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mlm leads affiliate program
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We Call Your Leads
We Call Your Leads
We Call Your Leads

Yes, We Do Have an MLM Leads Affiliate Program

In this post, we’re going to explain about our MLM Leads Affiliate Program, why we chose the one we did and why we believe it’s the best for your MLM business growth

Do you have an mlm leads affiliate program?

This is a question we get a couple of times a week.  Usually from experienced Networkers.  Yes, we do have an affiliate program. It’s listed under the Services menu and directly in the page footer.


Does your affiliate program have software to run it?

No, it doesn’t, sorry about that.  Here’s why.

Apache Leads is a diverse site which offers a range of different products and services.  These products and services require different handling, different systems to manage those products from sales to delivery.

Most of our leads are handled within The Leads Manager.  That system provides the sales, importing, delivery and client management of leads all within a very complex application.  It was purpose designed and built and is exclusive to Apache Leads.

When we were designing it, an affiliate program, did not cross our minds and so it’s not included and not able to be without a total rebuild.

The other and probably the more important reason we do not have a regular affiliate program is we have never supported the idea of an upline profiting from their own downline who are investing in leads to build a business.  A business which the upline will benefit from in due course.

Affiliate Programs are Not Free

Leads companies who have an affiliate program which pays out commissions are not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts.  They are doing it to increase sales and to cover the cost they have to either increase the price of the leads or decrease the quality of the leads (or both). some mlm leads affiliate programs

Do you want an upline who directs you to a company that pays them a commission for sending you to them or an upline who cares about you and does everything possible to support your growth?  Your upline and your job if you are an upline is to be diligent, honest and focused on helping, training and guiding your downline.   Making money from them with affiliate programs takes the focus off your downline and puts it on your wallet.  That’s a short term outlook and one which will be duplicated and strangle the growth of everyone’s business.  It’s a slippery slope

Because we believe in doing all we can to help you build your business we developed an affiliate program which helps everyone.  If you’re a success in MLM, then if we were of some help in your success, we could reasonably hope you would encourage your downline to also avail themselves of our services, right?  Damn straight, so of course we want you to be a success!

It’s like a “refer a friend” program. 

great mlm leads affiliate program

Our affiliate program is not about money.  It’s about leads.  Yes it’s very cool and very easy to use.

So, for example, say you refer your friend John.  He invests in 10o Fresh Premium Leads.  We will not pay you a commission, however, we will give you 25 Premium Leads for free

We feel that’s a nice and reasonable reward for you.



You can learn everything about our affiliate program here


What’s your thoughts on this, please do feel free to leave a comment below

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We Call Your Leads
We Call Your Leads
We Call Your Leads
We Call Your Leads


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