than gas and less of an environmental disaster, but not much better.

There is electric which is cleaner for the environment and a favorite for many. Definitely better than the fossil fuels

The best but not readily available yet is hydrogen. It burns clean, it's exhaust is water. That's the best and the faster we can switch to it, the better.

Why the heck am I talking about fuels?

Good question.

For me to explain, please think of your business as a vehicle for a moment. There it is, nice and shiny and you're using it to drive you and your family to a better life.

Which fuel do you want to put in it?

Think of leads as fuel.

Like the car fuels examples, there are bad, better and best fuels available for your business vehicle.

There are plenty of sites selling oversold, unqualified leads that are a terrible waste of your time and money. Maybe you have used some of those in the past.

There are leads that are made by Networkers on Facebook and other methods. That's like making fuel in an old moonshine still. It can be done but it's slow, hard work. The job of a business owner is to grow the business not make fuel (unless you're a fuel company)

There are leads that have been professionally generated and interviewed by professional callers. (we even have the recordings to prove it)

These leads are called Phone Interviewed Leads. Definitely the hydrogen of leads.

Right now, you can pump them into your business vehicle and get 50% extra for no cost to you.

Sound good? sound smart? Damn straight it is! Check it out here and if you have any questions hit reply and I will answer them for you

Get some good fuel into your business today and we will see you on the beaches of the world

 Cooktown in Far North Queensland, Australia

This was taken recently at the historical town of Cooktown in Far North Queensland, Australia. It's an amazing place. in 1770 Captain James Cook purposely ran his ship aground here to make repairs. Trying to navigate the Great Barrier Reef, they had a huge hole in the bow of the ship caused by the reef.  Read more here

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