Jeff Bezos Regret

January 11

Young Jeff Bezos Shares His Regret Minimization Framework

Young Jeff Bezos Shares His Regret Minimization Framework

If you’re not sure whether you should go full throttle or not with your Network Marketing business, I’ve got something which will help you decide.  It will also save you years of mistakes.

When I was busy building my Amway business back in the early 90’s I was also busy holding two brick and mortar businesses together.  I had lots of responsibilities, stress and was always exhausted.  Huge debt and a recession were heavy loads to carry.

One day I was talking to a Diamond level distributor and decision making came up in the discussion.  He told me that one thing he did during a decision making process was to imagine himself sitting in a rocking chair on the porch reviewing his life.

He hoped it would not be full of regret.

I gave what he said a lot of thought and adopted the strategy.   Today I was given a link to a young Jeff Bezos discussing the exact same thing.  The video is short, to the point and explains how he decided to leave a lucrative Wall St job and start Amazon


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