Breaking Free

November 18

No Not Now

No Not Now - How long are you going to keep making these excuses?

When I was a young guy working at Chubb Electronic Security in BrisbaneAustralia I used to do things like work out how many days I had left before I could retire at 65.  I was wishing my life away.

The weird thing was, the job was pretty good. I actually enjoyed it and became Chubbs top Sales Rep world wide.  That was according to the actual Mr Chubb.  

I had a nice salary, commission on every sale and a company car.  

So why was I counting the days to retirement?  (I was 25 at the time so there was quite a few days to go)

Imagine you are at one of the best zoos in the world.  Let’s say Australia Zoo or Taronga Park Zoo in Sydney.  Both have amazing enclosures for the animals which mimic their natural environments.  

They are a real delight to visit.  

But deep down when I’m at even these amazing zoos I feel the animals would rather be free.  No matter how nice their enclosure is, it’s still just a gilded cage.

I think that’s how I felt with my job at Chubb.  I’ve had a pretty large number of jobs in my life.  Many of them I enjoyed immensely. All of them still felt like a trap or a cage. No matter how good the jobs were, they still stole my freedom.

Do you ever feel the same way?

When you wake up each morning are you feeling excited to do the commute to your job?

How do you feel when you walk out the door and leave your family behind each work day?

How do you feel about sitting in traffic thinking about how good it would be to be sitting on a beach in Thailand instead?

How do you feel when you find yourself figuring out how many days are left before retirement?

Ask yourself this: exactly when are you going to do something about it?  When are you going to get off your backside and pay the price for your freedom?

Oh I can hear you now..

No not now, it’s Valentines

No not now it's Labor Day

No not now it's 4th July

No not now it's Halloween

No not now it's Thanksgiving

No not now it's the Holidays

No not now it’s New Year.

How long are you going to keep making these excuses?

No time is convenient to build your business.

Any time you choose is going to be difficult and disruptive to your life.  But it's never going to be as disruptive as your job.

Pick a date.  A date you can focus for a measly 30 days and let everyone know.  “Hey I’m not going to be around much for 30 days. I’m working on a project that’s going to change my life.  You can come along too if you want. No big deal if you don’t want to, but I’m doing it”

Prepare.  Get whatever you need to grow your business for 30 days.  Brochures, presentation materials, sample, phone scripts, whatever.  Get your list of prospects ready. Buy some leads.

When the date arrives, pull the trigger, don’t wimp out again.  Run hard for 30 days and I promise you; you will see amazing results.  Your life will change forever. You will never look back.

You will already begin to feel the freedom!


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