Top 5 Ways To Generate MLM Leads

December 1

Top 5 Ideas to Generate Interested Leads for Your MLM Business

Generate MLM Leads That Convert For Your Network Marketing Business

Top 5 Ideas to Generate MLM Leads

The internet has made it possible to Generate MLM Leads

Yes, the internet has made it easier for people in Multi Level Marketing (MLM) to find people interested in your products, services and business.  It’s now much easier than approaching your friends and relatives. It’s much easier than approaching complete strangers.

You can create a website, build an email list, use social media, write articles or blogs and use a referral program.  These top 5 ideas will all generate mlm leads for you. Eventually they will turn into new recruits, customers and product sales.

Generate MLM Leads

Before You Start To Generate MLM Leads

Before you begin marketing for leads, spend some time deciding the best type of person you want to target. That is, decide who you are trying to reach.  Who will be most interested in what you have to offer.

One decision is to figure if you can reach them physically or virtually.  You must also identify the need or want that your product or service can fulfill for your prospects. For example, joining your MLM business opportunity might help someone who is looking for more income.  Other people might be interested in wellness products, to keep them healthy, if that is the field you are in.

Identifying the people who need or want what you offer is your target audience.  For example, people who need more income might be stay at home parents or university students.  Athletic types or yoga or people specifically interested in getting healthy and living healthier lives would be a good market for your wellness products.

Next,  think about where you can find your target audience, both online and in the real world.  Students needing more income can be found both on campus or in online forums. Maybe even on websites about making more money or managing your income better.

Fit and athletic people who lead healthy lives, can be found at gyms, online groups, Facebook or websites about running, yoga, exercising, healthy eating, etc.

You must always keep in mind how your product or service is going to help and assist your target audience, no matter which methods you use to generate MLM leads.  Your strategy and message must always be focused on the benefits for your prospects.

Target Your Audience

How to Get Started Generating MLM Leads

The old way to generate mlm leads, as recommended by many MLM companies is to make a list of 100 people.  The list would be made up of your friends and relatives. This list would be called your warm market. It can be a good place to start but I recommend you leave this list until you are more experienced and have some runs on the board.

The reason for this is you run the risk of annoying those people on your list.  You might also be upset by some of them being unkind toward your new business and your efforts.  Less than encouraging.

In the long run you will be much better off and way more successful finding those people who are interested in your business offer.  Badgering and annoying your friends will only lead to unhappiness.

Of course another method is to buy mlm leads.  Over the years some companies, especially Apache Leads, have continually improved the quality of their leads.  The advantage of buying MLM Leads is you can take delivery of leads very soon after purchasing. The very best bought leads are called Phone Interviewed Leads.  These are prospects who have been called by the lead company and interviewed. The prospects have confirmed their contact information and their desire to learn more about a home business opportunity.

If you feel that buying leads is the way for you or at least one of the ways for you to recruit new agents and customers then I strongly recommend you grab a copy of Everything Your Ever Wanted To Know About MLM Leads.  That free, easy to read PDF will guard you against some of the unscrupulous leads companies out there.

Top 5 Ways To Generate Solid MLM Leads

1. Create a Website

Many Network Marketing companies will provide you with a website.  However the company supplied websites are often not very good for generating mlm leads.  Let’s bear in mind the company is usually into manufacturing, not marketing. That's what they expect from their agents.

Before creating a website to promote your business and to attract prospects, make sure you have permission from the company to use any of their trademarks or you might run into some problems.

If you cannot get permission, don’t despair.  There is a simple work around which will keep you out of trouble as well as generate leads for you.  Simply make a site that is focused on your product/service category and opportunity without mentioning any specific company names or trademarks.

For example if your business opportunity is in wellness then start a blog about the benefits of wellness, healthy diet, exercise, etc

These days you can get yourself set up with a website without being a technical nerd.  There are a number of point and click website building platforms such as Squarespace, Wix, Hubspot or WordPress.

2. Building an Email List

You may have noticed that nearly every website you visit tries to get you to give them your email address in return for something free or discounted.   The reason for this is website owners want to be able to keep in touch with people who are interested in their products or services.

You can see and example of a free offer in return for your email address here

You will want to build an email list so that you can encourage your visitors to learn more about your product/services and your business opportunity.

The thing you give away can be as simple as a report.  Sticking with our wellness example you could give away a free report covering healthy, easy to make recipes.

The value of an email list is impossible to overestimate.  It will be a great asset to you. You will be able to make special offers and other enticing offers to keep in touch with your prospects.

There are specialist companies who provide the email service.  You can get free trials and introductory offers at these links below.  We have used these services and are happy to recommend them to you.



Get Response

3. Write Articles or Blogs

The internet is always looking for new content and articles you write are new content.  You can write articles for sites and blogs owned by other people. The only cost to you is the time to write the articles.

Owners of sites are very often interested in adding new content to their websites to keep them fresh and interesting for their readers.

To make it easy for them to accept your work take a look at their site  and make sure you write on the same topics they already cover.  You can use a different angle and your own writing style for sure.

Being a Network Marketer, you have two areas you can write about.  One is your products and the other is your business opportunity. Staying with the wellness example you might write about a daily tonic that has helped you and others to become more healthy and perhaps lose weight.  Do not make silly unsubstantiated claims.

Regarding your business opportunity, you could tell about how it's changed your life for the better, improved your family relationships, developed new friendships etc

Be clear when offering your content to be published on someone else's site that you do require a link to your site.  This might be in your bio which explains who you are. Links are what help you get new visitors to your site for free.

4. Using Social Media

These days most everyone has a Facebook account and maybe even others like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

Social media can be a goldmine for generating mlm leads for your business, if you do it correctly.

Posts asking and nagging people to join your business will not work.  You need to be focusing on content which is valuable to people. For example Youtube tutorial videos or before and after photos on Instagram.

Provide great shareable content and you will reap the rewards for your hard work.

5. Develop Your Own Referral Program

Referral or Affiliate programs have been around on the internet since the mid 90’s.  Amazon was one of the first and it definitely helped them grow their business. Even Paypal had one when they launched.

An easy way for you to reward your customers who refer other customers to you is to give them a 10% discount on future purchases.  Or perhaps some freebies. You know your products better than me so I’m sure you can figure out some great incentives and special promotions.

In Conclusion

Generating mlm leads is just one part of your business building but it is arguably, the most important.  For a never ending supply of qualified prospects you may be interested in a course I wrote.  

I’ve been successful in Network Marketing since 1992.  I learned it “old school” as well as the new ways using the internet.  I distilled all this knowledge down into a great, easy to follow course called “No Limits”

It has every step described, every script so you know what to say and every method to ensure you recruit the very best people, very easily and consistently.

Click here to discover No Limits By Don Reid

Generate MLM Leads That Convert For Your Network Marketing Business


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