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January 17

Why 97% Fail at Network Marketing

Why 97% Fail at Network Marketing

It's a very serious subject today and one which not many people address. It's true, only 3% of networkers enjoy success.

Not surprisingly the failure rate is very similar to the failure rate in regular businesses.

The reasons are very similar

Most people have no business training, no experience in sales, accounting, cash flow, working long hours, feeling totally alone, stressed because of the risks, dealing with banks for lines of credit, dealing with customers, handling products, delivery and returns.... the list goes on and on

When you pile these factors on the shoulders of someone new to the world it can be enough to kill their enthusiasm, splatter their drive and cause them to give up and quit.

In traditional business, there is no one to help you. No one is going to train you. No one is going to show you the shortcuts. No one is going to encourage you.

That's because in traditional business you are their competitor.

At least in NM, you can search upline for someone who is walking the walk. Someone who is actually doing the work and building the business. They have a vested interest in your success and will be delighted you contacted them. They will help you.

What else can be done to make your odds of being a success much better?

Great question!

It's a fact, those who make it in NM, actually do the training required to develop the skills and knowledge needed to win. Those who "know it all", always fail. Being teachable is a must in this game.

Do the work. So many people fool themselves that they are doing business building work when in reality, they are doing "busy work" that doesn't add any members to their business. Things like reading the company product catalog, rearranging your products. You know what I mean.

Prospecting, Contacting, Presenting, Following Up. Those are the things that put people in your business.

Being Accountable - This is such an important aspect of success. Having regular meetings with a mentor to keep you focused, honest, and on track.

Where can you get ALL these things?

So glad you asked. I put together a program for those who are serious and truly want to get to their dream lifestyle in the next 12 months. That time is going to pass whether you make it or not. It would be better to make it, right?

Damn right!

Come and see what I'm talking about

For everyone else, here are some very helpful links

Prospecting, Presenting & Followup

See YOU on the beaches soon!


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