How Does The No Bad Leads Guarantee Work?

Our no bad leads guarantee applies to Real Time and Fresh phone interviewed leads only. If you get a bad lead, which means that the lead cannot be contacted by phone, then we will replace it for free. By that we mean that the phone is disconnected, wrong number or out of service.

The system will replace the lead automatically upon two corroborating complaints.

We have no control over what you say or how you say it to leads.  We also have no control over how leads will react to what you say.
Therefore a lead who is not interested or hangs up is not considered bad.

Please allow me to explain.  The primary reason for you to call a lead is to find out if they qualify to even hear about your business opportunity.  If they are rude, hang up, or lie like "I never asked for any information" they don't qualify for your business.  That means they saved you time because you now have your answer move on.  

To try and lessen the chances of you getting negative responses we developed a phone script especially for our phone interviewed leads.  It was sent to you when you ordered.  Please use it, you'll be glad you did.

Aged leads get 10% overage for free to cover any bad leads.